It’s that time for Monday Listicles again!

Sorry I’ve been MIA but, I’m sure like the rest of you, I’ve been busy busy busy.I found out Friday that my Grandpa,my mom’s dad,suffered a mild heart attack on Thursday.He’s 93 and I’ve been struggling with the  fact that I have not made it over there yet. On top of just general Christmas madness….I’ve slightly lost my mind.

I’d like to take this moment to thank B for being as patient as he possibly can with me and NOT kicking me in the butt.(Although I’m sure he has wanted to.)

I still can’t really cry and the stress,guilt,and other things have been piling up quite high. I left church yesterday because the older hymns reminded me wayyyy too much of my mom’s grandparent’s old church,and being home for the holidays.

But I woke up this morning and realized it’s Monday Listicles time…well that and the fact I can go back to sleep after B leaves for work because there’s no school! YIPEE!!!(Well except for crazy homeschoolers like us.We’ll do school half this week.)


This week’s listicles is brought to you by Bridget over at Twinisms. She chose the 10 questions that are asked at the end of the Actor’s Guild…..should be fun and interesting and totally what I need to keep my mind off of things!


List of ten A for Lipton Q’s

1. What is your favorite word?

Coffee (really does this surprise you?)

2. What is your least favorite word?

Slop….I used to ask my mom what was for dinner and when she answered”Slop” I’d cringe.Blech not my favorite and I’m NOT a pig!.

3. What turns you on?

B’s smile….listening to him laugh

4. What turns you off?

6 kids running into the room….yeah that’s a quick shock back into reality!

5. What sound do you love?

Children laughing….especially baby laughter!

6. What sound do you hate?

Crying…that true crying when a child is really hurt or broken hearted and there is nothing you can do about it.

7. What is your favorite curse word?

Mother F%$ker….yes it is….and the fact I had to pick a favorite and it was hard to, tells you….unfortunately I curse like a sailor.

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Teacher or a Midwife…

9. What profession would you not like to do?

Anything that involves fixing stuff….or cake decorating.

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

“Welcome your son is waiting for you.” And since time is different in heaven I would spend as long as I could holding Reed whether he is in baby form or adult. I just would really like to hold him again.

Now it’s your turn readers. hop on over to Stasha’s blog grab a button and link up!


About twisteddomesticgoddess

I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. The holidays are an incredible mess sometimes, aren’t they?

  2. Your #10 sounds wonderful. And mother fucker is an amazingly versitile word. Fantastic!

  3. I would bet on number 10 being exactly what God says…and that you will hold him again. (I’m just not entirely sure how you’d pay up when I won this bet.)

  4. Your heaven sounds bittersweet. Hugs!

    P.S. Motherfucker is the best word ever.

  5. I second Jamie. And I too cannot cry at big reasons for sadness. But give me a silly commercial and I am tearing up. Who knows…
    Great list. How crazy, madly in love you are is contagious!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandpa.

    I could never do cake decorating either. I like to eat, not bake. 🙂

    • Thankyou Roxanne. he is doing better and hopefully will get to go home soon. Yeah if you read a couple of my past posts you’d understand what is with the whole cake decorating thing. Although I’m excited about the Eye of Ra cake I’m getting ready to do!!

  7. I do believe this time of year not only brings out the magic in children, but the madness in adults trying to do it all by 12/25! Hang in there.
    On a lighter note, your list seems quite similar to my own. There really is nothing like children’s laughter!

  8. You have got to stop beating yourself up. you are doing an amazing job. It is the time of year where we all do this and get very overwhelmed. Ok the crying thing is a little odd, but nothing to feel guilty about. I lost 2 grandparents and could not or did not cry for either. I felt horrible because I knew I should be sad but they just never came. You have your kids schooling and teaching them things that are fun and very cool. You have a fantastic man in your life. Give yourself a break here, take some time to relax (as best is possible) and enjoy your extended family.

    • Thanks Jamie.The crying thing is WAY wierd just because I’m the person who will cry if you give me a dirty look. I’m glad I’m not crying over something stupid like that but well I embrace my emotions and as I feel them just all piling up it scares me a bit….I went on a couple drives this weekend with my music blared but as soon as I got back to the house I was in the same mood I had been in when I left.
      Relax????what is that?No rest for the weekend as they say and this week will be the same.Maybe Staurday wince we’ll have NO KIDS I’ll stay in bed all day…..maybe.

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