Ok I’m finally taking the plunge….

Remember this weekend when I introduced you to some of my bloggy friends?Remember how I said one of these days I would jump on in and join the Monday Listicles over at Northwest Mommy’s site?

Oh and remember how yesterday I ranted about wanting to be real and raw? Ummm so those two things just came to bite me in the butt. As I went to look at Stasha’s Monday theme and saw that it was HIGHSCHOOL YEARS, my first thought was a loud guffaw followed by a “yeah right”, than I remembered yesterdays post and thought no better time than now to get real and raw.

So deep breathe in deep breathe out (who cares if Monday is almost over) and it’s time to share 10 facts about me in the highschool years.

There aren’t a lot of pictures of me doing the highschool thing. There’s fair enough reason for that. As with many highschool was a pivotal time in my life but it wasn’t for the positive. SO here we go

10 facts about me in highschool

1. Freshman year I lived in Spokane WA and was a member of the drumline for my 6th year of percussion. Note drum line is waaayyyy different than marching band(at least we all thought we were at the time.) I loved every minute of it even though I was only one of two girls.

2. The summer before my Sophomore year my family moved to Flagstaff Arizona. They left me behind for the summer as I already had a job as a camp counselor. Some of my favorite memories of my lifetime is from that summer. We got the privilege to work with Children who had Cystic Fibrosis and it forever changed me. This was the first time in my life I made the real connection that yes even children die. I’m still convinced it these times helped me in getting through the death of my son.

3.Sophomore year I was pretty much a loner(ie the new kid) till I made friends with a girl in my french class. Her and her boyfriend kinda took me under their wings and my mom instantly became convinced she was the best thing to happen to me. Mom didn’t know about the wine slushies we would take into French class, or the fact she would swing by and hide other various booze in my mailbox.

4. I think I spent more time in my Sophomore year down in Sedona Arizona at Grasshopper Point  cliff jumping then I did in school.

5. Spent any time I was actually in school drooling over Aaron Fox….(found him on facebook not long ago and yea glad I never pursued anything)

6. Summer between sophomore and junior year I got grounded for sneaking out. However I had a very important hot tub party to attend so instead of going out my normal route via the basement(where I found my dad waiting for me) I decided to just jump off my roof. Spent the rest of my summer with two broken heels and being carried around by cute boys(hey there had to be some perk right?)That was until I had to start junior year in a wheel chair and of course the first person I run into is….yup Aaron Fox.

7.Friend from French class breaks up with boyfriend Which of course leads to the highschool boyfriend swap(don’t try and deny you don’t know what that is lol) I end up with friend’s boyfriend who is now in college and the slippery slope starts.

8. Junior year I was lucky if I ever even made it to class. Spent too much time in the college dorms. Was introduced to the life of well…sitting back watching movies and being around potheads all day. Why would anyone even want to be in school when they could just do this all day.(I never really smoked pot but hey the friends were fun to hang around.)

9. We moved on to other things besides pot and my junior year ended rather abruptly with me dropping out. I took my GED test and passed and started working but kinda hard to keep a job and a drug habit at the same time.

10. What WOULD’VE been my sophomore year I descended more and more into the world of drugs. When I turned 18 I moved out for a month and lived in a camper. One morning after making a horribly bad decision I called my dad at work and told him I had had enough and wanted to get out of Arizona. I had a plane ticket 2 hours later and moved up to Spokane with 100 dollars in my pocket and a box of clothes and never looked back at the drugs.16 years later here I am clean,sober, and a pretty ok person.

I’m not sure I regret any of my decisions in highschool. I regret the people I hurt but the epxerinces I had molded me into the woman I am today. That move up to Spokane showed me that I could do anything I put my mind to. I guess it isn’t any surpise that 16 years later i would end up here again.

So not bad for a step towards real and raw eh? And um Stasha I MAY just do next weeks listicles.


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I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. Wow, what an experience! And what a good dad, to help lift you out of that.

