If My Life Were A Movie….It’d Be a Crazy Cast!

I’m linking up this past post as one of my favorites for Alison and Ado’s First Blog Anniversary! Everyone here at the frat house had so much fun putting this post together. It allowed all of you to get a sneak peek into my crazy,most the time wonderful, life!

Mama’s Losin’ It

OK yes yes I know that Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop is supposed to be posted on Thursday and it’s well like ohhh 3 am on Saturday morning. Normally I would say oh well I’ll just try and do it NEXT week….and then probably not do it at all (It’s the procrastinator in me!)But one of this weeks topics was just too fun NOT to do it. In all fairness I’ve been working on this blog post since Thursday I mean c’mon now WHO wouldn’t want to answer the question:

Your life is being turned into a movie…who will play your cast of characters?

Also while most people probably only had to pick 5 to 6 people for their cast for everyday people in their lives, I had to do 15!!!! These people are in my life EVERY DAY!How blessed am I?

What a perfect way to finally introduce you to the cast I call the frat house!The best part of this post is the whole family got in on the fun! There were hours of trying to pick our cast of who would play us,lots of laughing and a lot of “Are you crazy?!? HOW could you say they would play me?”

So without further ado I’d like to introduce you to part of my family,the frat house,and our wonderful cast that so nicely agreed to play us.Or if they haven’t agreed yet,they will I mean how could you pass up a chance to play in my crazy,twisted,mixed up life?

Let’s start with the supporting cast of the boys in the frat house!

The Boys


Ben the oldest of the three brothers would be played by none other than Jack Black. With their quirky mannerisms,love of loud music,and always making people laugh, there is no better match in all of our books!
Jeremy  the middle child of this group would be played by Scott Pilgrim….ok yes this is technically a picture of the actor who PLAYS Scott Pilgrim,Michael Cera, but we all decided Jeremy was a bit to outside the box to be played by an actor and should be played by a character.


Aaron would most definitely be played by Jonah Hill. Sweet,caring,and LOUD. Always trying to do and say the best thing but sometimes putting his foot in his house. He is a perfect match for Aaron.

Mason, of course when we’re talking about the boys of the frat house we cannot leave out Mason. He doesn’t live here but might as well. He is Jeremy’s sidekick in snarkiness,dry humor and sarcasm.No one could play his part better than Topher Grace who you all probably know better as Eric Forman from That 70’s Show.

Rounding this whole group up is the Matriarch of the family,their mother,my Aunt Nancy. She is one of my single mom heroes who not only has enough love for her own children but their friends,and her extended family as well.

The Matriarch

We all agreed quite quickly Kathy Bates would have to play her. No not “Misery,I’m your number one fan” Kathy Bates but pretty much any other role she has played in her life. When we told Aunt Nancy who we had picked for her she choked on her dinner because she immediately thought of Misery. I assured her I wasn’t casting crazy Kathy Bates to play her but also added,”Wasn’t she a nurse though in Misery?”

It’s hard to follow such a great group of people like the ones above,but somehow we managed to pull together another out of this world group for the kiddos. Think “Cheaper By The Dozen” but with a few twists.

The Kids


Nathaniel would be played by a younger version of Jay Buraschel. The kid stuck in preteenhood. Not quite a grown up man but definitely not a child anymore. Trying to be one of the bigger boys,yet almost always either getting the part wrong or doing the wrong thing. He has a heart of gold, and you can tell early on in the movie when he gets it right there is no stopping him. (Here is Nathaniel trying to “enchant” a broom as Jay’s part in “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”)

Kenna would be the one child in the movie that you absolutely would know you would not want to piss off. Played by a younger Chloe Maretz,best known for her roles in Kick Ass as Hit Girl, and Let Me In(I’m told it’s a vampire movie.) There was yet again a unanimous vote when picking her actress. Who else could pull of someone who looks so sweet,yet if you got on her wrong side would most likely take you out?

Trinity and Emma Watson(from the first Harry Potter) are almost two identical matches. Not only from the poofy hair and similar facial expressions,but also down to their mannerisms as well. Watch out because with a wizard in this household things are sure to get interesting!

Lane’s character is one of the few TV actors I chose. Bradley Steven Perry from “Good Luck Charlie” would almost be an exact match. With his scheming ways, and practical prankster jokes. Maybe the two of them were separated at birth!

