Teenage Wendy

So once upon a time…yours truly was not this amazingly smart and funny momma that you read about with a shoefull of children and her head on straight….oh no once upon a time this momma was…..



Oh and she wasn’t just ANY teenager she was that kind of teenager that you as a momma hope your children will never grow up to be. You know the type: loud,obnoxious,knows everything,and didn’t want to follow any of the rules.Oh wait isn’t that EVERY teenager?

Anyways Wendy as a teenager had an affinity for sneaking out…I think it started in about 6th grade when my parents put me in a bedroom that had it’s own freakin door to the outside! I mean c’mon it was as if my parents were practically telling me…”Go for it Wendy it’s ok just as long as we don’t know about it.” I mean sure who wouldn’t want their children running the streets in the middle of the night for no good reason!

So back to the story…when I had just turned 16 I had gotten busted sneaking out for…oh…the umpteenth billionth time…and of course I got grounded.

I don’t know why but my parents freaked out hardcore when they found out I had sneaked out to drive down to Sedona,AZ to go rock climbing in the middle of the night.Something about falling to my death and no one knowing or something like that.(I told you I was a smart teenager.)

This grounding though couldn’t have come at a worst time. I mean the very next night I had a hot tub party to attend that I was supposed to help host! I HAD to go!

So after arranging the proper meeting time with my friends, I waited until I THOUGHT my parents were asleep and snuck down to the basement(we lived in a different house than the first mentioned one.)and WHAMMO my father sits up from the couch down there. I’m pretty sure he just pointed back to the stairs and I turned and went back up….defeated. No hot tub party for this party girl.

I saw my friend’s car driving down the road and I desperately tried to figure out a way that I could get out of the house. I couldn’t just walk through the front door I mean that would be down right disrespectful….


No …..I couldn’t do it…..could I?

I mean sure I had taken the screen off my bedroom window above the garage millions of times to sit on the roof….but to actually jump from there? I could hang from the gutters…but then if I bent them I would be in even MORE trouble. No…no that settled it the only way to sneak out for this hot tub party was to jump…and jump I did landing straight onto the driveway,knocking my feet out from under me after the impact and hitting my head and giving myself a black eye as well.

No one ever accused me of being graceful.

In pain I decided it was nothing I couldn’t shake off and climbed into the back seat of my friend’s car. We drove off to go pick up another friend and the pain begin to set in……

OHHHHHH the pain

and then I said in all my teenage wisdom

“I think you better take me home…I think I may have broken my foot.”

So my friend helped me hobble back in through the front door and then took off.Leaving me on the couch to figure out what my best course of action was. By this time BOTH of my feet were swelling. Oh and my eye felt pretty gnarly too. Taking a deep breath I yelled for my parents.

One came downstairs,one came upstairs,and I’m pretty sure BOTH just stared in horror and disbelief.

After the whole “what did you do!” my dad started to access the situation.It was obvious I was going to need medical attention.

“Why don’t we just put her in the bathtub with ice till the morning,”my mom suggested. Now before you all gasp in horror,if I had put my mom through half the stuff that teenage Wendy had I would’ve said the exact same thing.Oh wait….I WAS teenage Wendy…sorry mom.

Dad helped me get to the car and we drove silently towards the ER.Well silently until we passed a basketball court and people were playing and my dad smirked and asked,

“Wanna get out and shoot a few?”


Dad does not remember saying that…or so he says.

After many hours of being in the ER and having my feet turned in angles I didn’t know was even possible the diagnosis was clear.

One concussion,one very badly bruised and blackened eye socket,and two YES TWO broken heels that would keep me in casts for the whole summer(this was the beginning of June),a wheelchair,and the humility of learning to scoot around on my butt when I needed to get somewhere really fast.

“Are you going to ground me?” I remember asking my dad,and he replied with that same smirk,

“No I think you did a pretty good job of that on your own.”

Touche Father Touche
I am linking up to Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop today! Writing about a time I got grounded….

Mama’s Losin’ It 


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  1. I was a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE teenager. I’ve appologized more times than I can count to my poor mother.

  2. I tried to sneak out one time and got caught. never tried again. great post!

  3. Wow! No punishment given could equal the broken heels. Did this put an end to your escapades? Have you shared with your kids yet? I waited till mine were teens then let loose.

  4. Our family always says that you pay for dumb choices in pain, money, or time…sounds like you got all 3 in one. 🙂

  5. I don’t want to laugh, but I can’t help it Ha ha ha! I bet it makes you giggle thinking back on it now. 🙂

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