I hadn’t planned on a sex ed lesson today…

In fact I had a nice lesson planned on Pygmies in Africa and all of us working on our African animal reports.However, as it happens once in awhile my kids had other ideas…or questions I should say.

We did our bible lesson in Genesis 2 (at least that went according to plan). I stopped to rabbit trail a bit on how God created Eve to be a helpmeet to Adam. My oldest daughter sees this as a total kick to women. She really struggles with the idea that Man is the head of the household. So I tried to explain to her using scripture that God wanted Adam to care for Eve as well and that is what a husband should do for a wife(yes yes I see the irony in me explaining this to her). She argued well why can’t a woman take care of the man. Which of course I explained should be the case as well. Anyways so we had this long discussion which then led to how God wanted man and woman to marry and leave their families to focus on starting a family on their own. (such a loose paraphrase I know)

This of course led to sex. Now we’re no strangers to the “Momma how does…” topic conversation starters. it usually happens around the breakfast table. However this morning we were done with breakfast and at the school table. I can’t remember exactly what the first question was but somehow we got to the question of “so when a girl has her period she has dropped an egg right?”

At this moment I leaned over to grab a piece of paper and a pencil to which all the kids promptly groaned and said “No you’re not gonna draw more pictures are you?” I promise it’s never anything graphic. So I put my pencil down and grabbed the calendar instead and explained the 28 day cycle to all of them. Then that was followed by “Well does the egg stay in the tube?” By this point I ignored the groans and grabbed the paper and pencil again quickly sketching out a picture of the ovaries,fallopian tubes,and uterus. All the kid started giggling and told me it looked like Shrek.

So yes we answered questions of ovulation and fertilization and the importance of waiting to have sex because even with birth control every time you have sex you run the risk of becoming pregnant or getting someone pregnant. I was actually quite surprised by the maturity and types of questions they asked. Somehow we made it all the way up to dilation and contractions. At this point poor Lane looked like his head was gonna explode and Nathaniel tells him

“Just think of the sperm as a spaceschip and the egg a space station and when it lands it begins a whole new galaxy” aw yes this was how we landed to “ummm wait how does the galaxy get out?” So yes that’s when we discussed  dilation and contractions.

Let me just say by the end of our conversation I called an end to the school day. I figured we had covered enough science to keep us good for awhile.


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  1. This story was totally cracking us up! i can see poor Lane trying to digest it. Leave it to Nathaniel to come up with the space ship explanation! lol

  2. That’s awesome! Just found your blog and am enjoying it! When I was about 5 (when my brother was born) with all my questions my mom did a drawing like the one you described. Being 5 I was most fascinated with the thought that I had eggs. But 35 years later I’m most impressed that my mom took the time to teach me about my body in such a smart way when most of my friends’ parents ignored their questions or gave them stories that were untrue. When I was 19 I had a friend who wouldn’t swim in pools with boys because her mom had said she’d get pregnant! We do kids a disservice when we don’t take advantage of their questions and teach them the truth.

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