My Inner Dialogue This Morning

So far this morning I have made breakfast brownies,put one chicken in the crockpot for dinner tonight(I have another I’m going to shred and freeze),showered and put full make up on,oh and drank half a pot of coffee! These are the things I get accomplished in the mornings instead of blogging,when Adrienne wakes me up at 4:30 and doesn’t go back down until 6.

The whole time while I’m doing all of these things though I am having an inner dialogue with myself that sounds a little like this one from this morning…only difference is this morning I got to BLOG!!!

(Starting from when it’s Squishy wakes up at 4:30)

4:30 Me: OK It’s 4:30 she’ll eat for half an hour then go back to sleep and then I can blog.Oh I need to try those breakfast brownies that I found the recipe though since ummm I kinda forgot to buy any cereal.OK put those together and THEN blog!

5:00 Squishy: I’m so busy smiling and laughing I haven’t even realized how much I’ve eaten! Oh wait…here it comes back up!

5:00 Me: Oh she’s so cute when she smiles and giggles I just love her…not so much when she pukes everything back up…here we go starting the nursing all over. Ok so we’ll be done by 5:30 then if she goes back to sleep I’ll whip up breakfast and hop in the shower.THEN I’ll blog.What to blog about?Halloween?A Late Monday Listicles?My Boobs(oh yes there is a post about my boobs coming) or Kate plus 8 which I’m currently watching on Netflix.(If I hear her say one more time why she needs an extra person at home because she has 8 kids I’m going to scream)

5:15 Squishy:Happy to be back on my mom again…oh wait what’s that feeling yup I gotta poo

5:20 Me:ok baby changed let’s do this finish eating little one so I can bl….ohhh I love your smile.

6:00 Me: OK she’s done nursing and back to sleep must get more coffee. I can whip these brownies up no problem and well then a shower…sigh…I need to put the chicken int he crockpot too. OK I MAY get to blog.

6:15 Me: When was the last time I EVEN shaved my legs??? I’m so glad she is sleeping so I can shower. I’ll throw the brownies in when I get out of the shower then make the girls’ lunches and get the chicken in the crockpot…then maybe just maybe I’ll blog!

7:00 Me: Yeah she’s still asleep and I even had time to put on makeup.Now let’s get this chicken going…oh wait girls’ lunches first.I’ve got this I am TOTALLY gonna have time to blog before the kids get up.Oh wait brownies need to go in NOW!

7:45 Me: ok everything is done and ready I can sit down and…oh shoot gotta wake up the kids for the day.

8:15  Me:I’ll serve them up their brownies and Squishy is still asleep!!!!! Computer check Coffee check correct passwords check! I am sitting down to BLOG!!!! WOOHOOO happy dance…who cares if the kids match or not I get to blog!

8:38 Squishy: Ok mom I’ve been asleep long enough I’m gonna start making noise and making your boobs ache! I wanna be awake with the rest of the kiddos I just know I’m missing out on SOMETHING!

8:39 Me:Holy cow I actually got to BLOG!!!! Now to just hit publish. Thank you Squishy for giving me some me time!





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I'm the momma/step momma/ teacher/head cook/ top organizer/ supplier of milk and baby kisses here at Casa La Crazy. Life with 7 kids is rarely dull and usually exciting. Add in 3 cats and one fun loving boyfriend and life is pretty adventurous!Come on in sit down and please bring some extra coffee!

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