And sometimes it’s like living in a frat house….

I’m making shrimp manicotti tonight for 12.Wait back up did you read that right? 12….shrimp manicotti for 12?What in the world is that Twisted girl up to now?

(note to self NEVER EVER say life is boring…and you certainly don’t blog about it)

B has gone back to work. We’re all happy about it and it seems like a great job. With him going back to work, comes me watching the girls. With me watching the girls it means I’m pretty much living up at his aunt’s house since he leaves the house before they wake up and get home either right at dinner or later.

Wait so that’s only 9 people where does the 12 come in?Well his aunt has 3 boys. 2 college age and a teenager…aha there’s the 12!

So ontop of homeschooling my kids,watching the girls, and helping them with their homework, I’ve been trying to help out by cooking meals and cleaning up.Poor Aunt Nancy has been the only girl in the house for so long I THINK she’s enjoying having another woman around to talk with.

Yes 2 girls in a house full of ……boys(ok ok my 2 girls and B’s 2 girls are here of course but they’re LITTLE) So much of our days are filled with story telling and video games.Yesterday was one of the boy’s birthdays so of course he had two of his friends over.

At 10 oclock there were 8 adults hanging out,voices loud,screaming over a video game.

We very easily go through 5 pots of coffee a day

There are kids and young adults going to school and coming home from school at all different hours

Quiet time is the time at about 2 am when you’re for sure everyone in the house is asleep.

People have to announce when they’re going to shower as to not steal someone elses time.

Toilet paper runs to the upstairs bathroom happen several times a day.

Dinners have at least 12 places set. The dinner table is surrounded with laughing,more story telling, and of course one upping.

I am sitting here listening to the two oldest boys add commentary to the video game.

I must start making dinner….

I’ve decided to chalk this experience up to add to my resume underneath the title of

Frat Mother



About twisteddomesticgoddess

I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. You house sounds like fun and full of love. Not that I am volunteering to help you cook or anything…

    • yup 12….the other night one of the boys’ friends walked in the door about the same time B should’ve been getting home and i almost shouted “hi baby” and was getting up to give him a kiss before I realized it was a 20 year old boy….not my boyfriend

  2. LOL, I love the way you write! And Manicotti! Nice, do you ever just make a simple spaghetti?! Sounds like a lot going on but in a fun way!

  3. Wow…will you come to my house and make shrimp manicotti for 1 (2 if you count yourself)? It’s a romparoom at my place instead of a frat house, but I’m pretty sure everyone is asleep much earlier than 2am. lol

  4. My gosh – you just get busier and busier!! But I have to say that it kinda sounds like a blast with all those placesettings around the table and kids of all ages coming and going. Keep that coffee pot full and a smile on your face!!

    • I am absolutely loving every minute of it! I’m exhausted tonight but everyone here is so nice. and I STILL can’t get on your site! BOO!!!

    • Shoes you are awesome!! And B doesn’t understand my obsession with my internet friends lol bwhahahahah

      • Ok – here is the response I got from WP this morning. Don’t know if it will help… My husband doesn’t understand either. My internet friends rock and you are one of my favs!

        Dear Shoes,
        Some users who access the internet through Hughes Net have reported similar issues.

        You might ask your subscriber to contact us directly. Your subscriber should be able to contact Hughes Net, and ask them to disable the Turbo feature on her account.

        Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need anymore help. 🙂


    • ohhhh makes perfect sense to me since the house I’m at gets Hughe’s Net!!!! oooyyyyy. I will have to try and figure somethng out since I’m not paying for the internet so will have to ask nicely. Maybe B ca help me figure something out!

      I miss you too!

      • I am so glad that made sense to you as it made none to me and I was wondering if they were giving me some generic blow-off response. Hope you can get it fixed. I know this doesn’t help you much, but at least I can still read your blog! 🙂 Hope to see you back at mine soon. Oh, and have a great Thanksgiving!!

    • Thanks Shoes!!! i just hate not being able to read your blog and miss it like crazy!

  5. ohhhh I will come get it as soon as I’m done with dinner! I tried commenting on your music post the other day and my computer is all screwed up so don’t think I’m ignoring you!love ya Caffee

  6. Frat Mom, Cook, Teacher, Taxi driver, Housekeeper, eyeliner hoarder… lol Lots of hats to go with your many tubes of lipstick… oh wait, that’s MY many tubes of lipstick!! xoxo OH… P.S. Come pick up your award Wendy Darling and now you have another hat to your collection! : )

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