30 day makeup challenge…the last week!

Wow I have made it almost a full month without wearing any makeup. In fact I’ve only opened my makeup box one time and that was on Easter. I had considered taking a cheat on Easter in fact I even had my makeup ideas all set in my head. I was going to look very cute…then I opened my makeup box, looked in the mirror,and decided the only thing I really needed was a little bit of mascara.


That was my cheat a little bit of mascara….Here I had given myself free reign to wear whatever makeup I wanted and all I put on was mascara. And I felt good about it.

I’ve noticed that my skin has improved…and my freckles are more visible. There are no more dry patches on my face,and all I’ve been using is a foaming cleanser and a face mask when I remember.

Now if only my hair would hurry up and grow out I’d be a bit happier.

I still love makeip and still love playing around with it,but I do not miss the foundation and powder.I am throwing around the idea of just using a tinted moisturizer when and if I return to using makeup.If I don’t use that though,I really don’t think I will go back to using foundation.

Yes I know I’ll still wear eyeshadow here and there and blush,but ehhh why do I have to cover up my whole face?

Who is this women?

Definitely not the women I remember….




Heck No We Won’t Go….nursing past a year!

I haven’t posted with the sisters n cloth breastfeeding hop for awhile. Mainly,because the topics were covering problems as well as other uses for breast milk. I have encountered neither of these,so well, I haven’t had anything to say! I know, I know me? Quiet? Nothing to say? Unbelievable right?

This week’s topic however is right up my alley! The topic is nursing past one.

When Adrienne and I first ventured on this breastfeeding journey together my first goal was to make it to 6 months. Well,Adrienne turned 7 months on Monday!

7 months and she still prefers breast milk to anything else. She has had some baby cereal,which she quickly grew tired of. I now offer her up the food we’re eating,but a couple of bites later she is really only still interested in nursing. Which is fine by me. She is using s sippy cup with water about once a day,but we have totally skipped the whole bottle thing. What Adrienne needs during the high paced day of being surrounded by 6 older siblings,is time to just sit and cuddle with mommy and detach from the rest of the world. HEY,I GET THAT!

So why would I even want to go over a year nursing?

With my other kids I learned that babies and kids will move on when they are ready. I”m pretty sure Squishy will not be sitting around the table schooling,stressed out about learning multiplication,with a boob hanging out of her mouth for comfort.

Now though,she not only nurses for nourishment,but also for comfort. So why wouldn’t I continue that into her toddler years?

I’ve had friends and family members ask when I plan to switch her over. Or tell me I can’t baby her forever. Well trust me she is not the temperament that can be babied. As much as she loves to snuggle and nurse,she is extremely independent and curious about the world around her.

I have become to think of myself as a “homebase” for Squishy.

Also what better way to ensure she is getting her vegetables,fruits(which she does not care for in eating),and other vitamins than by nursing? I know in time she will start eating more foods and nursing less,but right now she is a healthy,nursing,7 month old who is ready to take on the world.


“Springing” into Spring


Spring has graced us with it’s nice sunny head this week! It has been sunny everyday and with that comes the smell of stinky feet,the sound of basketball being played,the sight of kids running and laughing,the taste of lighter foods such as macaroni salad,and the touch of duckling and chick fluffiness as our little babies get bigger!

Yes Casa La Crazy is in constant metamorphic stage.


Hard to believe that Squishy will be 7 months the day after Easter! She is crawling,pulling herself up and oh bathing WITHOUT the bath seat now!!!So much easier on my back!

“Ummmm excuse me momma I NEED my privacy!”

At her last Dr apt she weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs!She is wearing nothing smaller than 12 month closing and babbles and likes to make all of us laugh. While we have tried solids “jug juice” is still her preferred method of nutrition. She wants nothing to do with baby food and loves rice,peas,corn,and spinach.

Our homeschool journey is changing as well! After Kenna asking about public school next year I think I found an answer that will fit all of us! It is a public/parent partnership school or an ALE. We went and checked it out on Tuesday. Basically,it is a public school,but you can take classes there or at home. The parent is still in charge of the children’s learning which I love. They have so many classes from the basics to digital photography,pottery,weight lifting,drama,band, and even archery! 3 of the kiddos will be trying it out for the end of the school year one day a week,then next year all 4 of them will attend and possibly my 2 bonus girls! Which means I would have all 6 at home. We would all be on the same page. When we went to check it out Tuesday all 4 of the kiddos fell in love with the school as did I.

