Of Socialization,Dr’s, and Homeschoolers

I know I know…it’s the age long argument. If you homeschool your kids how will they…well ya know…make friends? What will happen to their socialization skills? Will they develop properly?

Last Friday I had to take Kenna to the Dr for a check up and also to have one of her old war injuries checked out. A couple years ago she did SOMETHING to her foot while running up and down a skateboard ramp barefoot,during a homeschool group get together.(OK folks let’s ignore the irony of that here for just two seconds shall we.)

Anyways it’s a new Dr for us not so much for B’s girls. The Dr is also friends with the same aunt we have just lived with at the frat house…so she knows our situation. She sat there and asked Kenna about how she hurt her foot,Kenna told her,including the homeschool group part. The Dr then as asked how she liked her new school.To which Kenna looked at her oddly and said,”umm we homeschool.”

Again let’s forget that we’re here for a physical check up…you know questions about puberty,does anything else hurt,how tall are we now?

So the Dr then asked her promptly about whether or not she was getting out of the house, and if she had any other homeschooled friends and  how we must be part of a group. Kenna was very respectful in her answers,but you could even see the annoyance creep across her face as she answered that yes she gets out of the house,her homeschooled friends all lived a pretty good distance,and right now we don’t belong to a group.

The Dr then asked her again if she had any other homeschooled friends…because you know if you’re homeschooled you must only be friends with other homeschoolers? Kenna answered the question again and then told her how she had made friends with the neighborhood kids,especially our next door neighbor.

The Dr ignored how Kenna went on about her newly acquired best friend,who the two of them are inseparable,and then asked HER why she thought she didn’t have many other homeschool friends or why we were not part of a group.

I wanted to step up here,but I stayed in the background as Kenna sighed and answered,

“I have friends just all of them are not homeschooled most are public, and we’re not part of a group yet because we just moved.”

I had to hide a snicker because out of all 6 of my kiddos she is the one that I can barely keep at home because she’s so busy running around with her best friend. The other kids as wel,l are out the door and playing with all the other neighborhood kids as soon as the other kids are home from school and done with their homework.

In fact BECAUSE we homeschool my kids have to wait patiently for the other kids to be done with their homework to play,as my kids are usually done with school about 1 in the afternoon.

We haven’t joined a homeschool group yet because it’s so close to the end of the year and most of the groups cost money per school year,so I’m not throwing away money for a month left of meetings till next year.

It’s just another preconceived notion that homeschoolers will have no social skills because they’re kept home ALL THE TIME. I felt it odd that the Dr spent more time focusing on that then on why we were there in the first place,her foot,that hurts so bad that she can barely walk on it at times. Ummm so if she can’t walk on her foot…she can’t hang out with friends.(More irony here people.)

I kept my mouth shut most of the appointment,to prove a point. I let my daughter do the talking which she did quite well. It is very apparent that Kenna is not lacking in social skills,and she makes friends quite easily.

I have to say I was quite dissapointed with the DR as she was more concerned about her social skills then her physical. I understand that the role of a  pediatrician has evolved from what it once was,however we were there for a physical concern,not a social one.

The good news is the Dr then finally remember to order xrays for Kenna and after the weekend and finally calling on Tuesday I got the results. There are no fractures. So now I guess it’s off to a specialist to see what is wrong with Kenna’s foot.

The bad news,neither me or Kenna are terribly over impressed with this doctor.



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  1. The similar experience I had is now up on my blog 🙂 It was enraging!~

  2. OMGOSH!!!!!!! OH I HAVE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE……only with a developmental pediatrician who said to ME—– “you know….you can lose your right to homeschool, you can ACTUALLY lose custody of your children”

    I am in process of moving to wordpress….I will post that blog later be sure to check it out!

    • OH MY GOODNESS I would’ve taken my kids and walked right out of that office!!!! Can’t wait to see the new blog! Keep in touch!
      You know the funny thing is I’ve homeschooled 7 years you would think the Dr’s would chalk that up to something!

      • I’ve been hsing for 5 years myself…….yeaaaaaa. needless to say my hubby was LIVID. There was much more ugliness directed at me than just that comment……I will post it in a few 🙂

        PS OUR REGULAR PEDIATRICIAN IS A HOMESCHOOLER 🙂 how lucky are we!! She was livid 2 w the developmentalist.

  3. Fish Out of Water

    Yeah, I was kind of surprised at my pediatrician’s response to learning we homeschooled. She almost had a look of horror on her face. It was startling. She left it alone after a question or two though. Luckily by that time I had realized everyone I told was going to have an issue with it so I was able to roll my eyes and move on. 🙂 I hope your girl’s foot feels better soon.

    • The funny thing is I told her we’d been homeschooling for 7 years even as a “Veteran Homeschooler” I’m still met with the whole socialization thing!!!! I am glad though for the first part I stepped back and just let my kiddos answer.

  4. Wow! Talk about clinging tightly to preconceived notions even while being hit over the head with the contrary. I am sure you are very proud of Kenna for handling the situation so well. Perhaps you need to track down a pediatrician with more of an open mind.
    I hope the specialist can help with her foot and that it heals quickly.

    • I was very surprised by her reaction because she seems to be very “open minded” about most things. The other kicker that I didn’t mention was I told her about Reed’s history and how I would like follow up of echos for Adrienne and she asked,”why”….yeah may be finding a new DR

  5. sounds like you may need to find another doctor or sit down and have a nice little talk with her. that bites that she was concentrating on something that did not need to be talked about.

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