Yes I’m The Twisted Domestic Goddess

When I first started this blog back in June of 2011, I had just made the million mile move from Sunny Arizona to the love of my life Rainy,Green Treed, Washington. I was a single mom to 4 kids and just knowing we needed a new start.I had been on my own for the past 6 years and just figured that was how it was going to be!I was and still am happy with who I was at that point in my life.

Never could I imagine my life would change as drastically as it has in less than a year. I’ve been very lucky to meet the man of my dreams and bring him into our lives as well as my two very special bonus daughters. Becoming a blended family hasn’t been easy but it’s a constant work in progress that we’re slowly getting right.



Then we got our late Christmas present in early 2012 and found out that not only would we be a blended family but in September of 2012 we will be a “Yours Mine and Ours” family of 9. Yes 7 kids. 4 who are still homeschooled,2 are public and one is learning in the womb.

12 weeks

If I thought my life was crazy and twisted before….I had no idea. I still enjoy cooking and baking. Music and Writing will always be my first loves, and YES this mommy does have tattoos…although not as many piercings as I used to.

I blog about the mundane,the crazy, and everything in between. I’ve been told my life should be a book and maybe one of these days I may just write it all down. In the meantime thank you for visiting and keep on coming back!

  1. hi. my child too has skewfoot and i was reading your blog to see how it all turned out. thanks

  2. I just had to come over to “your piece of the web” after reading your comment about mom bloggers over at Momma Be Thy Name – especially because I was at that exact moment wearing pink plaid pjs, drinking coffee, and letting my kids watch tv (Phineas and Ferb) so I could blog a bit. I am new to blogging and write about my life, kids and all though not all about my kids! I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more.

    • Hey gotta love pink plaid pj bottoms!!! although I’m wearing black right now. I’m so glad you stopped by I will definitely be hopping over to your spot on the web! First though I think I may need another pot of coffee and a shower…yes a shower if I’m lucky I may even have time to shave my legs! Hope you have a great day and thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some love!I look forward to reading you!

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