The youngest girls were the two hardest to match up for all of us. Ever since the Olsen Twins grew up and got all scary,I don’t eat meat or really anything,even more twisted than me, there hasn’t been much in the way of young girl children actors. Plus trying to find an actress to play either Holly or Dede,as out of the world and crazy as they are, is impossible. So…we turned to the wonderful world of animation for these two!

Holly would be played by Edith the middle sister from Despicable Me. She’s described as a tomboy who still loves to wear pink and that pretty much sums up Holly. From their big eyes, down to their blonde hair these two are a perfect match!

DeDe,yes ok, technically Gir from “Invador Zim” is a boy. Well technically he’s an alien robot(or something like that) however these two can be so much alike it’s scary. DeDe is always coming up with random things to say,always making us laugh and smile. She is always bouncing around looking on the bright side of life and well who better to play her than Gir?

PHEWWW so what do you think of my cast so far?Now you see why I was two days late getting this posted?But,wait we’re not done yet!Now would be the time to go pee,let the dog out,or grab a cup of coffee,though.

Two characters that may not be physically in my life everyday but are on the phone almost daily would be my parents.Really how could I leave out my parents? Their undying love for each other and strong commitment to raising their crazily independent daughter could be played by non other than the two actors we picked for them.


My Dad, seriously who wouldn’t love to have Harrison Ford for a father? Anywhere from Indian Jones to Hans Solo could accurately describe my dad. Alright so my dad might not be off in space or hunting down the Crystal Skull but he’s a problem solver,a thinker. Put that together with his quick humor that you’re never quite sure if he’s serious or making fun of you and well,in my book,you have none other than Harrison Ford.

My Mom alright maybe my mom can’t belt out show tunes like Bette Midler, but she’ll be the first to remind you she won a “twist” contest back in the day. That along with her fast talking,quirkiness, and ability to become tongue-tied, but with a heart of gold, makes these two the perfect casting pair. Honestly both me and B had Bette picked out for my mom without even knowing it!

And now on to the two main characters of the movie that is called my life. I know you’ve all been dying to see who would play the two lead roles.

Brandon‘s character would be played by Brendan Fraser,and not just because of the closeness of names. They both have a love of the outdoors as well as adventure and an uncanny way of finding themselves in unpredictable situations.Brendan would be a great family man,who always put his family and loved ones first.

And he would probably be one of the only characters who could handle my character as well as Brandon handles me.


Your’s Truly -wow- we all had a hard time coming up with a leading lady to play the role that is me! The first obvious person was Sandra Bullock as she has played some strong single mom roles as well as a recovering addict in 28 days.(the role I most identify her in as she is pretty far out crazy.)However, we all decided I needed someone who could pull of “crazy” and “passionate” just a bit better….someone who you would not EVER want to cross….EVER! Someone who would lay down their life for their family and stand up for herself and well kick ass if the need should ever arise. so we went with Michelle Rodriquez,think her part in Avatar. A true girl yet really just one of the boys as well!

And there you have it folks. My first ever entry into Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop and such a fun creative one as well. I’m not sure if I could ever top this entry! Now excuse me while I go enjoy a cup of coffee and wait for the big time Hollywood producers to start knocking on my door.


About twisteddomesticgoddess

I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. How cool that all of you (and my, there sure are lots of you) worked on this together as a family. I love your choice of husband! I want to live at YOUR house. (-:
    Thanks for linking up with our Blog Bash. (-:

  2. OK, I don’t normally do favorites: BUT THIS is MY FAVORITE post of yours!!!!!

  3. That was so fun!! And Gir!! Love Invader Zim!!

  4. 1.) I LOVE that your whole family worked on this together. That would be so much fun to do with my family.

    2.) The photos side by side really help capture the characters and I can’t believe how much most of them look alike!! Wow!

    3.) Accept for poor DeDe…hahaha, I love your description there, but the poor thing has been cast as an animated boy.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    • Thank you!I know poor Dede but we’ve called her Gir for a long time!She is just this happy go lucky kid. Since we did this my cousin Jeremy decided to cast us all as LOL(umm League of Legends) characters and then last night someone else picked another show to compare us all too.

      I could here the boys up here last night reading my post and laughing it made me feel pretty good about the whole thing. Can’t wait to do next weeks and I won’t be late!

  5. This was GREAT fun to read and helped me to get to know the group you are living with better!!!

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