Kenna will be the only one not trying it out. She is sure she wants to do it next year,but she has a big ending to her school year. In April she will be going into surgery to have her calf muscles lengthened. After years of back and feet pain we believe we have finally found the answer. This will put her up for a little while but to me is all worth it after I saw the smile on her face and her telling me,

“Next year I can take PE!”

The ducklings and chicks are getting big and have been a lot of fun to have around! We can’t wait till the chicks start laying,which is still a ways away,and the ducks well they’re just way too cute! Messy,but cute!

Yes things are definitely busy here as always but with a nice twist. the sunshine sure helps everyone’s moods.

We will be walking in the March For Babies April 27. Please please if you find it to your heart to donate even a dollar you can do so on the team’s homepage here


We will be walking the neighborhoods this weekend collecting donations but we still have so far to go before we hit our goal. The kids are so excited to be doing this in memory of their brother/stepbrother Reed. I am proud of them for their enthusiasm.

So yes as you can see things are definitely “springing” into spring over here in our neck of the woods! I have many “little projects” to keep me going as well as a constantly moving baby!

5 things you should NEVER say to MY mother growing up.

Oh what a fun topic over at Mama Kat’s Losin It writing prompts this week! I will admit I did the “Kenna Maniacal Laugh” when I read number 4. 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Mother.


Mama’s Losin’ ItI was known as a child to spout off at the mouth. My mouth was the one thing that could constantly get me in trouble. I’m pretty sure I could’ve gotten in trouble just for saying things in my sleep…in fact I did once when my mom heard me cussing in my sleep. In my defense I had an ulcer…it flippin hurt!

So here ya go 5 things you should never say to MY mom. We’ll do it countdown style…because number 1 still I think goes down in the record books.

5. “Why do you have to be home when I get home? Can’t you get a job?When I grow up I’m NEVER going to be a stay at home mom.”  Yeah that one kinda bit me in the ass huh? I now know why my mom was always home when I came home from school and value her sacrifices very much but man back then,I swore it was her day in day out job just to spy on me.

4. ” Stop fighting you two.” Ok I should say I grew up in the age of “divorce”  My parents have been married for 46 years come this June. They’ve been it for better and for worst When I would say this my parents would look at me quizzically and respond with,”We’re not fighting we’re discussing.” Looking back I see that they were because I can honestly not remember ONE fight between the two of them.

3. “What are we having for dinner?” Sometimes the answer would be “baaaa” (yes she made the animal noise),sometimes she would answer,”chicken boobies”(sigh totally embarrassing as a teen), and sometimes she would just answer slop. Oh yummm!

2.”Stop yelling at me.” to which my mom in turn would tell me,”THIS is not yelling….THIS IS YELLING!” ok ok mom I got the difference.

And number 1 you NEVER EVER used as a response to a task my mother asked of you. I mean NEVER…..

1. “Yes Mother Dearest.”  to which the rant would start,” Do NOT call me Mother Dearest! Do I beat you with wire hangers?Do I? Well? NO? Then do not call me Mother Dearest.”  Don’t think this stopped me though. I knew this was the one hot button phrase that would get my mom’s goat.

I shared this with my kids one time. I had to explain to them who Joan Crawford was. Of course they try it with me to which I respond in my best Joan Crawford, “No…More…Wire…Hangers!”


30 days no makeup challenge…. Week 3 Struggling

I’m in my 3rd week of my no makeup challenge. Here we go week 3….and these are the things I notice.

-I seem to be a tad bit more “hormonal” (ok maybe a very large amount more hormonal) I’m not sure why,but I’m taking EVERYTHING the kids say to heart. My heart has been hurt so many times in the past week. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not wearing makeup. Or maybe it does because that extra time for me in the morning does sometimes make a difference.

– I seem to be obsessing over my hair more and can never get it quite right.

– All the spring makeup line is out and calling my name…

– Wait Easter is Sunday and we’re going to B’s grandparents church AND Adrienne is being dedicated AND I’m supposed to stand in front of the church in no makeup?????

– I don’t only have “bingo wings”(ya know that flab under your arm), that my kids tease me about relentlessly. I also have “mommy bags”

– I hate my hair at the moment have I mentioned that?

-Walking past the make up aisles at stores is getting harder and harder to do.

