What mom’s job is…from a 12 year old

As I mentioned earlier today my 12 year old Nathaniel has a mouth on him. he tries to joke around like a big man sometimes and sometimes pushes too far. A couple of the things he has been warned not to joke about are my weight, his sisters and brothers weight and looks, and saying I don’t do anything because frankly…I do a lot.

The other day we were talking about something and he said “yeah mom doesn’t have a job” ummm excuse me?So to get the point across I told him he had to do a 200 word essay on what mom’s job really is. So for your reading enjoyment:


What Mom’s Job Is by Nathaniel Douglas Miners

Mom’s job is taking care of us. She gives us food and water. She gives us love and care and gives us clothes. She discplines us when we act bad. She rewards us when we act good. She cooks and cleans for us. Shes puts us in front of her. She protects us.She homeschool us.


She disciplines us by putting us in corners,sending us to bed without dinner,grounding us, or making us write sentences. She doesn’t do all of this for fun,she does it to teach us a lesson. Mom bakes treats like brownies,cookies,rice krispies, and cakes,but she only lets us have them if we’ve been good. Because if we act bad we don’t get any.(geesh i sound like the snack nazi)

When mom cooks she cooks great food like chicken fried steak,chicken and dumplings,swedish meatballs,etc.

Mom is also very fun. We can joke around with her,she will beat on us(the good and fun kind) and sometimes will play games with us like Disney Scene It,Disney Pictionary, and Uno.

(umm i think he meant wrestling not beating but then again I’ve been known to break out my awesome ninja skills here and there lol)

The reason mom homeschools us I believe is that she cares for us and thinks we will be better homeschooled than public schooled.



So maybe he got some of it. As a mom we all know there’s soooo much more that goes into it but at least he’s seeing a good chunk of it!

Also I was told when he named the good foods I make he was “hinting” for some Swedish Meatballs. I told him I’d make him some as soon as he got back this weekend.


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