An Hour From My Day

I think I say it every week but Thank God for Monday!!! And Thank God for Monday Listicles! This weeks list fits perfectly with how I spent my weekend organizing all of our daily schedules! Yes Yes I sat down for a good 8 hours(amidst celebrating the warm weather and Nathaniel’s Bday.)and pieced the puzzles of our 8 lives together to fit perfectly into a 24 hours period….and I enjoyed doing it. I know I’m kinda sick like that.

Anyways…this week’s Listicle is also helping my other friend over at Stacey’s Mothering Moments kick off her new weekly link up, An Hour in A Day which happens every Tuesday.

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So let me grab the darts and throw one at my daily schedule and see which hour it lands on Shall I?

AHA it landed on the magical hour of 9:30-10:30…this of course is after Trin is off to school and morning dishes are done and we are about half an hour into our school day.


Nathaniel should already be settled into his science or history work for the day but of course I have to remind him several time to stay on task and concentrate.if it’s History I have to answer the question of ‘Do I REALLY have to do this?” If it’s Science,he’s all good to go…typical boy.

I then go over Kenna and Lane’s lessons. Right now Kenna is learning a bit about ancient India’s culture while Lane is delving into the world of Odin,Thor,Loki and the Norse Myths surrounding them.

Both Holly and Dee are wrapping up their morning Main Lesson which lately has been animal fables so you could find them doing anything from rewriting the story to sculpting one of the animals out of clay to sitting outside and painting the fable.


I am still overseeing lessons of the three oldest while taking something out for dinner.

I am also reminding whoever has laundry day that day that they need to switch over their load.

I try and figure what to take out for dinner so it will be thawed in time(next on organizational list….menu planning.)

The two youngest girls are wrapping up their main lesson and Holly moves on to Math while I sit and work on Dee’s reading with her.

and yeah that’s about it…a one hour peek into my day. Doesn’t seem like much but I guess maybe I’m just used to teaching 4-5 grades at a time.

I know this is kind of a short blog piece for yours truly but B and I are headed to the hospital this morning. His Papa is having surgery. Please if you guys think about it keep him in your prayers.


About twisteddomesticgoddess

I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. Jennifer Worrell

    I wish I could homeschool…it would be so rewarding for me–I’m busy doing the day teaching everyone else’s kids;) Good luck! Great list!

    • Homeschooling is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done with my life. I would love to go into teaching other people’s kids someday but for now I am content teaching my own. Happy Teach Appreciation Week to you!

      • Jennifer Worrell

        Thanks! Teaching is rewarding:)

      • I used to teach Preschool and Kindergarten and loved every minute of it. Somehow I’m not sure I would fit into a public school setting teaching as my stubborness on how to teach kids would prolly rub people the wrong way. But who knows maybe some day!

  2. I like the blog change! 🙂

  3. I’m impressed that you homeschool. That seems like such a daunting job to me! Prayers for you guys today. I hope all goes well!

    • Thanks Stacey it went amazingly well!!! You know what’s funny?The thought of sending all 7 kids to public school seems daunting to me because then I’d have to keep up with 7 different teachers and classrooms and volunteer and ….yeah. My two bonus girls go to public and that’s hard enough to keep up with! so hats off to you my friend!

  4. I honestly admire you for homeschooling. They all sound like fabulously interesting lessons!

    • Thank you Ducky!!! I absolutely love homeschooling.It definitely has it’s challenging times but when we make it through those times is when I look back and think i wouldn’t have it any other way!

  5. I will pray for B’s papa. Thank you for stopping by my blog last Thurs. I have to tell you a brief version of “throwing eggs.” So you literally buy the cheapest eggs ever and chuck ’em at your fence with all the might you have…I have been known to name the eggs or put a word or face on them…it just helps get all that hurt, pain, etc. out.
    It is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and not illegal as long as you do it in your own backyard.;) Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Your schedule sounds amazing…wish I was that organized.

  6. How come kids don’t like History. It’s the only all-empassing subject (says the history teacher….) hehehe…

    • I’ve been lucky that the other 3 really adore History I think my oldest is just so done doing history.I never liked it though till i taught teaching it!!! Kenna would sit around and read history all day long if she could.

  7. I love reading about your curriculum. It is so interesting. Thinking of you and B’s dad. You changed your blog look!!

    • Thanks Stasha it’s actually B’s grandpa I may have said dad i was sort of out of it this morning. yeah I did change it…since getting pregnant i’ve been feeling all pastely(yes yes it’s a word in my world) so I finally just went with it.

  8. Wow. I am so fly by the seat of my pants, lol. I do *try* to keep a schedule, I’m not very successful at it, though. I hope Brandon’s papa will be ok. I’ll be praying for you guys today.

    • Thanks Charity! I’ve done the fly by your seat homeschooling as well and it has worked for us in the times we’ve done it. Right now though I need to find some routine and stability to our days.

      • I can understand that. I think when I order our new curriculum I will probably sit down and write up a schedule, with band and piano and whatever other activities they want to do next year, I’m thinking it might be necessary, sigh, lol.

      • Ohhh i’ve been meaning to talk to you about that!!! I found a coop out here on the Northside that’s run through a church and wondering if you’ve ever heard of it or know anything about it. i think we may do it next year. if you google North Spokane and Homeschool co op it should come up!

      • Yes, I am very familiar with that. As a matter of fact, many of the band families (maybe all, I think I might be the only one who’s not) are part of that co-op. I have heard a lot of good things about them and have a friend who is involved in it. I would like to, but they charge a building fee per semester plus each class has their own materials fees and I just can’t swing that right now. They meet every Thursday. They have a website, you should check it out.

    • Also, I have not been impressed with their class offerings and it seems difficult to get kids into classes because they fill up fast. They are also very strict Christian (much like what you would see at a Christian school). Not trying to deter you, that’s just my opinion from what I have seen from the outside, and knowing the people I have met through band and everything.

      • Good to know! Yea I found the website and looked up all the money stuff. That’s the one thing I don’t think most people get about us homeschoolers we have to use our OWN money not only for co ops but for learning supplies as well.I think we can swing it for next year and if the kids enjoy it then that’s all that matters. Glad you got to go to park day yesterday!!!

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