Nathaniel had a death wish

Oh Boy, I thought being a twelve-year-old budding pubescent pre teen GIRL was hard. Well obviously being a twelve-year-old budding pubescent pre teen BOY is even harder. For whatever reason at this age the boy species has no filter,which sets him up for near ass kickings multiple times a week. Yesterday was no exception. The exception however was the ass kicking almost came from his 10-year-old hormone filled sister.

***I am so not prepared for the next decade of teenagers in the house! Kids I can do,babies I can definitely do,toddlers I’ll do if I have to, but teenagers?Holy cow?I was a crappy teenager and I’m certain this is how God will get his revenge***

Yesterday was Kenna’s laundry day. I reminded her and she came back to tell me that Nathaniel’s laundry was still in the washing machine. I told her to tell him to switch it to the dryer. I heard her ask him nicely and then I heard Nathaniel’s reply,

“Why don’t you switch it…it’s more your  job anyways you’re a girl.” I stopped dead in my tracks not believing I heard such sexist talk.Ok maybe it wasn’t THAT hard to believe coming from my oldest. Like I said he has NO FILTER what so ever. However in this household all chores are done by both sexes.

I watched while the two had a quick stare down in which I could see Kenna’s wheels turning. “Do I beat my brother now..or wait?”

I knew that look Kenna had in her eyes. To this day you tell me only boys can do something or it’s a women’s job to do something and most likely I’ll tell you why it isn’t only that way or I’ll go ahead and do it anyways to prove you wrong. Kenna had the same look.

I quickly broke up the impending brawl and sent them both on their ways. Laundry was forgotten about for a few hours till I reminded Kenna about it. She came back in and told me Nathaniel’s laundry was still in the washer. Exasperated I told him AGAIN to switch over the laundry.He then turned to me and said,

“I shouldn’t have to you or Kenna could do it.” (everyone in the house does their own laundry including my 6-year-old)

“Go do the laundry then go to bed Nathaniel,” I replied through gritted teeth.


“Now!It is neither mine nor your sisters job to do YOUR laundry just because we’re girls. You know better than that.”

He huffed off mumbling under his breath. I have no clue if the laundry got switched but if it didn’t it’s going directly on the floor this morning. I do know he went off to bed.

Really he should know better than to tell two very head strong girls that housework is their job only. The kid has a death wish. Maybe Santa will bring him a filter for Christmas.



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I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. Good to know what I have to look forward to…except that Aidan at age 6 doesn’t possess a filter…and since he has no sisters to teach him, he gets to learn from me – If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.

  2. Oh, so much to look forward too, my son is not even four and sometimes he sounds like yours already.

  3. smart boy, maybe some sense kicked in and he realized what he said was WRONG. there is some hope for him yet, maybe.

  4. so is the laundry on the floor this morning? wow is all I can say, Cj has it but not nearly that bad. he is more the exasperated thing and his answer to everything is “I know” well if he knew then why am I telling him to do something AGAIN

  5. girl… I only have one girl. I can’t type this morning.

    • nurse get this girl more coffee STAT!!! Yes Bill Engvall does a piece on 12 year old boys and how they have no filter. We watched it the other night and me and Kenna were giggling hysterically.and Nathaniel kept saying “what??”

  6. I had a priest tell me that preteen and teenage boys are hormonally brain damaged. As the mother of five boys… I believe it. lol. My girls is so much easier than my boys.

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