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How I Spent My Last 30 Minutes!

Soooo I actually checked out Northwest Mommy’s Monday Listicles a day early today! Her topic this week is:

The Top 10 Ways To Spend 30 Minutes

Ironically….Brandon just took Squishy to the store with him for the first time…ever. Yes this is the first time I have let little miss Adrienne out of my sight for longer than 5 minutes. She was being a little whiny and a little cryey and Brandon has had to work a lot lately so when he offered I jumped up got the diaper bag and her coat and was a little over excited.

UNTIL they walked out the door.

I had to stop myself from going back out after him.

Then they left.,..

Then I went over to the counter to grab my phone to call them and say come back and realized,


So for the last 30 minutes:

1. I wondered if I should hop in the other car and follow them.

2.Called my mom to help waste the time but she wanted to talk about what I made for dinner and I’m too anxiety filled and the thought of food was making me feel sick.

3.Check the driveway

4.Stop and perk my ears up every time I hear a car.

5.Grab my computer and decide to facebook this momentous occasion.

6.Check the driveway AGAIN.

7. Remember what this week’s Listicle is about and how perfectly it fits so hey, why not blog!

8. Remember that I KNOW Squishy is perfectly OK and probably having fun but MAN I miss her!

9. Check the driveway yet again!

10. Try to breathe and relax and wait patiently for them to get back…or try to enjoy my time apart…or what the heck who am I kidding….I’m checking the driveway again!

***I feel like I should say this has nothing  to do with the kind of parent Brandon is because he is wonderful! I just really really miss my baby!***


10 things to look forward for in Spring!!!!

WOoohoo it’s a week until Spring Break! Oh wait we don’t really do Spring Break. Well we kinda do. My idea of Spring Break is adding an 8th child for a couple of days then giving away one of my kiddos. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Celebrity Wife Swap…..NAH.

Today Stasha over at The Good Life has a Monday Listicles of 10 things we’re looking forward to in Spring! Spring definitely came in true Spring like fashion last week. Snowing one minute,sunshine,than rain and sleet. Hopefully,it’s evening out a bit though,because Casa La Crazy is getting even crazier over here with a few additions!

10 Reasons I’m Excited About Spring

1. Babies….yes lots and lots of babies have flooded our house!!!!



Here a duck there a chick…oh yes just call me Old McDonald.

Of course these guys are growing up way too fast to and just making me sad as well.

2. SUNSHINE!!!!! after months of the sun being MIA it is finally peeking it’s sweet little head out and making me VERY HAPPY!!!

3. The fact that even though our lease is up this week we do not have to move as previously thought and get to keep living here! WOOHOO no moving for us.

4.Driving the new mommy van with my windows down and this song playing:

5. Adrienne’s first Easter as well as her being dedicated on that day!

6. Time our shooting hoops. Oh yes we got a new basketball hoop and let me tell you this…momma’s not too bad!

7. Planting our garden….I don’t know if I’m so much looking forward to it as I suck at gardening,but the girls are looking forward to it so I will give it my best shot!

8.My mom coming to visit for my cousins college graduation. Yup my mommy is coming!

9.The bunnies in our back yard multiplying yet again and free ranging with the rest of the animals.

10 And finally….

Showing Adrienne outside things for the first time like the flowers,feeling the sunshine,and smelling the fresh cut lawn!


Guest Post for Monday Listicles!!!!

How fun!!!! I told Kenna what this weekend’s topic was for Monday Listicles,and she started rattling off all the little things that make me happy! So without further ado…my first guest blogger my oldest daughter Kenna!

10 Little Things That Bring My Mom Joy!


2.listening to New Kids On the Block early in the mornings (I think it’s just so she can annoy Nathaniel)


4.Me (since I’m so awesome)


6.Homeschooling (Because she loves it when we change the subject in the middle of the lesson)

7.Picking on Nathaniel/Brandon (And of course I always help her out)

8.Not cooking for one night (I enjoy it too because get to have pizza or McDonalds)

9.Breastfeeding (Except for when Adrienne starts to pull on her nipple and choke for no reason)

10.Stopping at every red light while Adrienne is screaming her head off in the back seat.

