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It’s all just normal here at Casa La Crazy….

Spring Break is over and we’re halfway through our first week back at school. We’re all alive as well. Squishy is back to her normal self and well let’s just say we’ve all been a tad bit busy having fun!

all 7

(All 7 kiddos last week at the park.)

The ducks are getting huge and got their first real swimming time yesterday. Oh yes,that’s my wonderful boyfriend giving duck advice in the background. 🙂



Apparently Squishy likes ice cream…A Lot!

And she’s pretty serious when people are in her way of walking down the side of the couch,as seen here with Nathaniel. He wouldn’t move his legs so she could pull herself up and keep going and boy did she let him know about it!

I’ve been busy trying to finally hang up pictures around the house and what was supposed to be a couple hour project turned into 3 days and still not all the way done.

And last but not least the end of my 30 day no makeup challenge! After 30 days no foundation or powder I cannot see myself going back to that anytime soon. Hey I have freckles I forgot existed! Instead my new,every day make up look consists of eyeliner on the bottom,mascara,and some blush.This momma learned a lot and is very happy about it! What do you all think?

end of challenge

Yes,Yes things are quite normal here…


30 day makeup challenge…the last week!

Wow I have made it almost a full month without wearing any makeup. In fact I’ve only opened my makeup box one time and that was on Easter. I had considered taking a cheat on Easter in fact I even had my makeup ideas all set in my head. I was going to look very cute…then I opened my makeup box, looked in the mirror,and decided the only thing I really needed was a little bit of mascara.


That was my cheat a little bit of mascara….Here I had given myself free reign to wear whatever makeup I wanted and all I put on was mascara. And I felt good about it.

I’ve noticed that my skin has improved…and my freckles are more visible. There are no more dry patches on my face,and all I’ve been using is a foaming cleanser and a face mask when I remember.

Now if only my hair would hurry up and grow out I’d be a bit happier.

I still love makeip and still love playing around with it,but I do not miss the foundation and powder.I am throwing around the idea of just using a tinted moisturizer when and if I return to using makeup.If I don’t use that though,I really don’t think I will go back to using foundation.

Yes I know I’ll still wear eyeshadow here and there and blush,but ehhh why do I have to cover up my whole face?

Who is this women?

Definitely not the women I remember….



30 Day No Makeup Challenge:End of Week One Bring On Week Two!

I made it through a full week of no makeup. To say it was easy for me would be a lie. However,it was not as hard as I expected. I think the fact that we have been pretty busy as well helped a bit. Until it was time to go visit family. Even then,I got over it quickly

I love how easy it is to get ready in the morning. I’m even thinking about putting away my makeup box for the rest of the time….thinking about it,have not done it yet.

One of the best things about this last week is that Squishy has really started to give great open mouth kisses.These kisses land anywhere from my collar bone to my cheek or forehead. If I had makeup on it wouldn’t be safe for me to let her kiss me. I would totally be missing out on a great part of parenting.



My hardest part of the whole make up thing is the mentality of it. I have always,for myself, not worn makeup only on my lazy days. I am slwly getting over this though as well.

So I will pat myself on the back for completing week 1 and yell,”Bring on week 2!”


I mean do you really need makeup to catch beautiful natural moments like this?


My 30 Day No Make Up Challenge Day 1….OHHH Boy!

Who doesn’t love a challenge????Oh wait me that’s who.I’ve had enough challenges in my life to fill mine and probably two other lifetimes. Especially something that I have been doing for years,and enjoy as part of my morning routine.

I’m turning 36 in a coupe of months and realized I have been wearing make up since the age of 10.It started with some blush and lip gloss because of my “pale” skin,but quickly escalated to foundation just to “even” out my skin tone.By the end of 6th grade I was wearing a full face of makeup to school,and when I didn’t wear makeup there must’ve been something wrong with me. That’s 26 years of wearing makeup!I have been wearing makeup longer than I have had my period.

I look at my two eleven year olds who have no desire to wear makeup yet,and am very thankful. Of course if one asked I would probably let them wear some lip gloss.Kenna did wear makeup to the homeschool dance,at her choice. I wondered if it was the start of something,but not a word has been said since. Both of my eleven year olds are very beautiful without a face full of makeup.

