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Wednesday Mashup

Between Kenna’s surgery and the regular happenings going on it is safe to assume….my life is normal.By normal I mean totally upside down crazy…but hey that’s how we like it here! So I present you with a Wednesday Mash Up of our life!

Kenna did fine with the surgery…now for the next 6 weeks in casts.She’s grounded pretty much to the couch until May 1st.



Even with having a friend come stay with us to help out and her other friend over constantly she has hit the “I’M SO BORED” stage. Poor girl has another week with the soft casts on.


She is in great spirits though!


Spring’s warmer weather has gotten us all acting a little bit more hyper. This was my entertainment the other night while making dinner. Excuse the bumpiness I was stirring and videotaping at the same time!


And of course we have had our nighttime ritual of putting the chicks and ducks to bed. We’re all slowly getting the hang of it…err umm well some of us are. Hey at least the neighbor kids and friends think it’s fun,Nathaniel not so much.


” Seriously mom….I don’t even know these people you call siblings.”



And THAT is how a Wednesday Mashup is done at our house!


It’s all just normal here at Casa La Crazy….

Spring Break is over and we’re halfway through our first week back at school. We’re all alive as well. Squishy is back to her normal self and well let’s just say we’ve all been a tad bit busy having fun!

all 7

(All 7 kiddos last week at the park.)

The ducks are getting huge and got their first real swimming time yesterday. Oh yes,that’s my wonderful boyfriend giving duck advice in the background. 🙂



Apparently Squishy likes ice cream…A Lot!

And she’s pretty serious when people are in her way of walking down the side of the couch,as seen here with Nathaniel. He wouldn’t move his legs so she could pull herself up and keep going and boy did she let him know about it!

I’ve been busy trying to finally hang up pictures around the house and what was supposed to be a couple hour project turned into 3 days and still not all the way done.

And last but not least the end of my 30 day no makeup challenge! After 30 days no foundation or powder I cannot see myself going back to that anytime soon. Hey I have freckles I forgot existed! Instead my new,every day make up look consists of eyeliner on the bottom,mascara,and some blush.This momma learned a lot and is very happy about it! What do you all think?

end of challenge

Yes,Yes things are quite normal here…

When It’s Time To Change…

First off let me say I may very well be forfeiting my chance at a shower this morning by blogging,but I don’t care. I miss all of you that much!

Autumn is in full swing here in the Inland Northwest.We’ve had days of wind and a few of rain and the temps have dropped nicely.The stores are carrying their pumpkin spice creamer and the hoodies have come out. It’s my favorite time of year.

There are other changes in the air as well here at Casa La Crazy.

Changes that I am noticing big time…..

My kids are growing up 😦

How could this be you ask? Didn’t I just have a baby?Well yes but the growth spurts of not only Ms Squishy but the 6 others are very evident in this house.

In fact it is most noticeable in the oldest and the youngest…

It all started right after Adrienne was born. I thought Nathaniel was just tired from late night cryings from the baby,his voice was very drone like and sometimes even hard to understand. I would get after him about his “tone” and he would insist he wasn’t giving me a “tone”

It wasn’t until my mom arrived that it hit me. She made a comment about Nathaniel’s voice changing and it was then I realized, I had been after him on his “tone” when it was that nasty culprit, puberty, all along. I just looked at my mom slack jawed and said,” I feel like the worst mom in the world and I have to apologize.”

Hey in my defense he is my first born and he is A BOY so yeah I’ve never gone through this before. The only voice changing I’ve really been exposed to was Peter Brady and Nathaniel (thank God) is not screeching like Peter Brady did. Oh C’mon admit it you all remember this episode:

And yes…yes I did just post a Brady Bunch clip…and just like all those episodes that ended with a lesson learned and a big hearty hug I apologized to my son the next morning for being on him about his “tone” when it was really just nature taking it’s course.

While most kids might throw back a “I told you I didn’t have a tone.” (Lord knows I would’ve) Nathaniel accepted my apology and told me it was alright….how’s that for a Brady Bunch moment for ya?

Dear Lord where have the last 13 and a half years gone?He is now eye to eye with me and size 11 feet. I took him clothes shopping a couple weeks ago and we had to shop exclusively in the men’s section..GULP.But through it all he is still my happy stubborn first born son.
Why Do They Have To Grow Up?

Walkin Momma….

We’re all getting antsy around here for Miss A’s arrival. Even though technically I have a week and a half till my due date.

Miss A is even feeling it starting with contractions early in the afternoon and going until about 4 in the morning. The other night we had some concern about a possible leak that landed me back in the hospital for a bit. The nurse thought for sure that it was amniotic fluid but the test came back negative and she’s unsure as to what it was.