-I honestly think just a little bit of lip gloss would not hurt….but I haven’t done it yet.

-My mom asking me if I was going to be wearing makeup by the time she gets up here in May doesn’t really help with my whole point of the challenge.

Yes week 3 has been challenging to say the least. Last night at dinner I announced I was ready to throw in the towel. I miss the “fun” part of my morning routine.

Here’s to hoping I make it to April 8th.

And no there are no pics this week.


10 things to look forward for in Spring!!!!

WOoohoo it’s a week until Spring Break! Oh wait we don’t really do Spring Break. Well we kinda do. My idea of Spring Break is adding an 8th child for a couple of days then giving away one of my kiddos. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Celebrity Wife Swap…..NAH.

Today Stasha over at The Good Life has a Monday Listicles of 10 things we’re looking forward to in Spring! Spring definitely came in true Spring like fashion last week. Snowing one minute,sunshine,than rain and sleet. Hopefully,it’s evening out a bit though,because Casa La Crazy is getting even crazier over here with a few additions!

10 Reasons I’m Excited About Spring

1. Babies….yes lots and lots of babies have flooded our house!!!!



Here a duck there a chick…oh yes just call me Old McDonald.

Of course these guys are growing up way too fast to and just making me sad as well.

2. SUNSHINE!!!!! after months of the sun being MIA it is finally peeking it’s sweet little head out and making me VERY HAPPY!!!

3. The fact that even though our lease is up this week we do not have to move as previously thought and get to keep living here! WOOHOO no moving for us.

4.Driving the new mommy van with my windows down and this song playing:

5. Adrienne’s first Easter as well as her being dedicated on that day!

6. Time our shooting hoops. Oh yes we got a new basketball hoop and let me tell you this…momma’s not too bad!

7. Planting our garden….I don’t know if I’m so much looking forward to it as I suck at gardening,but the girls are looking forward to it so I will give it my best shot!

8.My mom coming to visit for my cousins college graduation. Yup my mommy is coming!

9.The bunnies in our back yard multiplying yet again and free ranging with the rest of the animals.

10 And finally….

Showing Adrienne outside things for the first time like the flowers,feeling the sunshine,and smelling the fresh cut lawn!


Why Do They Have To Grow Up?

Last week was a busy week. Like one of those weeks you’re not even sure you took the time to pee,busy.I think we had one non busy day that whole week.Of course the one day that is not busy,where I could actually breathe and I think everything is going swimmingly,I get thrown through a loop by Kenna.

I am just gonna say it now and get it out of the way….THIS is a total whiner post.


Because to put it simply,my kids are growing up and I realize there is no way to ever EVER slow it down.

It all started with a maniacal laugh and a question. Yes Kenna has a maniacal laugh and when she does I know I’m in for it. She just kept giggling that she wanted to go on an adventure.

What kind of an adventure does an 11 almost 12 year old want to go on? Well keep in mind this is no normal 11 year old. This 11 year old wants to build a community homestead over in England when she grows up and keeps meticulous notes on good plants and herbs,as well as building plans for “the guild”(her name for it). So with Kenna you really never ever know.

I told her to follow me to the bathroom because well I had to pee and let’s face it 7 kids in the house,it’s still the only place for privacy.It probably was a good thing I was sitting down.

“I want to go to public junior high or an alternative. I know I’ve said I never wanted to go before but it will be an ADVENTURE!”

Good thing I was sitting down.

Most kids’ idea of an adventure would be going to Disney Land. Not my kiddos.

After the shock of the fact that she might now be home with me all the time next year wore off I began researching some alternatives,to which I think we found a great one.

I was already having a hard time with the fact that Nathaniel was going to be a Freshman next year. I mean,how can I have a Freshman? I still remember him being this very hard headed toddler,with empathy for miles. Now he has grown into a great young man who is very willing to help out around the house despite his smart ass comments sometimes.

We had settled on computer schooling for him for next year just the week before.However,after looking over this great school,Nathaniel will be going there as well.

So will a couple of the younger kids for a few enrichment classes.

This IS a new adventure for us, as I’ve always been the sole principle,teacher,curriculum chooser. For the last 8 years it has been all me.

The more I look into it though,the more I like the program. We meet with the principle on Tuesday.

Why do they have to grow up though?

When did they become capable of making such adult decisions.Ones, that are absolutely for the best of them?