And there you have it folks a little glimpse of what Kenna thinks brings me joy! I’d have to say she’s pretty spot on!

Happy Monday Listicles Everyone!



When I grow up….

Woohoo for MondayL isticles! This week Stasha did me the honor of picking my idea. I love this girl and even though I don’t participate s much as I wish I could I love Monday Listicles.

When I was sharing with my kids last night what this week’s topic was and what it was for Nathaniel stops and says….

“Wait,Listicles??Ummmm that sounds kinda close to.”

“Yes Yes it does,” I cut him off abruptly. Ah,You gotta love teenage boys.

So what idea did I come up with?

10 things you wanted to do/be when you grew up

With all these kids growing up so quickly here at Casa La crazy,Brandon and I like to sit back and play the,”What do you think they will be” game from time to time.Which got me remembering some of the things I said I had wanted to be while growing up.

1. A Nurse…Now that dream got squashed by the fact I would have to be on my feet so much and well umm if you read my last post on teenage Wendy you will understand the difficulty of why. Although I have decided to look into being a doula and possibly a lactation consultant.

2.An actress….I decided this after my mom told me one day I would be a great soap star because I was so,ummm,well, dramatic. I know I know hard for you all to believe right?

3. Get my pilots license…growing up my dad had his and we used to go flying in his little Cessna. This is still on my bucket list.

4. A ballet dancer…I mean what little girl didn’t want to be a ballet dancer? Then my mom suggested jazz or hip hop because….well….I’m not the most graceful person on the face of the planet. It worked out well I fee in love with jazz.

5. Live on a farm with lots of animals. I was the only girl living out in the country without cows,horses,goats,or even ducks. This dream is still a very big possibility.

6. A teacher…I know this one is not a big shock to all of you.In fact I spent some time teaching preschool and kindergarten.I love this age!

7. Live on top of a hill. When we were driving once I saw the prettiest hill outside of a nice small town. I told my mom that when I grew up I wanted to live on top of that hill by myself and write.I would come into town for supplies and food,but mostly just live off the land. This of course was after I had just finished reading My Side Of The Mountain.

8. Own a horse…which I did for a little bit. Hey what can I say I’m still a country girl at heart.

9. A writer…I’ve always loved writing whether it was songs,poems.or stories. I am so glad I have continued with this dream.

10. A truck driver. I told my dad and grandpa(his dad) this once when we were visiting. I remember them both chuckling and me demanding to know what was so funny.Grandpa told me,” Wendy you wouldn’t be able to stand not talking to anyone for that long,and being by yourself.” To which I told him…

“That is why they have CB radios and trucks stops!”

Well there it is the list of 10 things I wanted to do or be when I grew up. Of course I always wanted to be a mom as well,but I kinda became an overachiever in that category! Hey if you’re good at something keep on doing it right? So take a moment to go over to The Good Life and read some of our other friends dreams and maybe even post your own!

Next week our friend Ducky has asked us to list 10 things found in our purse. do diaper bags count?

Happy Monday


Not Gonna Change It …Nope Not Me

Wow it seems like forever since I have even joined in on Monday Listicles! Maybe that’s because it has been FOREVER!!!! Stasha I miss you and your wonderful lists!!!! I especially love this one this week contributed by Ally over at Just a Normal Mom:Things I have no intentions of changing in 2013.

I mean seriously I just had a baby four months ago, and a teenager as well as 5 other kiddos,is there really anything else I need to change this year?They will be doing enough growing and changing for me to handle in 2013.

10 things I have no intentions of changing in 2013

1. My love and dependance on coffee. If anyone even wonders why I need coffee please see above statement about kids.

2. Blaring my music in the car and singing right along…nope just not gonna stop doing this.

3.Hugging my kids each day and telling them I love you.

4.Ordering or sending B out for pizza about once a month just because…oops I forgot we have to eat dinner. Seriously why do these kids insist on eating 3 times a day?

5.Dying my hair…nope I won’t stop dying my hair. In the last month I have gone from blonde to strawberry blonde to red to light brown. Hey it’s the little things that bring me joy.

