Blogs That Make My Day

We all have them. The blogs we can’t get through a day without reading. The blogs we go to when we need encouragement or just to know we’re not alone in this big wide world. These are some of the blogs I absolutely cannot live without.Within them I find a piece of me…The mommy side.The creative writer side.The funny side (that I wish would come out more often).Even the full of attitude foul mouthed side(That should probably come out a little less).The passionate full of fun side.

My Inner Chick Badge

When I think passion I think of this blog. She reminds me of a Phoenix rising above the ashes and NEVER EVER settling. She has reminded me not to just sit back and let my struggles take me over but to step up and FIGHT my struggles. I’m the only one that can overcome them.

Mommy Wants Vodka

Oh Aunt Becky…she definitely says the things that the rest of us might be afraid to bring to the table.I know that I can always head over to her page for encouragement or a good hard laugh. Oh yes she definitely goes there.

Stasha, another Northwest loving mommy. Her care and loving for her family as well as her friends simply oozes from her pages. Not only is she full of heart and an amazing photographer, she is also the creater of Monday Listicles! Which is the whole reason why I got knocked up in the first place. It’s true just ask her it’s all that Monday Listicles fault!Or you could just join us over there on Mondays and find out for yourself if it’s true or not!

Oh Caffe always the one to remind us that just because we’re moms does not mean we have to don the traditional sweat pants and oversized t-shirt every day and we should not lose touch with our feminine sexy side. She is also full of straight to the point mommy advice that we all need from time to time!Definitely blowing kisses to Caffe my friend.

Join me on

I haven’t been reading Stacey for as long as some of the others.However seeing as she is a mom of 7 HELLOOO I pretty much HAVE to read her blog. I love her Mayhem Manegment pages she is full of great ideas as well as a healthy dose of realism reminding us that there are days when yes you’re just not going to get it all done.

Bridget tried to curse me with twins I mean umm share her love of twins with me when I announced I was pregnant. (Ha ha it didn’t work.)She is the mom of not 1 but 2 sets of twins. As well as wife to a military man currently deployed while she’s enjoying the awesome life of living in Alaska. I’m pretty sure after this baby arrives she is going to have to share her love of boxed wine with me.

Allison is quite possibly one of the sweetest bloggers I have ever read. She is getting ready to welcome baby number 2 and spends her days with her little monkey, and writing some pretty awesome posts. I’m still pretty new to her blog but absolutely enjoy it!


Some of the other blogs that absolutely brighten my day are : – Even though crappy internet on my part has kept me from reading her blog for the last few months we still correspond through email. She is one person I am proud to call mom. The next time we get to the west side of Washington we’re definitely meeting up.– Michaela is one heck of a mom. I’ve watched her evolve from being unsure about being a single mom to single handedly taking this role on! I am so proud of her and I promise Michaela I will make it to Florida one of these days for Margaritas! – Oh Audrey..she does a bit of it all! She’s a mommy,she bakes, and she has a great sense of humor to top it all off. I love seeing what new creative ideas she has to share with me…even if I feel like the most non creative person in the world most the time!


  1. Yooooooo Hoooooo! Oh DARLING! I hope you’re black eyeliner is not smudged from all the laughing and wonderful memories that you’re making with your loved ones… Hugs and kisses Dear… Cups Up! xoxo

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