Of Chore Charts and Moth Schedules

I posted this picture a couple of weeks ago of our chore list on facebook:

Yes it’s our daily chore list for the kiddos. Now that we’re settled into Casa La Crazy I can finally get a bit organized.

The posting of this pic was met with the same question I usually get when I mention my kids and chores,

“Your kids actually do chores? ” Which then lead to a discussion between one of me and my mommy friends about whether it is easier for us moms to just do the chores or for our kids to step up and help. My response to why I have my kids do chores was this:

Wendy Bartlett

Yes they do all chores every morning before breakfast and school.they do not have a choice Ive raised them that they know it takes all of us to make a household run smoothly and the bonus girls are catching on quickly.if you don’t do your chores the right way or fight it and argue then there are extra chores given to that child. Starting next week each bedroom will also have it’s assigned laundry day as well. I want all my Kiddos to know how to run a household and responsibility. I cook, i clean the harder things, I teach i do all the other laundry so they get that this is their part.I stress very much of building a family that works together.
I very much believe this. I want my kids to learn that a family is not just a group of people thrown together it is also a group of people that have learned how to work together as well. I want them to feel a sense of pride about their surroundings and know how to keep a simple house by the time they (sniff sniff) leave mine.
We’ve been doing the chores now for about 4 weeks and as stated in my facebook response they have also started doing their own laundry on their scheduled days. This last weekend I was finally able to sit down and write out our Monday through Friday daily schedule. PHEW let me tell you trying to piece together 8 people’s daily lives into 24 hours was an interesting task.

moth 2

(I know this is not the best picture of the MOTH schedule that I use. I just wanted you to get an idea of how many slots there were to fill out.)

I have used Managers of Their Home or MOTH for years now on and off.You can find a clearer schedule of one family here. Basically the gist of it is you can break your day down by half hour or hour or whatever increments work best for your family and schedule each family member into it,showing what they should be doing when.

moth schedule


Again when I posted this on facebook I was met with another friend actually asking me if this works. Yes it works, but it does take some dedication. For me though as the kids and Brandon and me get used to it,it shows us so much more then a schedule. We have family time scheduled in…we have chores scheduled in…we have life scheduled in.

This teaches the kids not only what our basic day looks like but also so many other valuable lessons. The older kids that get free feign of the neighborhood have been learning how to leave whatever they’re doing a bit early to make sure they’re home in time for dinner(budgeting time). The youngers have learned to check the clock to see what they should be doing at that time,(telling time.) It shows all of us that we’re all working together to make this family work.

I get that chores list and schedules do not work for every family. There was a time in my life where I couldn’t even imagine using a schedule because I considered myself too “Go with the Flow” I have discovered though that,for myself, I am even more able to go with the flow now because even when the unexpected happens it is easier to get back on track by simply looking at the schedule.

It gives the kids a sense of stability. They know what to expect and when to expect it. There is less of the question of,”What can we do now.” and more of them taking responsibility for themselves.I also have faith in my kids that when emergencies arise and I have to leave the house for a few hours at a time (like Papa’s surgery) they are able to get the things done they need to simply by looking at the schedule.

For us schedules and chores lists bring simplicity and stability into our lives.


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I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. I love this. I can totally relate about wanting to teach kids responsibility from a young age. It’s definitely more work for mom to instill that kind of discipline, doing chores, but pays off so much more over time. I don’t have a chore chart yet, maybe I should now that the kids are getting older. Some great ideas here, thank you!

    • It does take work but well no one ever said Motherhood was easy and once they get the hang of it,it’s really not that much more work. For me I think it would be more work if I was trying to do it all. There are so many great ways to represent chores and do chore charts too. If you ever need any ideas let me know!

  2. I have used MOTH for a year and love it. I let it go when Jonathan went to Heaven, with intentions to pick it up soon. you are so right, it makes a big difference. I was also a go with the flow kind of girl, home school many change that 🙂 I am saying a prayer for you and your sweet new baby.

    • Thank you for the prayers Tesha! She is a very active little girl already. Take your time easing back into MOTH. Although I do find for me that even on my bad days it helps me to try and stay on track. Love you

  3. That’s amazingly organized! I do think kids should have chores – it teaches them responsibility and hey, Mom can’t do it all, even if we don’t sleep, ever.

    • That’s right we can’t do it all…even when we push ourselves. b brought home my early Mother’s Day Present last night a white board calendar…I LOVE that man…he gets me he really gets me 🙂 Give the new babe kisses for me. Oh and I mentioned you to the kids yesterday so we did a quick impromptu lesson of where Malaysia is on our world map and now all the kids all want to come visit….so if you here the doorbell ring…

  4. My kids do chores too and their friends are always shocked! Like…what are chores? Weird.

    I love the new look of the blog!! XOXOX

  5. I like this. Teaches responsibility. My kid has daily chores. Easy peasy ones like put clothes in the hamper and make his bed. But he does. Wish I could task the dog…

  6. I am often met with the same questions and I have similar answers. It definitely takes dedication, but it’s necessary. And I think my children are much more responsible because they are required to pitch in around the house on a daily basis! I’m sure your particular schedule also helps with homeschooling. I don’t have to be as detailed, but in the summer, I do add chores to their chart. Good for you for teaching them responsibility!!

  7. Excellent! Of course kids should do chores 🙂 Even my 2 year old has to pick up his own toys! I love how you explained it out though

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