More Dinner Guests!

One would think after living for 6 months in the Frat House surrounded by others,that when we got our own place,it would only make sense to cocoon ourselves up for a bit and not socialize. HA! no not even a regular HA,but a big ol fat stinkin BWAHAHAHAHA.

One thing that my mom taught me very well(among other things) was how to be very very very social.Seriously the girl can make friends in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store,and has.

Last year when we first moved here we tried to get involved in a homeschool group. It wasn’t a good fit for us,but out of that I met my first friend I made since moving back here. So almost a year ago Charity and I met. We quickly became friends that day chatting and then realizing our birthdays were only a day apart.(Cough Cough,June 1st,it’s comin up ya’ll.) No wonder we were both so chatty and friendly…we’re Geminis.

Not only is she a friend in real life,but she blogs over here at WordPress as well! You can find her at

We have been trying for the last year to have a good get together. With my living situations though and just life in general it has almost been impossible on my end. Last night however we Finally got that chance!

The kids all played while us 4 adults enjoyed conversing. Heck we even managed to shoo the guys off on their own for a bit and got some girl talk in. Hey we all need it every once in awhile.

You know the night was a success when all the kids are hugging each other goodbye and B is pushing off his leaving time for work as much as he can.

The funnest sight was all the kids gathering together for meal time. After I called them all in I walked back into the house to find them like this waiting for their food to be dished up.


3 of them had already made their way through the line.


***THIS JUST IN*** Homeschoolers actually KNOW how to socialize and have fun!!!!


You know it was a successful get together when everyone is even too busy for dessert! Oh well a little berry cobbler for breakfast never hurt anyone.

Next get together will be for our birthday!!!


About twisteddomesticgoddess

I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. Ohhhh, I LOVE this! Love the smiley faces and so happy that you’re doing well Wendy Darling… xoxo

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