So the new nightly ritual to get this moving going is taking a walk around the neighborhood.


Well ok I guess I should say taking a nightly ride around the neighborhood. They ride while I waddle umm…walk behind them.

They’ll get about 3 blocks ahead of me before circling back to make sure I’m ok then taking off again.

Or if you’re Lane you ride slowly behind me singing “Dum Dum du du du Dum Dum ” as slowly as you can to make sure that I have the appropriate soundtrack for my waddling…..

Such a sweet and caring kid I have there.

At Least She Had a Valid Reason…

I’m back from my week long break. Totally ready to start blogging again and full of new ideas. Nathaniel made it home from his trip to visit my parents in Arizona and got a much deserved vacation.Not even 24 hours later though my 4 kiddos left for a week at their dads. The day they come back the bonus girls are leaving to go camping with their grandma on the other side.

Being a blended family can be tough. In fact that was part of the reason for my break last week. To step back and really see how I can make things work in a more unified way in our little blended family. To accept the things we could change and to step back from the things we could not.WHOA big challenge for a total… control… freak…

But in the end does it really matter?What matters is that we as a family love and accept each other,as well as are willing to work together.

One of the struggles we had dealt with for the last couple of weeks was the Revenge of the Midnight Snacker in the household.

When Holly was 2-3 years old I had a terrible time with her sneaking food. Well in the last couple weeks I had noticed that food was being snuck again. Of course I knew Holly was the culprit but I also figured out we had another culprit who had joined in on the midnight tirades.It took me awhile to figure out but finally by my awesome powers of deduction(ahem Holly being nowhere NEAR the house and a box of cereal being left open and half empty…I’m tellin ya I should be a detective I’m THAT good.)I figured out Dee had joined in the festivities as well.

Punishments and talks included both girls.

Then Friday as I cam downstairs and the kids were making their lunches Dee looked me straight in the eye and confessed,

“Wendy I got into the Nutella last night.”

The honesty and straight forwardness of it all stunned me for a second.One of the lessons we’ve been working on is to owning up to your mistakes even though you know their may be a punishment.

After asking her to repeat herself I then thanked her for being so honest and then told her there would still be a punishment.I also told her she needed to follow me and tell her dad what she had just shared with me. We walked into our bedroom and she told her dad exactly what she had told me.

He sat there stunned for a moment, same as me, before asking,

“Why did you get into the Nutella we’ve told you not to get into the food.”

She stood silent for a moment trying to keep her composure before finally starting to cry and said,


At this point I was so glad I was standing behind her and hoped B would keep his composure as well as I tried to keep from busting out laughing.In fact it was so hard to keep my composure that I had to excuse her back downstairs while we “figured out her punishment.” so both B and I could let the laughs out…

I mean honestly what girl can argue with that she had a very valid reason…

My Kids Shot Their First Commercial

While I was at the Dr’s this morning the kids decided to let their artistic side out…How could I not share this with you guys! Kenna Miners shot,produced, and directed. Holly Miners is the star, and the voice of the penguin (yes I said penguin) is none other than Lane Miners.

This is their finished product


And THIS is one of many blooper reels I saw


If you need me I’ll be sitting by my phone waiting for Cheerios to call and ask for my kids.

More Dinner Guests!

One would think after living for 6 months in the Frat House surrounded by others,that when we got our own place,it would only make sense to cocoon ourselves up for a bit and not socialize. HA! no not even a regular HA,but a big ol fat stinkin BWAHAHAHAHA.

One thing that my mom taught me very well(among other things) was how to be very very very social.Seriously the girl can make friends in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store,and has.

Last year when we first moved here we tried to get involved in a homeschool group. It wasn’t a good fit for us,but out of that I met my first friend I made since moving back here. So almost a year ago Charity and I met. We quickly became friends that day chatting and then realizing our birthdays were only a day apart.(Cough Cough,June 1st,it’s comin up ya’ll.) No wonder we were both so chatty and friendly…we’re Geminis.

Not only is she a friend in real life,but she blogs over here at WordPress as well! You can find her at

We have been trying for the last year to have a good get together. With my living situations though and just life in general it has almost been impossible on my end. Last night however we Finally got that chance!

The kids all played while us 4 adults enjoyed conversing. Heck we even managed to shoo the guys off on their own for a bit and got some girl talk in. Hey we all need it every once in awhile.

You know the night was a success when all the kids are hugging each other goodbye and B is pushing off his leaving time for work as much as he can.

The funnest sight was all the kids gathering together for meal time. After I called them all in I walked back into the house to find them like this waiting for their food to be dished up.


