What I Did Without Internet Oh and Yogurt Pancakes!

So I’ve been gone a couple of days….gone and sodaless(yes that’s a word) I’d like to say the homeschool room is perfect that I got bit by the organizing bug and yeah…but come on now if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you know that’s probably not the truth. I WILL say the homeschool room is sooo close to being  done. Really the only thing I need to do is clean off that dreaded desk covered in papers,doorknobs,t-shirts, and screwdrivers. Um next time I decide to rent a really old house that needs work…someone smack me PLEASE! Oh and I need to figure out if the history books should go next to the science books or if they should go somewhere else. Seriously?This has been my conundrum of the last 72 hours. WHERE do I put my history books and novels I have. That and can I really teach fables/myths at the same time as Unites States History. GAH! It’s a scary place inside my head sometimes. Oh the perils of a home school mom. (honestly probably only inside my head)

What I HAVE been doing for the last 72 hours while I was sodaless and my internet was down is

1.Making several trips upstairs to put a few things on the designated shelves(I’m thinking I may label the shelves then the kids have NO excuse)then returning downstairs claiming the 80 degree heat is too hot to work. Ummm I just did 120degree  heat for how many years?

2.Coming up with a new yummy pancake recipe!!!Seriously yogurt pancakes = YUMMMMMM

3.Exploring every free option game on my computer and kicking some serious butt at poker wishing it wasn’t only a game and that I really got to keep the $250,000.

4.Slowly becoming addicted to iced coffee which I will totally blame my cousin Teri for since she brought me one Sunday when they came out for breakfast/lunch/brunch on Sunday.

5.School we have been doing school amidst the mess and chaos.

6. Preparing my monthly grocery list for this morning. I am seriously counting down the hours before I can wake up the kids singing “let’s go grocery shopping” I LOVE grocery shopping,seriously. I know I’m sick I need help.

7.Trying to keep my mind off the fact I’ve had no soda in my house for the last week and do I really need to buy more today?Yes yes I think I do….or I could just perfect my iced coffee addiction.

8.Checked my internet a million times to see if it was back and played about a million and one games of solitaire.Oh look it’s back. May I never have to play another game of solitaire again…or I may scream.

So as you can see I’ve been so productively busy. Again I blame the high 80’s low 90’s temperatures. My body is all confused thinking wait this is August it should be like oh 120 degrees not fall temperatures.May I never live in Arizona again,it really messes with my mind.

I did something I do quite often  on Sunday morning. Well besides going to church. I made breakfast. Now my kids would probably just drink coffee if I let them ,but well you’ve seen some of the things they’ve said or done,like my kids need coffee! So I decided to make biscuits and gravy and like I often do I post on facebook what I am making and who wants to come over for breakfast? I got my normal responses from my friends who live states away saying they’d be here in oh 2 days. Hardy har har… but then something wonderful happened. My cousin Teri said her and her husband were coming over like for reals! EEK!!! This is the cousin I lived with for a month when me and the kids moved back up here so the very least I could do is make them breakfast. I scrambled to get into the shower and to scrape the cat puke off my front porch(blech silly neighbor cat) and the kids ran around picking up the house because we had family coming over. We all had a wonderful time and she even helped me by cutting up the cantaloupe,doing some dishes, and wiping down my counters even UNDERNEATH things. Yes Teri I saw it…what would I do without you?

So if you ever see an invite from me on facebook for a meal you should totally take me up on it. I won’t even make you wipe the counters…well unless you want to!Then you might just be my best friend.

Wait I can’t leave my post like this. I mentioned a yogurt pancake recipe and well I know you’re dying to try it. Now keep in my mind most of my recipes are made to feed us five plus more so you might want to cut the recipe in half if you have a smaller family.

Yogurt Pancakes

3 c yogurt (I did vanilla yogurt but you probably could do any flavor ohhh coffee yogurt! Do they make that?)

2 c flour

3Tbs sugar

3tsp baking soda

3 eggs

1 tsp(or more if you want) vanilla

Now when you mix these up they’re gonna be umm fluffy looking. It’s the yogurt in them. When you cook them up they’re gonna look even more fluffy!(Think Despicable Me “It’s so FLUUFFFFYYYYY I’m gonna die) When you take them off the heat they’re gonna get thin…really thin but trust me they lose NONE of their flavor. I was gonna eat one to tatse test before the kids and winded up eating 5 then more later that night for a midnight snack.

This is a great recipe if you’ve got a big tub of yogurt in your fridge that is close to going bad because you swore you were gonna try to eat more yogurt this month but honestly….it’s more fun to bake with. Oh it’s also a great recipe if you have kids that insist on eating breakfast like mine do. Ungrateful minions 🙂 No they loved them and they may have joined me in the late night binging on pancakes. I love my kids,how did they ever get so awesome?





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I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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