When a loved one reads your blog…

***Disclaimer-this may be the lamest blog post ever but hey what do you expect?I woke up at 3:30***


It is still a weird feeling to me when I walk downstairs and see B checking his email and realize….oh he’s reading one of my blog posts.

Or when…he’s sitting right across from me in the living room I see him smirk and I ask him what is so funny and he quotes something from my blog.

Or when he reads the title of one of my blogs and follows it with an,”Oh Boy.”

Or when I have a near breakdown on the computer admit to you all that I’m really not some superhero and then a week later when I’m still trying to tackle it all B gently reminds me that,

“Didn’t I read somewhere that you WEREN”T super mom?”

Yeah….weird feeling.

In the beginning of this blog as well as mine and B’s relationship I didn’t write about him or our adventures very much because he had asked me what I did blog about and I told him my life. He had made some comment about not wanting to really be brought into the world wide web,and then he promptly subscribed to my blog. It made me feel good he was taking the time to read what I wrote.

Then he read my post about 4th of July and how I had written we spent the day with friends. He teased me and even pouted a little(yup you did hon.) because well we had spent the day with him and his family.(the first real time of meeting them all…GULP)I reminded him of what he had said but I felt bad because I did want to fully include him. And on the flip side I have NEVER not included him again.Game on baby!Game on!

My mom has always read my blogs. I usually give her fair warning when I’m going to write about her.You know like the post about her stretching out every shirt she hands down to me in the chestle area?Oh yes mom I brought that back up.Our conversations many times include,

“Wendy….do not blog about that.” And out of respect….for the most part….I don’t.

But sometimes my mom can produce the best blogging fodder EVER!(consider it a gift mom)

Yesterday when Nanna called and I was talking to her she made a reference about,

“Life at the frat house.” I stumbled over my words because well except for in this blogosphere I don’t think I’ve ever used that term. Does that mean that B’s Nanna is reading my blog too?

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that so many loved ones in my life read my blog. They take the time even if they see me day in and day out to read my writing of my everyday conundrums(and as you know I can get myself into some doozies.)

It makes me feel warm and cozy and sometimes embarrassed. I’ve never been one to share my writing with those that know me,because well then they could see straight into my heart.Then I realized I’m pretty darn transparent so they see straight into my heart without reading my blog.

My writing on here is just icing on the cake.

And maybe just maybe they get to understand a little more how my little, twisted, sometimes messed up mind works.



About twisteddomesticgoddess

I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. I totally get it! You’ve seen where I’ve only made the smallest references to my B, right?

    My mom and my aunt both read my blog and will CALL me to talk about it or send me a text…even if it’s just to say they liked it…it’s weird…and means that I don’t have the luxury of believing I’m anonymous anymore…

    Good post for 3:30am, by the way…impressive cognitive skills!

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