Monday Morning Musings

WHAT a weekend! Definitely one of those weekends I’ll look back on when I’m on my death bed and think “I had a very blessed life!” Ok how’s that for a piece of morbid on a Monday morning for you?I’m sure you get what I’m saying though.

First off I got to meet a dear friend of mine on Saturday. Not only did I get to meet her but she let me cook for her as well. Ok I don’t know if muffins and salad are considered cooking but none the less they were umm yummmmmm!!!Perfect for the hot day we had.More about that in a minute first a bit more about our visit.

Can you believe that neither one of us whipped out our camera the whole visit?We were too busy talking each other’s ears off. The kids were playing with her adorable puppy Mercy and yeah no cameras came out, what a pity. Hey Denise I call a do over!

Let me just say this: There is something very surreal about meeting someone who has read one of your blogs for the last 3 and a half years or so. Even though I had never met her face to face she knew every intimate detail of my life and I, hers. There was no “well see about two years ago this happened which lead this to happening” and then there were even times I’d giggle and think “oh wow she knows THAT about me!”  Yes, a very surreal experience indeed.

So what did I make for us to eat?Remember I said I must make a coffee cake?Ehh well I decided muffins sounded better so I hopped on over to Joy The Baker and searched blueberry muffins.Joy did not fail me and had a wonderful recipe for Blueberry muffins that my kids were chompin at the bit for. They’re not just blueberry muffins they’re blueberry oatmeal applesauce muffins.

Normally I would write out the recipe for you but umm well this is gonna be a long post anyways. Try them i swear you’ll never make another blueberry muffin…EVER!!!!

I also pulled the Devil Egg Salad off of the Pioneer Woman’s website that she had posted from Pam Anderson. When I saw this salad last week I drooled over it. The fact that another woman was coming to visit gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out! Again the kids were trying to get their greedy little hands on the deviled eggs, the salad, not so much!

I did make a couple of tweaks to it of my own and will post what I did later in the week but for now go check out the recipe!

And while you’re at it check out

Pam Anderson’s cookbook may be the next one on my “Gimme Gimme” list.

Yesterday we had every intention of going to a friend’s church. That is till at 9:30 I still had 3 of the 4 kids asleep! This NEVER happens in this house! So we did the next best thing to church we watched The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. Yea little did I know it would turn me into a blubbering mess! Seriously I’ve seen this movie at least half a dozen times before but well something about it yesterday turned me all wussy and cryey(ok totally a word I just made up) After that I decided to try and finish hanging up the pictures and stuff in the living room. Yeah ask me how far I got along?Not very because I had a total Wendy moment.(I know you all have been waiting for one of those ever since you read my About Me lol)

My neighbor had given me a big white shelf that I decided would be perfect on one wall I have. I got it hung up,have I mentioned I SUCK at hanging pictures? True Story I do. In fact if you ever come to my house and notice my pictures aren’t level…please just smile and tell me what lovely pictures I have. It’s a constant source of frustration. Where was I?Oh yeah the shelf. Ok I got the shelf hung up and was feeling pretty proud of myself. I set our family picture on it I had taken before we left Arizona. I stepped back admired it for about 5 seconds before it came crashing down.

I caught the picture and ducked to save myself from the shelf. Pheww crisis averted, the picture was safe.So I rehung the shelf made sure it was secure and set the picture back on it. AGAIN it came crashing down. ONLY this time for whatever reason I reached for the shelf not the picture. By the time I realized what I had done, the frame laid on the ground in a bunch of pieces.

Now before this I was going to make a yummy egg and shrimp salad sandwich for dinner….before this I was going to finish off the living room…before this I was going to conquer the world! After this…we had Eggos for dinner and played in the backyard,and watched Sherlock Holmes.(Umm yeah nothing like a hot maniacle Robert Downey Jr playing Sherlock Holmes to get you in a better mood)

So I realized a few things about myself this weekend

  • I will ALWAYS suck at hanging pictures but hey it’s part of what makes me….ME!
  • Umm I may have discovered that I secretly LOVE Michael Buble
  • That if you’re hanging pictures while listening to music AND you’re an ex drummer you may just find yourself hitting the nail in time to the music.
  • This may lead to WHY you suck at hanging pictures
  • I’m becoming my mother and crying at movies that really should I be crying at?
  • Robert Downey Jr still has the same affect on me that he did when I was a teenager(drooling heart palpitations)
  • My coolness factor has gone down…way down for admitting I like Michael Buble and that I cried at that movie.
  • I have gone through 12 dozen eggs this month…it may be time to get some chickens.
  • I have also gone through about 40 pounds of flour
  • And lastly, my neighbor MAY just be trying to kill me by giving me this shelf…ok probably not because then I couldn’t take over my baked goodies to her

Did I mention that my neighbor also let me borrow a bunch of her grandmother’s recipes? Oh yes this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. As long as she doesn’t give me anymore shelves.


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