6.Spending at least one day a week in my pj’s. This is not because I’m lazy it’s just because sometimes,just like with dinner,I forget that mommy needs to shower again.

7.Running my butt off all over town…as much as I would like to think I can hunker down and spend more time at Casa La Crazy the reality of 7 kids and tending to their different needs tells me otherwise.

8.Going into what the kids call “Kate plus 8 mode” where I get the look in my eye and the sudden urge that everything needs to be organized and orderly. When this look comes over me the kids know not to run and hide,because I will find them,but to just go with the flow for a bit till the look passes.

9. Running my mouth…yes we all know this is not going to change so let’s just go with the flow of it shall we.

10. Being thankful for all that we have. I am grateful everyday for the family I have been blessed with and for the wonderful man i have by my side. I will not change that for anything.

Phew good to know I can whip out a list of 10 things that I have no intention of changing so fast. This could be the stubborn streak in me.


10 Things My Parents Did Right

It is Monday!!! I know i know hold your groans please,some of happen to like Mondays. Yes I know those of us that do are probably a little twisted.

This week for Listicles we have a great idea shared with all of us. I’ve been thinking about it since I read what it was before bed last night.

Today’s list of ten is: 10 Things My Parents Did Right

Ahem let me back this up by saying I was not always the laid back,calm,cool,collected,person you all read about, while growing up.(You can pick yourself up off the floor now I’ll continue when you have stopped laughing.)Plus neither of my parents ever drank coffee so I often wonder how they had the patience to deal with me,especially in my teen years,but obviously they did somethings very right.


10 Things My Parents Did Right

1.Allowed me to chose my own friends: Even if they didn’t always agree with my choice in friends and may have nicknamed one Bubble Head, they knew if they told me who I could and could not be friends with I would just rebel.

2.Introduced me to many areas of music and again allowed me listen to pretty much anything.

3. Did not push me into learning how to cook as it was never one of my interests growing up…who knew as an adult I would love doing it.

4.Taught me to respect ALL animals regardless how weird or creepy they may be.

5.Never told me I couldn’t do something,instead encouraged me in all of my half hair brained endeavors.

6. Spanked,grounded,and took the time to explain WHY they did these things.

7. Sent me to summer camp almost every year as soon as I was old enough. Some of my best moments of my life,my closest moments to God, and most exciting things I ever did happened at these places.

8. Let me make my own decisions as I got older. As long as I could prove I had actually thought it through before I took the leap.They may not have always agreed with them all but again they knew it was something I had to learn on my own.

9. Taught me by example that ALL people deserve respect and love …. they taught me how to be a great listener and supporter of other people.

10. Through it all they kept a sense of humor. My parents taught me how to laugh and lighten up.

So what are 10 days your parents did right?

How I’m preparing for the upcoming birthday

I actually up early enough for the first time in a couple of weeks to whip out a Monday Listicles! Plus,I’m not grumpy and hey after I get this done I may even whip out a coffee cake for the morning…or I may just sit here and sip my coffee..ehh I’m not gonna push it.

This week’s Listicles topic is brought to you by Robbie


Seeing as I hit 33 weeks pregnant this week there is only one birthday that is really at the forefront of my mind. The birthday of little Miss Adrienne. Seeing as this is the first time I’ve given birth in 8 years I feel like a first time mommy all over again. I keep thinking of little things I need to get done or take care of before she shows up. People keep telling me…don’t worry you have time. Until I tell them I have 6 other kids,then they understand my need for organization,or they faint in shock.

So here we go:

10 Things I’m preparing for/looking forward to for Miss A’s birthday

1. The emergency contact list for the kiddos…it finally made it up on the fridge this week.Seeing as most of my labor will be done at home we have gone over with the kiddos many many times that if mommy should say you need to call someone start with Brandon and work your way down.Hopefully my parent’s RV will be on the property and I won’t have to worry too much,oh and that Brandon will be home for most of it as well…but we all know how fast labor can change.

