Our Homeschool Journey Part 2: Patience…A Gift From My Children

I remember telling other people I was going to homeschool the kids. Well at that time it was only homeschooling Nathaniel, with Kenna as a tag along and two other small ones who would pop up on my lap to see what was going on. That’s beside the point though.Anyways,I would tell people that we were going to homeschool and besides the whole “Gasp your kids will be anti social mutants” comments the next popular comment was

“ummm are you sure you have enough patience to do that?” My answer to that was simply, no I didn’t I guess I would have to learn though huh?

Nowadays when people find out I homeschool they usually respond with “I could never have enough patience to do that.” I respond with a giggle and assure them that neither did I when I first started.

In the beginning I loved the planning aspect of homeschooling. I loved nothing more than to sit down and figure out the whole school year in advance.(still love the planning part) all the field trips and fun things we would do. That summer before I started my first year I planned out all our breaks. Exactly how long we would homeschool…when lunch and snack times would be. Then,the actual school year started.

Wait…what?You mean on the third Tuesday of the first month I’m gonna end up having to run to the store mid morning because I’m outta formula?Wait that’s gonna throw off a huge portion of our English. Ohhh that science experiment is gonna take longer then 20 minutes because the kids want to do it over and over again?What about their math?Well they’re still learning. Oh we homeschool so we CAN take a vacation in April even though I have had all of April planned out since September. Yeah my yearly schedule fell to pot pretty quickly. Heck even when I try to do a monthly schedule it doesn’t always stick. I have learned to keep a loose time frame in my head and then every weekend sit down and do the week’s lesson plans. It’s what works for us. I learned though that even I “super momma of the Universe” can not always get things to go the way I want to. (sad revelation I know :()

Those were the easy problems to handle. The harder ones came when I would sit down one on one with a child to work on a subject they were especially struggling with. How many times did I want to just say “no let me show you,you do it like this.” I didn’t though. As much as I may have wanted to rip the pencil out of the kids hands and  write out the answer for them…I didn’t. I sat back and let them figure it out.

Or about the time I was teaching an ex boyfriends child how to read.(Yes there was a point I homeschooled 6 kiddos) and he just wasn’t getting it. I could tell him the letter B says bu and then ask him what the letter B said and he would pull out some random sound. Talk about frustrating(the kids was 6) I’ll admit it. There were times I’d step outside and call my mom out of pure frustration and just cry. Yet I kept with it. By the end of the school year, the child’s reading level had gone from below Kindergarten up to a Third grade reading level!

The biggest patience teacher for me has been art. I’m not an artist in any sense of the word. Although my children will tell you I draw awesome stick figures! (oh and they say my flowers for charting how a flower turns oxygen into carbon monoxide are pretty good as well) I have had to learn that yes some of my children are great artists,while some have inherited mom’s wonderful stick person talent. Art takes time though. Time takes patience…nuff said.

This patience thing has rubbed off into other parts of my life as well. I find myself in general just being less stressed and anxiety filled because I realize most things take time. This is definitely something I don’t think I would’ve ever learned had I not homeschooled my kids. So for that…I say thank  you kids. Momma loves you!



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