Homeschool Daze

Yes this marks the 7th year of our homeschool journey! It’s never gone smoothly but it has always been fun. I take a very electic,relaxed approach to schooling.We do mostly Unit Studies. My kids constantly amaze me with the things they have learned.Below are some of my favorite links old and new that I have used to help with our schooling!


Five in a Row and Before Five in a Row are awesome easy unit studies especially for the beginning homeschooling family! I have found them a bit lacking once the kid hits about 5th grade but before them, my kids have learned so much. They can still spout off information about Thomas Edison from our study 2 years ago.

Another favorite Unit Study curriculum we use is Christian Cottage Unit Studies. We are on the second volume now For God So Loved The World. It focuses on the Eastern Hemisphere of the World. This is what we’re doing our Africa Unit Study out of right now. Very Biblically based and my children have learned a lot about the word of God as well as the other countries!

Homeschool in the woods is a fun hands on group of unit studies!We did their explorer unit study a few years ago and not only did we make an amazing lapbook, but my kids learned how to tie different knots(and so did I),but they also learned how to dry fruit and were able to easily tell you which country  the Explorer came from and WHO they sailed for!

This coming school year we’ll be stepping into United States History. I have pretty much decided we will be using Learning Adventures, A New World of Adventure. From what I have looked over so far it seems to be pretty extensive. I’m excited to read great books with my kids such as Island of The Blue Dolphins and Johnny Tremain!


Favorite Places on the Web

In our early years of homeschooling I LIVED off the site What a great site for all sorts of information and work sheets for up to 3rd grade!

Another great early ages site for reading is  What I liked about this site is you really do have a couple of ways to teach reading. You can just use the website, or you can order the books as well and the workbooks that go with it. They are very very cheap compared to most reading programs. 2 of my 4 kids learned how to read using this site. is a great unit study and lapbook site. I found this site while we were using Five in a Row curriculum. They have a whole section just for the Five in a Row Volumes! They were a great addition to our regular lessons. has also been a great source for almost anything you need. Best of all they have a freebies section!!! We have done many holiday lapbooks or studies using curriculum we have found off their site. They have also expanded over the last couple of years to online classes as well.



Ugg the dreaded subject of number rejects everywhere!!! As our school year advances you will hear me complain,whine,and even cry over teaching my kids math. My brain is just not wired for this subject and many times I still call my dad asking “I get the steps BUT WHY!!!!” you’d think I was the one taking the course!

Well I have found two yes two great curriculums for math that cut the crying down to half for me! Trust me math and snakes will make me cry and puke every time!

Oak Meadow math is stinkin AWESOME!!!!! Nathaniel has been using this since 4th grade! What I love about this math is it explains it as if talking to the child and so umm if you’re like me and mathly challenged(yes yes it should be mathematically) then you almost kinda sort of get it!(ok you WILL get it)The only downfall? The separate math book doesn’t start until 4th grade since it is a Waldorf inspired curriculum and before then the math is a little more relaxed.

Teaching Textbooks is also an answer to prayer. Again like Oak Meadow it doesn’t start till 3rd grade. Both Kenna and Lane my two number challenged children are using this. They have gone from hating math to loving it.(I know I know sick sick children) This product is spendy, I was given it to me from a friend and will def be splurging on it when I can.

Before 4th grade I usually use assorted workbooks with the kids. I love Spectrum workbooks and pretty much any other math book I can find at Barnes and Nobles.This gives you a chance to see where your kids are and if they need extra time on a certain part of math you can always just get a workbook that only focuses on that.

As far as Language Arts goes most the unit studies we do have a lot of writing in them. Again in the earlier grades we use Spectrum workbooks or any other ones. I also have recently implemented a journal time first thing for school. I give them 20 minutes to write in their journals. They’re allowed to draw as long as they write what they have drawn and tell about it. If your child is too young to write yet you could have them draw a picture and the narrate to you what the picture is about. Not only does this give you 20 minutes in the beginning of your day to get settled, but the kids get their imagination flowing right from the start of the day!




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