2.The SHE”S HERE phone list for Brandon to send out the first text/call. I keep telling him oh you’ll have to call this person…I suppose in this day and age of twitter and facebook I can just announce it there and reach everyone at once,but there are still certain people who deserve the first calls.

3.Registering beforehand for the hospital…just mailed it off yesterday.

4. Packing the hospital bag. I know I know I still have about 7 weeks,but seeing as Ms Holly was 3 weeks early…I get a little nervous.

5.My first all natural birth…I CAN do this I WANT to do this. I couldn’t think of a more supportive partner to have through an all natural birth.The people we have chosen to be with us all love and support us so as long as I don’t go into super freak out mode I should be fine right?RIGHT?!?!

6. Holding this little girl skin to skin after months of feeling her move around inside of me.

7.Seeing what she looks like. Her last ultrasound picture was so clear but nothing beats actually getting to SEE her!

8.Bringing her home to her 6 other siblings and bringing this family closer together.They are all pretty excited to get to meet her.

9.Those first moments of her birthday when it will be just Adrienne,her daddy,and myself. I cannot even tell you how much I am looking forward to this moment.

10. Never sleeping again…ok I’m not looking forward to this but I’m definitely preparing myself for it.I’m already picking out different series on Netflix to help me get through the long night time hours.

So there you have it 10 ways I’m preparing for this upcoming birthday.

Just a question…or 10

I LOVE this weeks Listicles so quick and easy! While we’re trying to take it easy this last week before school officially starts back up for us,everyone should know better by now. I have a Dr apt in a couple hours followed by another appointment so today’s Listicles is perfect for me! Thanks Stasha!

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, and find line 4. What is it?

“How are you alive?” Dylan’s light flickered.”That was enough lightening to kill 20 men.” (Lane is reading the Lost Hero’s series by Rick Riordan and it was the closest book.)

2. How many times a day do you say Hi?

Waaayyy too many to even count. Some of the kid here at Casa La Crazy make sure they check in every 5 minutes or so.

3. Have you ever worn a uniform?

Yup when I was a nurses aid at age 18 oh and those 2 years in Catholic School…yes I was a Catholic School Girl,insert your own jokes here.

4. What do you think about the most?

What should I make for dinner,how many appointments I have in a week,homeschooling, and lesson planning and wondering if I can really make it through this labor and delivery med free.

5. How many keys are on your keyring?

10 keys… 5 that only go to my things for whatever reason people tend to trust me with their keys.

6. What was the last thing you bought?

We went grocery shopping last night for our family and friends bbq on the 4th! SO umm food including some awesome smelling cilantro…love that stuff.

7. Are you growing anything these days?

Yup a big precious squirmy little baby right in my belly! It’s kinda an awesome super power to have

8. What is under your bed?

Probably the Boogie Monster but it’s so cluttered under there with other stuff he can’t get out.

9. What is most important in life?

The family Brandon and I are raising. It is definitely not easy being a blended family,but is very much worth it.

10. What is the strangest word you used this week?

hmmmm I’d have to get back to you on that one. Although one of my kids said gooder yesterday and I about flipped out of my skin…than an hour later Brandon said it…bad grammar bad bad grammar.

And there you have it 10 easy totally random questions for our Monday Listicles.Well I’m off to the OB apt.I suppose I should shower first! I will catch ya’ll on the flip side…ok wait flip side…def weirdest word I’e used all week.

Memories of My Daddy

Good Morning! I am off and running as always this morning but when I saw the Monday Listicles topic I knew I had to stop for a few and join in. I try to every Monday but lately I’ve just been so darn exhausted….hmmm wonder why? 🙂 This weeks list is:

10 memories of a special man in our life.

It is brought to us by Kim at The G is Silent.

For me being such a self proclaimed daddy’s girl I don’t think I blog about my dad nearly enough. I’ve never been your typical daddy’s girl though where all I have to do is bat my eyelashes and the world crashes down for him. Nope I am the daddy’s girl,that well….most the time my father was the only one who could get through to me,or put me in my place,whichever was needed at the time.

And so without further ado (and without me crying while I type…darn pregnancy hormones.) 10 memories of my daddy.

