Well THAT was fun let’s do it again….or not.

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Mine started out so pleasant and fun. I went into the big “city” to spend the night with my cousin and make cinnamon rolls for everyone. More on that in my next blog though.

I am sitting here pretty looped up on pain meds at the moment. So please excuse any typos neither spellcheck or myself catch.(Because sometimes I think spellcheck is looped up on pain meds as well)

It all started as such a hopefully fun weekend. Then Saturday night as I was standing in the kitchen I noticed this funny little thing many find helpful in oh…you…know LIVING was going all haywire. My heart was thumping,jumping.and basically getting down with it’s bad self on the dance floor. I tried to discreetly sneak out the front door to get some fresh air. I think my discreetly, was more like a pack of elephants stomping through the living room and slamming the front door behind it.

I could see my heart trying to pound out of my chest and feel it pounding even harder in my stomach. The cool night air helped some but not a lot. Could doing dishes really cause a panic attack?(In all seriousness I know yes they could but this wasn’t a panic attack)Luckily B found me in the backyard and took my pulse. Which big shocker was racing. We sat outside for a bit waiting it to calm down for a bit before heading back inside.

B announced he would finish the dishes and that I shouldn’t be working myself to the point of exhaustion for him and the kids.Well I hadn’t really. Before that I had only just made dinner so why would I be exhausted. I did try to get up from the couch once to go help with dishes where I was met by a growling wolf to go sit back on the couch and let him finish dishes.

So I did. My heart calmed down and we thought all was right with the world. Then about 2 hours later we were getting ready for bed when I was doubled over in pain on the floor. (I’m tellin ya I made quite an impression that night)The pain in my pelvic area was so extreme I was getting sick from it.(See I at least have to share some of my visual hotness with you)

WOWZA talk about pain. It didn’t feel like kidney stone pain, but was definitely just as bad.I think I finally passed out either from the pain or the warm heating pad B had plugged in for me. My right arm was shaking but I had kinda been shaking all night so we just figured I was cold. By the way,the heating pad?One of the best inventions EVER!!!I think I might marry mine.

Sunday morning I was the first one awake and showered. I felt ok. Not perfect but not as bad of pain and my heart had decided to go back to it’s normal beating self. I got breakfast made and then got kids up for church. When I went to wake B up he asked how I was feeling. I told him much better,which was true,but he didn’t seem to convinced.

Well I was feeling better but not totally up to par. I figured after the night before’s episode I probably  just wouldn’t feel up to par for a bit. My arm though…my arm was still twitching all over the place. I still was crampy as well but not half of what I had been the night before. So we headed to church.

Never mind that halfway there I had to stop to puke. (I know you appreciate the mental imagery) At this point B was ready to head towards the hospital. I kept telling him I was fine. He kept pointing out that obviously if I had to pull over to let go of my breakfast  I was not “fine”. He had already mentioned earlier that we should go to the hospital if this doesn’t go away.

I promised him if I didn’t feel better after church that we’d go to the hospital. We snuck into church late and as quietly as one can sneak into church with 8 kids in tow. My arm though just would not slow down. I was holding it with my left arm to keep it from shaking so much,I tried to conceal my dancing arm,I failed.

After service our friend Brandy came and sat with us and we tried to talk about our plans for the next weekend till Nana(B’s grandma) called me over to her. She asked what had been going on I told her as she checked my pulse. My pulse was ok but I was still shaking. B made some comment about how next to his grandpa I was the most stubborn person he know.Then he informed me we were going to the hospital

“But I feel better,” I protested as my arm protested by trying to slap me in the face.He gave me the look most father’s give their kids when they’re misbehaving and said,”WE”RE GOING” I think at this point I realized I was going whether I wanted to or not. I was either walking into the ER on my own free will or being slung over B’s shoulder and being carried in. As fun as the second option sounds when we’re at the lake….for the ER it just didn’t sound like a way to make an entrance. So I slumped my shoulders in defeat and walked towards the car.

Our friend Brandy went with us to help with the kids. Funny when you tell the ER people you’ve been having heart problems they get you right in.(or maybe it was the group of 7 kids we walked in with) They hooked me up to an IV,took blood,did an EKG and a chest xray. My EKG was fine but fast. The chest xray came out clear.(thank you GOD) They then decided to give me some addivan to see if it helped with my arm. It did…a little.

Since everything came back fine and the addivan had reduced SOME of the shaking, they discharged me basically telling me it was all in my head and prescribing me anti anxiety medicine. I KNEW this was not anxiety. Trust me I KNOW anxiety. B came and got me and took me back to his aunt’s house where the kids and Brandy were waiting for us. I took one look at aunt Nancy(who is a L and D nurse) and pretty much fell apart at that point. She asked where the pain was I showed her and we both agreed that it was my ovaries. Then B made sure I ate something and that I had had my meds and ushered me downstairs to get some rest. I didn’t wake up till about 1 am Sunday morning. All the grown ups were still awake. My arm had stopped shaking for the moment but I still felt pretty bad. I stayed awake long enough to eat some toast and take some more pills. Monday I stayed in bed all day as well.

Yesterday morning when B asked how I was feeling and what did I want to do I decided it was time to head to another hospital. I think he was relieved that he wasn’t going to have to fight with me over going again. So B watched the kids as I went to another hospital. I told them the same things I had told the other place. My arm hadn’t been twitching as much but was still twitching. The arm was the last thing on their mind. After running a battery of tests I was taken down for a CT scan.

By the end of the afternoon the dr came in with an answer for my pain. The CT scan showed on my right ovary a huge cyst. On my left one…well that one had already ruptured,causing all the symptoms I had had. B and I had wondered if this is what had happened. The dr told me to get lots of rest and prescribed me some pain meds (which is currently why I am so loopy)

I got back to B’s place and dinner was already being made. The kids had a good day. When aunt Nancy heard what it was she said”I had a feeling” then told me ” how much better I looked and I had worried her.” which almost made me cry again. I didn’t though….

So much for the second week of school. I’m going to rest work more on lesson plans and try to keep it to a mild roar in the household. I am so thankful that B was more stubborn than I was though. If he wouldn’t have persisted on it I would never have gone to the ER. It’s nice to know that someone’s got your back. Alright my eyes are closing in attempt to fall asleep so for now….

Let’s NOT do this again!


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I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. That sounds absolutely terrible! I hope you feel better soon! You are so stoic, I would have ran off to the hospital as soon as I had a second of pain as bad as you described.

    Glad to know I’m not alone with the Inuyasha crush hahahah!

    • thank you i’m feeling a bit better already. yeah no InuYasha is totally hot. Although I’m a huge Teen Titans fan too.I thought about being Yuri the hair witch for halloween this year. lol

      I don’t think that soic is the right word stupidly stubborn would be it lol. I drove my poor boyfriend nuts.I think if he heard me say “I’m fine” one more time he would’ve screamed.

  2. I’m glad you are okay!! And glad you have some loving equally stubborn people around you!!

  3. Oh no! I had one of those last summer and it was terrible pain. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Ohhh Darling! I’m glad you’re okay!!! Don’t worry about school, after all, homeschool is about the kids learning how to think for themselves… Get better soon… xoxo

  5. Wow, what an awful experience. I am very glad the doctors found out what was going on and that you are doing better. And I agree with Robin about your writing – “We snuck into church late and as quietly as one can sneak into church with 8 kids in tow.” – Ha! I don’t imagine one can successfully sneak much of anywhere with 8 kids in tow.
    Hope you can take a lesson from the evil sock and just sit around a while resting… 🙂

  6. Sorry, Wendy. Glad you’re on the mend. Nice writing, though–very funny. 🙂

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