13 year old boys

13 year old boys are greasy,loud,and video game obsessed…at least that’s my experience with the ones I used to hang out with. Although back when I was 13 I’m pretty sure we only had the original Nintendo to keep them busy.

My 13 year old boy is no different…hormones have turned him into a giant grease ball on most days and well he’d much rather play video games then do anything else…oh and he gets his loudness from somewhere just not sure where? 🙂

Yet..Nathaniel never ceases to amaze me either.

Yes dear readers this is where I take a minute to scratch my head and wonder how I ever got so lucky.

Even through the occasional outbreak of yelling and defiance which has actually become even less than I had expected,somehow my son has turned out to be ok.

While attempting to make dinner the other night and making a huge mess while doing so(Think King Midas,but instead of the “golden touch” I have acquired the ” clumsy touch.”) Nathaniel informed me,

” Mom after we eat dinner I’m sending you straight up to bed. I’ll take care of the rest.”

I assured him I was fine just a little more clumsy than usual. He told me he knew I was fine but that i was pregnant you know and needed my rest and he’d make sure the kids showered and went to bed on time.

As with any other 13 year old boy’s proposition I was a bit leery at first.

But not only did he make sure that yes kids got showered and went to bed on time,some even early,the next day he had me show him how to make crock pot BBQ chicken for dinner and took care of the veggies as well.

I really have been blessed with an awesome bunch of  kiddos.

He has been such a huge help as well as still being able to stay a child at heart.

I must’ve done something halfway right and I thank God for His guidance in it all every day.

With all the crap my kids have been through in their short lives they seem to still get the true value of life and family an helping others.

I am a very very very Lucky Momma




About twisteddomesticgoddess

I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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  1. —–And your teens are blessed to have you for their mama, too ❤

  2. I only discovered your blog a week ago but I feel you deserve to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. I have enjoyed going back and reading past posts and look forward to reading more! Here is my post about why I chose you! http://allaccesspassblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/honored-again/

    • Oh wow thank you! I went and read your post about how to present a new work project for kids and found myself nodding right along with it the whole time. Of course that was the day we were starting a nutrition project here at home. I am headed over to read the blog post.

      • I am sure home-schooling is a lot different but it also gives you so much room for creativity! I think a big old FOOD DAY would be perfect!! Or maybe planting a garden. What did you do?

  3. I only hope my two young sons turn out to model the behavior of your sweet 13 yr. old! Oh, I so agree you are a lucky momma!! 🙂 And…I love you, I am praying for you and your sweet baby…AND I have to agree that the love and support you are giving to your bonus daughters(love that title for them) is serving in such an awesome way!!! I just know somehow if not already…God is gonna bless all of you and the JOY will be bursting at the seams! (okay I admit, I am teary and smiling while writing this). Happy Friday.
    P.S. I have been off the cuff myself and not writing on my blog or reading others…forgive me? HUGS.

  4. You have done an amazing job momma! Nathaniel (as well as the rest of your kiddos) have had a great role model to observe through the good and the bad. What a sweet 13 year old you have there – I only hope my two boys will grow up to be as compassionate and loving as he is.

  5. I think most people are good at heart but those raised knowing they are loved, they know how to be good. Glad you have thosd kind of kids!

  6. kudos to your son – he did not learn that compassion by himself!

  7. Wow! What an awesome son you have!

  8. allaccesspass

    Good job Momma! He did not end up that way on his own!

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