I know I know I still have my bonus girls,and Holly and Lane and Adrienne. I can see it in their eyes though…they’re all growing up as well.

Heck at 6 and a half months Adrienne is already trying to pull herself up on things!

Time needs to just slow down! I now understand why the Duggars have so many kids.

I know many people look forward to their kids growing up. I do as well. I can’t wait to see what kind of adults they become. However,with the addition of Adrienne I am reminded of my first true love as an adult,being a mother.

I will survive this just as every mother before me. I am struggling with it though. So please if you see me,and I seem to be a bit off,just be kind.



30 Day No Makeup Challenge:End of Week One Bring On Week Two!

I made it through a full week of no makeup. To say it was easy for me would be a lie. However,it was not as hard as I expected. I think the fact that we have been pretty busy as well helped a bit. Until it was time to go visit family. Even then,I got over it quickly

I love how easy it is to get ready in the morning. I’m even thinking about putting away my makeup box for the rest of the time….thinking about it,have not done it yet.

One of the best things about this last week is that Squishy has really started to give great open mouth kisses.These kisses land anywhere from my collar bone to my cheek or forehead. If I had makeup on it wouldn’t be safe for me to let her kiss me. I would totally be missing out on a great part of parenting.



My hardest part of the whole make up thing is the mentality of it. I have always,for myself, not worn makeup only on my lazy days. I am slwly getting over this though as well.

So I will pat myself on the back for completing week 1 and yell,”Bring on week 2!”


I mean do you really need makeup to catch beautiful natural moments like this?


Help Support Our March!


It is finally showing signs of Spring here at Casa La Crazy! The birds are chirping,little buds are budding,and the kids are spending more time outdoors. We are busy getting the household ready for “hopefully” a garden this year as well as chicks and ducklings that will be making their way into our household next week. EEEEKKKKK!!!!! How exciting!

We are also getting ready for the annual March For Babies walk. Oh yes Team Casa La Crazy will be walking this year!

Yes we’re already very busy around here,but as most of you know this is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts.This coming July it will be 10 years since Reed entered this world at 26 weeks and then slipped away to his heavenly home. We still miss him every single day.

So I am asking you guys as my friends to help spread the word about our team walking. Yes we will be Team Casa La Crazy. You can go to our team page here and donate:


Please help spread the word. Our team goal is only 500 dollars.If each of my blogging friends donated only 10 dollars we would reach this goal in no time!

All of my kids are walking as well as some of my kids’ friends I am so proud of them. What an awesome way they can honor their brother. Even for those who never got to meet him.

So please let’s show these kiddos that their walk is going to make a difference.


My 30 Day No Make Up Challenge Day 1….OHHH Boy!

Who doesn’t love a challenge????Oh wait me that’s who.I’ve had enough challenges in my life to fill mine and probably two other lifetimes. Especially something that I have been doing for years,and enjoy as part of my morning routine.

I’m turning 36 in a coupe of months and realized I have been wearing make up since the age of 10.It started with some blush and lip gloss because of my “pale” skin,but quickly escalated to foundation just to “even” out my skin tone.By the end of 6th grade I was wearing a full face of makeup to school,and when I didn’t wear makeup there must’ve been something wrong with me. That’s 26 years of wearing makeup!I have been wearing makeup longer than I have had my period.

I look at my two eleven year olds who have no desire to wear makeup yet,and am very thankful. Of course if one asked I would probably let them wear some lip gloss.Kenna did wear makeup to the homeschool dance,at her choice. I wondered if it was the start of something,but not a word has been said since. Both of my eleven year olds are very beautiful without a face full of makeup.

Holly and Kenna were challenging me last week about giving up makeup for a year.

A YEAR!!!!

I felt a panic attack coming on.

Realy? A panic attack over no makeup?

SO I’m biting the bullet….

but not for a year.

Today is March 12 and I am giving up makeup for a month.Nathaniel asked me why not a year. I told him I was going to start small.He told me “Go big or Go home.”

A month IS big to me!!!!

I will focus instead on a good skincare routine.I will focus more on my natural beauty the beauty God blessed me with. Every Tuesday I will check in and post a pic or two and write about how it is going. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my heart is beating a little fast right now.

So,here’s to week one day one! I did a facial mask,wash, and lotion with spf. That is it. From time to time I may wear a little Vaseline on my lips but only to keep the dryness at bay.

Would anyone else like to join me?

week 1 day 1 no makeup