Control Freaks of the World Unite…Just Don’t Forget I’m in Charge

Hello my name is Wendy and well ….I’m a control freak

everyone: Hello Wendy

OK can I hide my face in shame now?

I’m used to craziness and chaos heck I have almost 7 kids it comes with the territory…what I’m NOT used to is when it seems I have no control over the craziness or chaos,not even a little bit.

This week has been one of those weeks.

It started off with the owners at the house coming into town and they were going to look at a couple of dead trees in the yard.No big deal they were also going to take the last of their things out of the house as well as meet up with the fridge repair man to see if we could get the fridge in the garage fix as the one we were using was NOT cooling all the way.

No biggie I would just be schooling while they were here and Brandon would take care of it.They showed up but someone neglected to tell us the broken fridge needed to be plugged i for 48 hours before hand…oh and that the moving truck would not be here till the next day to get the other things…ok breathe in breathe out.

Next day B stays up waiting for the owner to show up to grab his stuff,on top of the fact that we both had a meeting to go to. Ummmm owner never showed. B had worked all night te night before. When B calls owner he says he will be here in the afternoon. B tells him he can come after 6:30 because of meeting.

After meeting guess what we find out?That they didn’t have the right truck for them. Now while I’m sure this was just as frustrating for them…a phone call would’ve been nice on their part.

Friday B stays up AGAIN because fridge guy is supposed to come back.He’s suppose to come between 8-12 still plenty of time to get sleep for work. After a phone call or two repair guy does not show up untill 3 in the afternoon. By this point B has been up 48 hours and even though I have gotten sleep at night the lack of any kind of control in what was going on in our household has my head spinning. …. we’re talking Linda Blair spinning.

I’m trying very hard not too complain because hey at least I had gotten sleep whereas B had not. But the fact that everyone was manipulating OUR time just made me even madder.

Thankfully the fridge was repaired because I was getting ready to take my kids to their dad’s the inside fridge totally we do a quick swap of the fridges before heading out the door and B goes to sleep FINALLY for a bit before work.I declare Friday night a cereal night oh because on top of everything else?


So B leaves for work and me and the girls settle in for the night…my feet by this point are hugely swollen and I have cold rags wrapped around them. I’m telling you not even my boys on Supernatural(my latest netflix obsession) can make me happy.

Yesterday the owners were for sure going to show up but I send B to bed downstairs(where it’s cooler) because if the guy doesn’t get some decent sleep I think we’re all going to end up like the walking dead.I resign myself to the bedroom for some more bedrest because my feet are still swollen(BP is fine by the way it’s just my messed up feet.)

and around ohhh 2 pm a lady comes to the door saying she’s from the insurance company and she needs to walk around the property. B explains to her that yes we knew at some point someone was coming out but we were supposed to be given a call first. She looks as her papers and says it says nothing about a call first…I am standing behind B and before I can stop myself I hear the words coming out of my mouth…

“Nope no one is coming in or going out of our house at this moment.”

She tries to tell me that she only needs to look around the outside and I tell her again,

“Nope sorry not gonna happen not today.” (Ahem and I wonder why I’ve been accused of not having enough grace int he past.)

B and I chit chat for a bit and decide after the owners finally show up that we will go to dinner.I tell him I’m going back to lay down again as he is working with the management company on getting the a/c fixed.

Not even 10 minutes later he comes into the bedroom and he doesn’t even have to tell me,

“The owners aren’t coming today right?”

Nope not until Monday…..

Honesty stick a fork in me I’m done. If they lived locally I would tell them a different day a couple weeks out to come get their stuff but they live in Utah so if they don’t come get their stuff now they never will.

Thankfully right before we leave for dinner we manage to fix the a/c. We have a nice dinner out and run some quick errands.

All I wanted to do this week was school the kiddos. THAT by the way DID happen because you see I DO have control of that well except for the one little girl who stands there and refuses to read for me. If I didn’t know better I would think she was biologically one of my children with my control streak in her.

I will take a mostly good school week though over everything else. …for now.


About twisteddomesticgoddess

I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. You poor little control freak…I can imagine how pissed you were…there, there, little control freak…it will be ok…. lol

    Glad it’s not the BP! Prop those damn feet up, woman!

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