A weekend full of contentment

Wow I can’t believe how fast this weekend went by!!! It was definitely the perfect way to end our summer,because this morning school starts! Can you feel the excitement in the air?I didn’t get the posters done on critical thinking I wanted to but I figure,I can do that when the creatures are working on workbook work today.

B’s youngest had her birthday party this weekend and I had asked if I could make the cake. When I asked her what kind of cake she had wanted and threw out some options such as butterfly,castle,puppy dog….she immediately stopped me at puppy dog.So a puppy dog cake it was!

Now I’m not the most artistic person when it comes to graphics or drawing or well anything other than writing really. I have all these great ideas in my head but to make them a reality … yeah I just don’t have that talent!

So Friday night I baked the cake oh and the pup cakes. This consisted of 2 round cakes, a loaf cake and 12 cupcakes(one that immediately met its fate since I had to taste test the devil’s food cake recipe I had made. ) It’s such a simple recipe and turned out very good. The only thing I didn’t do from scratch was the frosting. For the sake of my sanity I was glad I didn’t!

What was I doing while I was waiting ever so patiently for the cakes to be done and cooled?Why dying my hair of course! The two obviously go hand in hand. I’ve been wanting to go back to red for a while and boy did I!I love the results. This is definitely not your momma’s red hair.

Sorry for the small size but I left my other camera at B’s house after the party,of course.

Yeah and the blurriness, I definitely need my regular camera back. I had to share my hair though.

Saturday morning was spent decorating the cakes. I was just going to do the eyes.mouth,and nose and call it good and then inspiration awoke. Ok maybe not inspiration but the poor puppy just looked so dull. Instead of just using plain peppermint patties for the eyes I added frosting for the whites and m and m’s. See I’m a simple girl. No high-class fondant being used here. Why not? Because fondant SCARES ME!

This was the finished product of the cake.I also added the bow and the dog collar with the dog tag all courtesy of fruit by the foot. If I never see another piece of fruit by the foot for as long as I live I’ll be happy. You’ll understand more why when you see the pupcakes. Oh the tongue too is also fruit by the foot. I must admit it’s an extremely pliable and fun tool to decorate with but man is it sticky!!!

I loved the dog tag idea. Yes yes I’m tooting my own horn here. So yes the cake turned out cute enough. Then it was on to the pupcakes. Which I did simpler with just m and m’s for the eyes and drawing on the mouth. They needed something more though! They definitely needed ears. I’m not joking when I tell you I seriously debated over how to do the ears for at least an hour. I finally gave up and pulled out the fruit by the foot and viola!

Yes I know I obsess over silly stuff but I really wanted these cakes to be special. So 22 pieces of fruit by the foot cut later all the “pupcakes” had ears.

We had a blast at the birthday party and of course all of those pics are on my camera. GRRRRR!!!! I got to meet a couple new people, and see some of B’s family I haven’t seen in a bit so that was fun. We had a pinata. Of course it’s not a party unless someone get’s hurt and we definitely had that. Holly did a full body slide down one of the hills. So she has a scraped up face,arm,and leg. She’s complaining about her hand hurting so we may have to take a Dr trip…oh joy.

We all stayed way past our bedtimes. I think I pulled up to the house at 1am. Which would be fine if we didn’t have church the next day. We were up and at em at 6;30 am yesterday. When I saw one of our other friends at church she looked at me and said”I feel like I have a hangover.”

I had to agree, even though there was no drinking except for massive pots of coffee we were all dragging  yesterday.

So we all did what anyone would do to recover from a non drinking hangover and headed to the beach. The kids got to play in the water while us grown ups relaxed. Alright maybe we didn’t only relax. There were chicken fights,getting thrown in the water, and umm 2 grown men acting like they were still kids and then realizing as they gimped out of the water that they definitely were  still not teenagers.

This is the lake I used to spend my summers at as a teen.

Nathaniel building a sand castle.

Holly body surfing the waves.

I have to admit it was pretty much the perfect weekend. We all left with big contented smiles on our faces. I have been so blessed since moving back up to Washington. Moving back to Washington was a two-year long prayer. I know God wanted me to work and move through some things before I came back up here. I am so glad we moved back up in His perfect timing because every day up here is a total blessing.

Now onto our first week of school and then another busy weekend ahead of us.



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I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. Cute cake! I did a puppy one a few years back for the twins that was super easy (and no fondant involved either…buttercream tastes better anyway).

  2. Ooh, love the cake and the hair–you have the best bangs! I covet them, but sadly am all cowlicky.

    • awww thank you thank you. Yeah when I got my hair cut on Friday I told the guy make my bangs less mommyish. He got a good laugh out of that. I have two cowlicks in the back of my head so I either have to have my hair really long or really short and sticking up.

  3. I LOVE the cake and cupcakes. Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Hope Holly’s hand gets to feeling better soon….

  4. Wonderful way to end the summer! Love the pupcakes!!

  5. Wow that does sound like a wonderful weekend! I love the cake and pupcakes – what a clever idea and nicely done too. Oh and your hair is redtastic! Hope you all have a great first week of school.

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