Memories of My Daddy

Good Morning! I am off and running as always this morning but when I saw the Monday Listicles topic I knew I had to stop for a few and join in. I try to every Monday but lately I’ve just been so darn exhausted….hmmm wonder why? 🙂 This weeks list is:

10 memories of a special man in our life.

It is brought to us by Kim at The G is Silent.

For me being such a self proclaimed daddy’s girl I don’t think I blog about my dad nearly enough. I’ve never been your typical daddy’s girl though where all I have to do is bat my eyelashes and the world crashes down for him. Nope I am the daddy’s girl,that well….most the time my father was the only one who could get through to me,or put me in my place,whichever was needed at the time.

And so without further ado (and without me crying while I type…darn pregnancy hormones.) 10 memories of my daddy.

I’m pretty sure he deserves it seeing as I haven’t always been this sweet and darling girl you read about out here in the blogosphere…..ok hold on someone has to pick me up from the floor I’m laughing too hard after typing that….anyone?

10 Memories of My Daddy

1. The not one but TWO pet moles he worked day and night to keep alive just so I could say “hey I had pet moles growing up.” Yes we lived out in the country and our yard was full of mole holes. Every once in awhile my dad would manage to dig one up and we would try and keep it for awhile. Unfortunately, we discovered that moles eat their weight in worms daily. So even with dad going out before work,coming home on his lunch break, and digging before and after dinner for the creepy crawlies, the moles never lasted very long. They still had a better fate then the neighbor behind us who would sit on his back porch with a beer and a shotgun and shoot them…yeah yeah you might be a redneck if…

2. The numerous nights staying up with me trying to explain exactly WHY x=34, and how yes seriously the alphabet DOES belong in math…somewhere. There was crying…screaming…total tantrum meltdowns…and my dad stayed calm through it all. Yes and this was me in highschool. My favorite phrase was,”Ok I get it but WHY!!!!!”

3. The 4th of July’s that he would let me light the fireworks as a young child. he would put his finger through my back belt loop and then once the fuse was lit YANK me backwards. I don’t know which was more fun,getting to play with fire or the momentary flight after he tugged me back far enough.

4. Speaking of flight. My dad got his pilots license when I was young. Some of my favorite memories with him is of us being up in the air. I even got to fly over Mt Saint Helens. Then there was the time that he told me to take the controls…and tried to teach me how to “stall” the plane…which resulted I’m pretty sure in another “Oh Hell NO” moment….Planes are meant to stay in motion.

5.My dad(along with my mom as well) taking me and 5 of my friends from Spokane to Seattle and back again just so we could see New Kids On The Block. Yes my dad sat with us 6 screaming girls and endured…I’ll Be Loving You Forever…before driving back home the same night only to get up and go to work a couple hours later.

6. At 16 I broke both my heels in a freak…”hey I know I’m grounded and that my dad is sleeping downstairs waiting for me to sneak out again but I’ll outsmart him and jump off my roof and break BOTH of my feet.” accident. While BOTH parents were pretty steamed and my mom suggested just throwing me in a bathtub of ice until morning,my dad volunteered to drive me to the ER. On the way we passed a basketball court and a couple people playing(yes at 2 am.) Dad looked over at me while I was in agonizing pain and smirked before asking,”You wanna pull over and shoot a few?” Yes he thought it was quite humorous while I couldn’t fathom HOW anything was funny about me dying in pain.

7. When I was in labor with Nathaniel my dad was one of the people rotated into the room. By the time her got in there the DR had already decided it was c-section time(a whole nother rant and rave I won’t go into.)Not only was my dad allowed to go into the ER with my ex and me but he got to stand on the Dr side of the curtain and watch the whole operation. Having dad’s recount of how Nathaniel was when he came out has been an awesome memory to be told and retold.

8.When I was 10 days past due with Kenna my dad was with me again. My mom had come up to help and her appendix had ruptured so dad flew up to help out. For 10 days after my due date dad listened to me go “uh oh” with no avail of any further contractions. Finally on the 10th day after I had gone grocery shopping I sat down and hear an audible “pop” I said the words I had repeated many times and my dad said he didn’t want to hear any more “uh ohs” or “oh a contraction.” then I stood up…yup my water HAD broken. My dad kept telling me to get moving as I ran around the apartment with a towel wrapped around my waist. he said he was not delivering this baby. Little did he know 12 hours later he almost would catch Kenna as the DR took her sweet time getting her gloves on and Kenna just decided to keep sliding right out.

9.When I brought Kenna home from the hospital dad was there watching Nathaniel. Nathaniel took one look at Kenna and asked,”my baby?” I told him yes his baby. Then he wanted to hold her. Me being the nervous new mother of a two year old AND a newborn told him not right now. Nathaniel started bawling….then Kenna started bawling….then I out of sheer panic….started bawling, and dad stood there with that smirk on his face and video camera in hand asking what was wrong why was I crying…

10. When I was trying to make the decision on moving back up here to WA last year my dad for the first time ever in his life told me what I needed to do. Normally,he does not get in the way of my decisions. This time though he flat out told me,”Wendy I don’t think AZ has anything left to offer you and you need to move back home to WA.” When I told him I was worried about leaving him and mom behind because what if they needed me for health reasons?He told me it was my job to live my life and take care of my kids not to worry about him or my mom. That was an amazing moment in my life that really showed me how selfless he was.

I’m pretty sure I could go on and on with this list. There are so many memories I have of my dad and we’re hoping to make another one very soon. Brandon and I have decided that since my dad has always been such a big part of my births as well as a part of supporting me that we’d like to have him in the delivery room with us once again. They were already planning a trip up here around that time,so if he’s here he’ll be part of team Adrienne. Or as he put it,

“Do I get to bring my catcher’s mitt?”

Thanks Stasha and Kim for such a great Monday Listicles topic…I only teared up a few dozen times.


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  1. It is so refreshing to hear someone speak about their father in such a positive and loving manner. Your dad sounds amazing and it just makes me smile for you. You grew up with a good dad and there is a lot to be said for that. For me, unfortunately, my father was rarely involved in my life. He could be in the room, but not there (not b/c he had some mental problem)…He just wasn’t interested.

    So not only are you blessed to have such a great dad…your children are also blessed with a very involved g-pa…hey, he was there for the births, literally!!! Have a great rest of your week. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments…I so look forward to them!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post Dionne and I am sorry you had an uninvolved father it is so hard I have so many friends that grew up like that and my dad on many occasions stepped in and was a father figure for them as well. He is a very awesome g-pa when he’s not in pain. Unfortunately he suffered from ulcerative colitis when I was very very young and because of that he has RA as well as other pain problems. The poor guy never slows down but is in constant pain.

  2. What wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. I adore your dad and have never even met him! Love what he told ou about moving to WA. Most of us might have taken the selfish route, but not him!!

    • My dad is just plain awesome. I have never heard him once tell me I couldn’t acocmplish or do something…instead he would help me figure out how to face what I needed to face. I am perfectly expecting him in the hospital room when I cry and say “it hurts” to respond with ” well of course it does but you’re doing it aren’t you?”

  4. Your dad sounds awesome…and I’m the same type of Daddy’s girl, so I totally get it!

  5. Your dad sounds awesome! 🙂

  6. How what a blessed girl you are!! He sounds Amazing!

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