  2. Welcome to the highly supportive and very much fun world of Monday Listicles! You were very brave to share these details, and you’re not alone. Others will relate. For example, I can relate to dropping out of school to hang out and have fun all day and later getting my GED and getting on with it. Nice to meet you!

  3. Hi from Listicles! (-:
    Cliff-jumping – wow! And re. no. 1 – I’ll wager the reason you liked drum line so much was BECAUSE you were only one of two girls! (-:

  4. Intense and brave – what a post! It sounds to me like you have always been a good soul underneath and through it all. Not all 18 year olds in such a place could have or would have made the hard decision you made to get out and get clean. I am proud of you.
    Our lives are strangely the same and not. I never got into serious drugs. To me Arizona was where I went with an abusive ahole of a fiance (never married him, thank God) when I dropped out of college at EWU. I got smart and left him but in order to prove myself to, well, myself and my parents I chose to stay and work and get my life back even though I only knew one person in the entire state. I am back in the PNW because my family is here and I missed green and ocean. Through all the crap there was still little ole’ me on the inside directing the goings-on in a effort to keep me safe.
    Ok, I really need to stop leaving you novels. Thank you for sharing, I hope it helps you to write, I will be looking for more.

    • yea i went back to az after my divorce and got involved with the same highschool guy again for 3 years….we now call him Butthead. We were both sober but the things I went through were far from ok.

      Hey I haven’t been able to get to your blog now for 2 days!Everytime I try it says error!!!! I’m dying over here!

      Yea this will be the first Christmas in a long time I will not be saying I want to be home because I am home!!!

      • Butthead – Hahaha! Mine is just referred to as the evil one, when he is referred to at all. That Bastard!
        2 days, really? Hum, my internet was spotty most of yesterday but is working now…
        I remember crying in public at the Coffee Plantation on Mill when a street musician played the song Christmas in the Northwest. Being homesick was awful. Glad you are home for Christmas this year.

    • still can’t get to it!!!! urrrggg. Oh yes Mill I remember many nights down there! yes I’m sooo happy to be up here. Unfortuntaly though the green house up at manito park put Christmas lights on their cacti….really?I hated that even when they did it in AZ

      • Thanks for letting me know my blog was unreachable – something to do with the IP address. I think it is fixed.
        I rather liked cacti with white Christmas lights going up and down (not around). The Desert Botanical Gardens had the best Christmas lights ever!!

    • STILL can’t get to it!!! I’m having withdrawals here!

      • I am so sorry for taking over your comments section here but if you can’t get to my blog then I am not happy!!! You can email me at shoes@shoesonthewrongfeet.com if you want to get this off your comments area. Husband tested it from work and he can get in. He wants to know how you access it: web, RSS, or email. He made some changes to the IP address yesterday and said it may take your internet provider 24 hours to update the changes. Please let me know if you still can’t get to it tonight and I will call upon the WP IT Gods to work their magic.

    • I get on it through the web. no problem about taking over my comments. i will try in a bit to get on. Got to get B’s girls off to school which is a whole nother blog post….hmm to blog about that or Kidney Stone Cookies?

  5. Good for you for being clean and sober, and I’m sure more than an okay person! My husband’s an alcoholic (sober for 2 1/2 years now), and I always have so much respect for anyone who’s beaten an addiction.
    And #5 makes me laugh – I think it’s funny how some of the popular kids from high school look now on facebook 🙂

    • Congrats to your husband!!! I feel really blessed that I was just able to walk away from the situation at hand and not look back. Not everyone has it that easy.

      ah yes the popular kids from highschool…how do they always end up bald and fat?

  6. Real and raw my Dear,
    I’m reading your heart and I’ll be back for more… xoxo

  7. I like reading your blog and just the way you are. Honest. Choices we make are part of us but should never determine who we are. You will get to re-live high school years again with your children and see that that is a strange age by default. Even when home schooled teenagers develop rebellion and oddness. It is part of growing up. At least you will understand! So your story makes you a better parent!

  8. Now, that is the most real thing I have ever seen you write…you go girl…

  9. Pretty ok person? I think you sound like a very brave, secure person leaving that life behind. Good for you. Thanks for listing it up with us!

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