Adrienne Danielle’s Birth Story


I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since little Squishy entered the world and I have YET to blog her birth story! I’ve been to busy snuggled up in our little corner of the couch surrounded by blankets,pillows,and one very cuddly baby who is breastfeeding like a champ! Ah but the breastfeeding post is for another day…today is a walk back to her birth story.

3 weeks ago this morning I woke up with more contractions just like I had been for the two weeks before that. The night before had been the blue moon and I cursed Brandon that night because that’s when my contractions had really started to kick in.

Most of the morning was spent like normal here at Casa La Crazy heck we had even planned on attending a birthday party the next day. The contractions though kept coming harder and harder even if they weren’t perfectly timed apart.Finally about noon or so I started really timing them.

It was amazing being at home for this part of labor. Even though I was in pain I wasn’t in as bad as pain as I remember with my others. I was able to walk around as I wanted and talk with the kids. We even ran and got Mcdonalds for lunch just to see if a car ride would keep up my contractions or make them go away. Being able to be outside during it was comforting as well.

Finally late afternoon I decided I wanted to take a bath. I was in pain and wanted the comfort of water. The bath felt amazing. I was able to relax more and even doze off for a couple of minutes. Brandon had headed downstairs to make dinner for the kids knowing pretty well we’d be headed to the hospital at some point that night or early morning.

We kept guessing though that I was probably only at 3cm since I have very long labors so no hurry just keep things calm. We didn’t want to go to the hospital and wind up being pushed into getting a bunch of interventions.However,things took a slight turn. While trying to get out of the tub I started shaking pretty hard and felt chilled even thought the water was warm. When I got out of the tub we took my temp and it was 101. I got out and tried my best to level out my own temperature but just couldn’t. Whether we wanted to or not we were on our way to the hospital for an IV.At this point my contractions were every three minutes…by the time we got to the hospital they were two minutes apart and I was having difficulty getting through each one.

They got me a room right away and before even checking me they started wheeling in all the stuff to deliver baby! Obviously they knew I was closer than I did!The nurse checked me and told me I was between a 6 and a 7 dilated! No way had I stayed that long at home!I’m normally the person that with her first contractions is in the hospital.

However at this point I was sooo exhausted I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. Brandon was so awesome walking me through every contraction but me and my body were just worn out. We had told the nurses that we wanted no pain relief,but I was scared that without SOME rest I would not be at my best for delivery. I pleaded with B for an epidural while he reminded me why I hadn’t wanted one. I know he just didn’t want to see me kicking myself later on for it. I was already pretty proud of myself for making it to as long as I did. He finally asked the nurse about an epidural and I had the epidural within 20 minutes. By the time the epidural was in I was at an 8! As much as I wanted to go natural all the way I knew I needed SOME rest before I started pushing. I was so wore out from 48 hours of hard labor and the two weeks before that of labor. They promised they would not hook me up to the pitocin at all and just let things go.

I got about 2 hours of rest before I woke up a little before 11. They checked me again and told me it was go time! We had talked with the doctor earlier about Brandon being as hands on in the delivery as possible and the Dr told us”Well we let first time med students deliver all the time I see no reason why you can’t deliver your own baby.” we were both elated with this news! This was not our normal OB but I will say he is now.

I remember as everyone was getting ready for me to start pushing thinking none of the other people we wanted were here and wait if Brandon was delivering then who was going to hold my other leg while I pushed?Even though it was just the two of us and my dad wasn’t there or my cousin I think it was the perfect way to have it. Brandon suited up for delivery and the Dr stood back with his hands calmly folded while I looked for another place to put my other leg that wasn’t being held. Thank God Brandon is a big guy because his shoulder worked as well as any birthing bar I’ve ever used!

I pushed through 4 contractions…that was it. At 11:18 Brandon got to deliver our beautifully perfect daughter. The dr barely even laid a hand on her during the delivery. She came out crying to the world announcing her arrival as Brandon suctioned her out and then put her on my chest where he and the nurse helped to dry her off.

The funny thing is I didn’t cry…I just remember holding her and totally being amazed that this little girl was finally here. Brandon got to cut the cord but he let the Dr. deliver my placenta…lol.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better hospital. They did find that I had an infection but it was nothing to do with baby. So we stayed in the hospital for 48 hours instead of 24. During that time we had the best nurses who really just left us alone. Heck I even liked the nurse who had to give me the shot of antibiotics in the butt.She felt so bad but she wanted me to be able to go home too.

Did I make it all the way natural?Nope I did not. Do I feel like I failed? Nope not in anyway because I listened to my body and knew what I needed. The people around me listened as well. I don’t think I could’ve done it without Brandon by my side…in fact I know I couldn’t have. He was an amazing support person.

I am so proud of both of us as I look over these last 9 months and how much we have gone through.

Well this is the birth story of Adrienne Danielle….the baby who forever changed my life…helped me to heal more from a loss and show me just how strong I really could be. I miss blogging with you all and hopefully I’ll be on more,but for now I’m just soaking up my time with this amazing newborn.







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  1. What a wonderful blessing straight from heaven! God bless your little family! I love your blog! Arghhh looks as if I found another one to follow!!!! Now I gotta find out the adventurews of lil miss Adrienne! Or should I say Squisshie? lol

  2. What an amazing birth story! I am so happy for you guys. It is so great that B was able to be actively involved in the birthing process. Hugs!

  3. Yay!!!! Congrats to hubby and you and how awesome that he delivered the Adrienne. She is so cute. I love the picture of daddy holding her and the one of the little peanut in the other posts…hey, there is nothing wrong with being obsessed with breastfeeding and pictures. It goes by so fast as you know so I am so glad you are soaking it up and enjoying it so much! I have missed you, but prayed for your whole family. So glad everyone is doing so well.

  4. YEA!!! This is a celebration to buy a new lipstick for sure! Cups Up! Darling!! xoxo

  5. welcome welcome welcome Adrienne–love the colour of your hair and your cute little face – mommy and daddy did good

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