Who Says Learning Can’t Be a Little Wakko

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Kenna is doing a quick review this week of the 50 states. A couple weeks ago we bought Animaniacs seaons 1 from Hastings. You know you all remember Yakko,Wakko,and Dot from the 90’s cartoon. Even in highschool I still loved this cartoon.

While trying to figure out the most fun way of having Kenna do this review I remembered that on my DVD collection was Wakko(the middle sibling and by far the cutest in my book.) singing the 50 states and capitaol songs. Since Kenna is not one to just sit there and memorize and tends to be my free thinker I threw my idea out there:

“Hey Kenna I think you’re gonna learn Wakko’s 50 state capitol song this week…”

She grinned from ear to ear,

“That is pretty cool mom.”

I’m sure what she meant to say is

“Wow Mom you’re the coolest person EVA!!!! I’m so lucky to have you thinking up such fun ways to teach us.” Or something along those lines..

I’m not so sure she enjoyed the copywork of all the lyrics but she’s definitely having fun learning the song.

C’mon I know you all want to learn it too….right?


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  1. My boys have memorized all the good info on School House Rock while riding in the car. The Educational Animaniac songs on ONE DVD would be DIVINE. Alas, I’d have to buy the entire series. *sigh*
    Don’t they know the GOLDMINE they are sitting on in the homeschool sector? 🙂

  2. Ha! I taught my kids about Istanbul using the “They Might Be Giants” song 🙂

  3. My kids loved Animaniacs!! We parents (in an effort to “keep an eye” on what the kids were doing, of course 😉 ) would just “happen” to be in the room when it was on! Hilarious cartoon!

    • It’s funny because B says it’s a stupid TV show yet besides the 50 states song they have the Nations of the world song and other stories that revolve around things like John Hancock,Beethoven, and I tink Mozart….I love how they throw the culture in there!

  4. I played that many times for our girls when Tabitha was learning the states. 🙂 I’m sure we’ll play it again when Lily starts learning them next year.

  5. This sounds like fun, I’ll have to try it with my kids!

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