I’m pretty sure he deserves it seeing as I haven’t always been this sweet and darling girl you read about out here in the blogosphere…..ok hold on someone has to pick me up from the floor I’m laughing too hard after typing that….anyone?

10 Memories of My Daddy

1. The not one but TWO pet moles he worked day and night to keep alive just so I could say “hey I had pet moles growing up.” Yes we lived out in the country and our yard was full of mole holes. Every once in awhile my dad would manage to dig one up and we would try and keep it for awhile. Unfortunately, we discovered that moles eat their weight in worms daily. So even with dad going out before work,coming home on his lunch break, and digging before and after dinner for the creepy crawlies, the moles never lasted very long. They still had a better fate then the neighbor behind us who would sit on his back porch with a beer and a shotgun and shoot them…yeah yeah you might be a redneck if…

2. The numerous nights staying up with me trying to explain exactly WHY x=34, and how yes seriously the alphabet DOES belong in math…somewhere. There was crying…screaming…total tantrum meltdowns…and my dad stayed calm through it all. Yes and this was me in highschool. My favorite phrase was,”Ok I get it but WHY!!!!!”

3. The 4th of July’s that he would let me light the fireworks as a young child. he would put his finger through my back belt loop and then once the fuse was lit YANK me backwards. I don’t know which was more fun,getting to play with fire or the momentary flight after he tugged me back far enough.

4. Speaking of flight. My dad got his pilots license when I was young. Some of my favorite memories with him is of us being up in the air. I even got to fly over Mt Saint Helens. Then there was the time that he told me to take the controls…and tried to teach me how to “stall” the plane…which resulted I’m pretty sure in another “Oh Hell NO” moment….Planes are meant to stay in motion.

5.My dad(along with my mom as well) taking me and 5 of my friends from Spokane to Seattle and back again just so we could see New Kids On The Block. Yes my dad sat with us 6 screaming girls and endured…I’ll Be Loving You Forever…before driving back home the same night only to get up and go to work a couple hours later.

6. At 16 I broke both my heels in a freak…”hey I know I’m grounded and that my dad is sleeping downstairs waiting for me to sneak out again but I’ll outsmart him and jump off my roof and break BOTH of my feet.” accident. While BOTH parents were pretty steamed and my mom suggested just throwing me in a bathtub of ice until morning,my dad volunteered to drive me to the ER. On the way we passed a basketball court and a couple people playing(yes at 2 am.) Dad looked over at me while I was in agonizing pain and smirked before asking,”You wanna pull over and shoot a few?” Yes he thought it was quite humorous while I couldn’t fathom HOW anything was funny about me dying in pain.

7. When I was in labor with Nathaniel my dad was one of the people rotated into the room. By the time her got in there the DR had already decided it was c-section time(a whole nother rant and rave I won’t go into.)Not only was my dad allowed to go into the ER with my ex and me but he got to stand on the Dr side of the curtain and watch the whole operation. Having dad’s recount of how Nathaniel was when he came out has been an awesome memory to be told and retold.

8.When I was 10 days past due with Kenna my dad was with me again. My mom had come up to help and her appendix had ruptured so dad flew up to help out. For 10 days after my due date dad listened to me go “uh oh” with no avail of any further contractions. Finally on the 10th day after I had gone grocery shopping I sat down and hear an audible “pop” I said the words I had repeated many times and my dad said he didn’t want to hear any more “uh ohs” or “oh a contraction.” then I stood up…yup my water HAD broken. My dad kept telling me to get moving as I ran around the apartment with a towel wrapped around my waist. he said he was not delivering this baby. Little did he know 12 hours later he almost would catch Kenna as the DR took her sweet time getting her gloves on and Kenna just decided to keep sliding right out.