3 of them had already made their way through the line.


***THIS JUST IN*** Homeschoolers actually KNOW how to socialize and have fun!!!!


You know it was a successful get together when everyone is even too busy for dessert! Oh well a little berry cobbler for breakfast never hurt anyone.

Next get together will be for our birthday!!!

My Morning Rush Hour

Join me on


My friend Stacey is starting a new blog link up on Tuesdays called An Hour In A Day. With her being a mother of 7 as well,she is definitely worth going over and reading!Plus who doesn’t love seeing how others spend their time. So here is my first link up taken from yesterday although my hour somehow turned into ummm an hour and a half.

7″15 go to first set of girls room to wake them up tell them to get dressed and time to start chores.

7:20 Go over to the boys’ room and tell them the same thing then threaten to start singing if they don’t start getting up and moving.

7:25 Make my way upstairs to the other set of girls room and let them know to get moving,dressed,and chores as well.

7:30 Oversee household chores running downstairs and up,remind the kids who have vacuuming which vacuums get put away where.Answer Kenna as to where some of the dishes go. Dismiss Holly from sweeping outside since the broom is busy at the moment.

7:35 run upstairs to my bathroom to pee because well umm I’m PREGNANT!!! Remind everyone that yes picking up your room IS part of your chores.

7:40 Check the child’s work who has sweep bathroom tell her good job then call her back to remind her to turn OFF the light in a room when they leave. Threaten to start charging a nickel everytime I find a light on…stifle my reflex gag at how much I sound like a mother.

7:50 Check another set of chores done and apologize that yes kids are having cereal again this morning as some of them finish their chores.

7:55 Run to bathroom AGAIN

8:15 Go BACK down two flights of stairs to check the status of laundry while almost all chores at this point are done.

8:30 help youngest locate the toothpaste,get out of the way while 6 kiddos rotate in and out of the way to brush teeth and hair.

8:35 Pee yet AGAIN!!!! Go  over with one of the bonus girls what is expected from her regarding her impending book report.

8:45 send oldest bonus girls out to her bus for the morning with I love yous and have a good days go upstairs to ….yup you guessed it …. Then send the various other kids off on unpacking projects. I sit down for a brief moment as B asks me,

“So what do you want to do today?”

8:50 Try not to strangle my ever loving boyfriend and simply reply,”I WANT to take a nap.” Then off I go to the rest of my day.

I swear by the time this baby is born and from the amount of steps we have in this house,I am going to have calves of steel!!!!

A Brief Photo Session

Every once in awhile you just have to take a break from the mundane and boring…ie:unpacking. All of the kids have been such a big help in the whole unpacking and organizing process. Probably because they know if they didn’t chip in they knew I would just start chucking their stuff as well as my own.

So amidst all the unpacking we found “the perfect disguise” and a chicken puppet. The kids couldn’t resist and started singing the Chicken Boo theme song from the Animaniacs series and then posed(well some of them.) for the camera.

Of course after this brief photo session it was back to work as usual.

Today we’re off to my cousin’s Teri’s house for brunch with the family.Living at the frat house definitely kept me isolated just by the sheer fact of living so far away from everyone. So I’ve been up since 3 am making cinnamon rolls for the troops. Only would I do this for my favorite cousins.

And all is right with the world again!

Yesterday we were all doing our school work and Nathaniel, who now knows better than to argue with me about when and how to do his school work, was busily writing out an assignment while planning out his birthday meals in a little less than a month. Hey when you’re grounded for the next 7 weeks from video games and computer games you have to find something to bring the light into your day.

“Mom I want to do rice pancakes for breakfast and then swedish meatballs and rice for dinner….but Brandon can’t have rice right?”

“I’ll make rice as well as mashed potatoes so you guys can choose,” I told him.

“Mom you ROCK!”

At this point I just couldn’t help myself,

“Really?I rock huh?That’s not what you were saying the other night.I’m glad you think so though.”

Yes he’s back to my normal 12 year old….for now. He stepped up and helped me tape up boxes while we packed yesterday.We got quite a few boxes done but there’s still more. YIKES!!!

We’ve also been trying to get ready for Easter around here as well. Most people dye Easter Eggs well we dye…our hair. Or at least one of us does. Last year Lane was rocking a red mohawk then decided to grow it out. Well he finally got tired of sporting his long hair and we went from this:



And in other news I have joined the world of Instagram.I’m still trying to figure out all the ins and outs of it(I’m so technologically challenged I swear) But my first picture was of my baby bump at 17 weeks….

You can find me on Instagram at TwistedDomesticGoddess of course.

And now…back to the packing.