Darn it the kids did it again….

I have no idea where they get this “compassion” that runs so deep or their everlonging for knowledge.Everlonging???Spell check is telling me that’s not a real word…..yeah for home school moms who apparently make up their own words.

It all started with the dreaded horse birthday cake that sent me into hysterics and driving into town at 2:30 in the morning.You all remember that rambling admission that I’m NOT supermom….honestly somedays I feel more like Jinx from Teen Titans.


(Wait you don’t know about my obsession with Teen Titans and how unhealthy it can become so let’s just forget I typed that.) The one that caused B to utter those words that should be punishable by death,”Why are you SO hormonal?”(Yes he said it….no I did not kick him in the shins.)

Oh and side note I know you’re all dying to see a pic of the horse cake that almost caused the Great Mother Meltdown of 2011:


Alright go ahead and laugh. Tell me you’re expecting the horse to say,”Well Wilbur….” (Yes I really did just reference Mr Ed.) For the love that was everything Holy that frosting was out to add the finishing touches to my psychosis.

Ok I got off track again…where was I?Oh yes my darned kids.

So after finishing this cake and hearing Trin go absolutely gaga over it.(THANK GOD she loved it because that was  the whole point right?RIGHT?) I announced I was no longer doing animal cakes for birthdays. I would still do Birthday cakes but no more animal ones.

Nathaniel jumped right up and told me he was going to do Aaron’s birthday cake who’s birthday is on the 30th. He’s the youngest of the teens that live in the house. Nathaniel proudly announced he would make Aaron a Batman cake….because well everyone knows Aaron has an obsession with Batman.(I’m living in the best possible house for those with superhero addictions.)

I could’ve kissed my son. Well if he would’ve let me because really I had already been throwing around the idea of a Batman cake and umm well as much as I wanted to do it I knew we had a THIRD birthday coming up as well!(Ben the oldest of the three boys is the beginning of January)

So now Nathaniel is planning on how to make Aaron’s birthday cake and whether or not to make one big cake or cupcakes….all to save his mother’s sanity.He’s some kind of saint I tell ya!!!

Then there’s this other kid I have you know her as Kenna…..

Well she was sitting over on the computer yesterday listening to Skrillex,(thank you older boys in the frat house at least they have good taste.)and I THOUGHT she was teaching herself the Greek language like she said she was going to do.(See this is where the everlonging comes in.)Well she wasn’t learning Greek,instead my 10 year old child was looking up one of the local homeless shelters and gathering a list of their needs.

She has decided to put together a drive for one of the local shelters.

I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Today we will sit down and start organizing the needs and how we will supply them.Also when to start and end the drive,she’s thinking the beginning of the year.

I will keep you all posted on how you guys can help. Because well I have some awesome readers who I know at the very least will share what Kenna is doing with other readers.

This is one proud momma over here.

So yes darn it the kids have done it again. If I wasn’t so sure aliens had stolen my tear ducts I might just be able to cry….

****oh and as for the birthday cake I’m making the beginning of the year for Ben? It will be an EYE OF RA cake…..how stinkin cool is that?*****


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I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. Reading (and chickens)

    (Also, that cake is straight out of the Godfather.) (Email meeee!)

  2. Reading (and chickens)

    Wendy! Email me at readingandchickens AT gmail–I need to know your address because I have a donation of kids’ books AND gift cards for you!

  3. Your horse cake is pretty dang awesome. I had a horse birthday cake for my 26th birthday and it wasn’t nearly as good as yours!

    And congrats for being the momma to such thoughtful children

  4. As I am sitting in my living room surrounded by BOXES UPON BOXES of clothes that I am sorthing, please let me know if the homeless shelter needs anything in particular. Let me know if you do too with all your kiddo’s. I’m in awe of your FINE kids!!!

  5. Your kids are the bomb! And that is a very cool horse B’day cake.

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