9.When I brought Kenna home from the hospital dad was there watching Nathaniel. Nathaniel took one look at Kenna and asked,”my baby?” I told him yes his baby. Then he wanted to hold her. Me being the nervous new mother of a two year old AND a newborn told him not right now. Nathaniel started bawling….then Kenna started bawling….then I out of sheer panic….started bawling, and dad stood there with that smirk on his face and video camera in hand asking what was wrong why was I crying…

10. When I was trying to make the decision on moving back up here to WA last year my dad for the first time ever in his life told me what I needed to do. Normally,he does not get in the way of my decisions. This time though he flat out told me,”Wendy I don’t think AZ has anything left to offer you and you need to move back home to WA.” When I told him I was worried about leaving him and mom behind because what if they needed me for health reasons?He told me it was my job to live my life and take care of my kids not to worry about him or my mom. That was an amazing moment in my life that really showed me how selfless he was.

I’m pretty sure I could go on and on with this list. There are so many memories I have of my dad and we’re hoping to make another one very soon. Brandon and I have decided that since my dad has always been such a big part of my births as well as a part of supporting me that we’d like to have him in the delivery room with us once again. They were already planning a trip up here around that time,so if he’s here he’ll be part of team Adrienne. Or as he put it,

“Do I get to bring my catcher’s mitt?”

Thanks Stasha and Kim for such a great Monday Listicles topic…I only teared up a few dozen times.

What a Spouse Should Do During Pregancy And Labor

Stasha’s husband picked out this week’s Listicles…which I absolutely adore. Gotta love a supportive husband!He picked 10 things a husband should do which probably should’ve been retitled…”If Your Husband Takes The Garbage Out He Is Totally Super Man.” Cough Cough…Ahem

And well since I’m pregnant…oh yeah I’m pregnant in case you’ve missed that news flash,I thought I would do a list of 10 things all spouses should do during pregnancy and labor. Ya know in case anyone else needs to give their Significant Other a little bathroom time reading.

10 Things Your Spouse/Significant Other Should Do During Your Pregnancy and Labor


1. Go out and buy the damn test when she is 2 weeks late and very obviously living in a state of denial.Even if she says things like,”No way can I be pregnant…I’m just late,I’m never on time anyways.” Then gently push her into the bathroom and stand guard at the door till she pees on that stick.(Ok the first part he did…the second part he probably should’ve done.)

2. When the test comes out positive and she goes into the state of “I’m almost 35 I can’t be pregnant…oh god the youngest and this baby would be 7 years apart…umm we’re not married….my dad is going to kill me.” Sit there and hold her and brush her hair back and tell her everything is going to be ok….even if you yourself  are freaking out on the inside.(Again big points on B’s part)

3.When she says she’s tired even though she’s only been up from a full night’s sleep for 2 hours encourage her to go take a nap.

4. If you cook her dinner and she eats it and tells you how good it was(which it totally was.),but then mentions how she’s craving Mc Donald’s fries and a chicken sandwich.Silently pull out a 5 and tell her to go get some.(I’m tellin ya B should be nominated for SaintHood.)

5.Let he throw a little Tupperware once in awhile,as long as she’s not aiming it at you,if she’s really feeling that exhausted/agitated/emotional/hormonal,better the Tupperware being tossed than the good dishes.

6. Support her when she is going through some of the scariest testing in her life for the baby. Even if you hadn’t walked down that road with her before,hold her,let her cry,but make sure she does what she needs to do.(Again …. he’s kinda awesome that way.)


7. When she says she wants a homebirth…listen to her. She probably has some pretty good reasons to why she doesn’t want to be locked away in a hospital for 24 hours…like she’ll really miss all 6 of her other kids,and she wants the whole thing to be for the whole family.

8. During my contractions will not be the time to crack jokes. It WILL be the time to let me squeeze the everliving daylights out of any of your body parts that I wish though…

9.Do not sit there and tell me “You can do it honey..” Listen I love you and I know you’re going to be way supportive but telling me I can do something that is honestly going to happen whether I do anything or not, is kind of like telling a 2 year old no…it’s most likely going to end up in me crying and screaming,”I KNOW I can do it…I just don’t want to anymore!” (This one my dear is a big heads up for you..don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

10. Just keep being as awesome and as supportive as you’ve been this whole pregnancy. You’ve been great so far now is NOT the time to screw it up! Seriously,I may not say it a whole lot but I appreciate it and can’t wait to share Miss Adrienne with you!