Holly and Kenna were challenging me last week about giving up makeup for a year.

A YEAR!!!!

I felt a panic attack coming on.

Realy? A panic attack over no makeup?

SO I’m biting the bullet….

but not for a year.

Today is March 12 and I am giving up makeup for a month.Nathaniel asked me why not a year. I told him I was going to start small.He told me “Go big or Go home.”

A month IS big to me!!!!

I will focus instead on a good skincare routine.I will focus more on my natural beauty the beauty God blessed me with. Every Tuesday I will check in and post a pic or two and write about how it is going. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my heart is beating a little fast right now.

So,here’s to week one day one! I did a facial mask,wash, and lotion with spf. That is it. From time to time I may wear a little Vaseline on my lips but only to keep the dryness at bay.

Would anyone else like to join me?

week 1 day 1 no makeup

How a Momma to 7 Prepares for Family Photos

Last week I mentioned family pictures….yes our family of 9 was going to attempt family pictures.

We attempted

And we NAILED it!

So without further ado…how to get a family of 9 ready for family pictures in one week.

1.Beginning of week look into all family members closets and quickly do the “Oh my goodness how on earth are we ever going to coordinate.” song and dance. Trust me the dance is more fun than the song. The dance involves going up and down three flights of stairs,going in and out of several bedrooms,and then finally realizing you have to color coordinate everything to your nicest nursing tank anyways since most likely baby will want to eat during said photo shoot. The song may or may not include a couple of swears. See the dance is MUCH more fun.

2.  After deciding on the color scheme announce it to the kids and be met appropriately with the groans of,”ohhhhh we have to match?”Honestly i picked out grey,black,burgundy and pink. NOT that difficult. Kids had their outfits picked out within minutes.

3. The third day in you tell the kids to go put on their outfits so you can see how they all look together.Again met with groans because, well momma may be obsessing over this a little too much. Assure the kids it’ll be like a fashion show! Older kids roll their eyes younger kids dig the awesome idea their way cool momma came up with.

4.Listen to more groans and little girls excitement while you ask them to pose for a “practice picture” in their outfits.

Obviously Holly was still going with the “it’s a fashion show” idea.

5. After looking at the picture realize there are a couple of kids that need a hair cut or bang trim.

6.The next day put any extra willing hands up to the cutting of the hair.

7.And now it’s the night before pictures. Throw the boys and two of the girls whose hair will behave overnight into the showers.Pray those four still wake up looking clean in the morning.

8.PICTURE DAY!!! Momma wakes up at 5:30 am (pictures are scheduled for 10:30)to ensure herself a shower,and some quiet time to get into the right mindset. Momma reminds herself that today is supposed to be fun.Momma gets back into pajamas because she happens to know her baby is the queen of spit up.

9.7 am wake the rest of the crew up.Throw the other two girls that did not shower the night before into the shower and begin setting up the “hair fixing station” on the dining room table. Kids are pleased because momma has announced no chores till after we get back. Everyone is in really good moods including momma.

10. Boys are dressed and looking nice by 7:30 and the hair fixing has begun. 1 girls hair straightened, 1 short bob blown dry and styled to the side,1 super long red-headed girls hair blown dry,and one little blondie put into little doggy tails. PHEWWW.In the middle of all this daddy wakes up and showers.(He had worked all night the night before.)

11.With an hour left before photos momma had planned on feeding the baby before getting dressed and putting on makeup,but baby is asleep on the floor so I head upstairs.

12. We arrive at the picture place only 6 minutes late but everyone is happy and relaxed. The photographer looks a little unsure of herself, as she tries to pose all 9 of us, but she soon finds all the kids easy to work with and relaxes even more when we tell her it’s ok if baby doesn’t smile.

13.Ultimate photo shoot ensues…with lots of laughter and lots of smiles. Although,smiles don’t always happen at the same time.The kids do awesome and baby doesn’t cry or want feeding, and hey the parents didn’t do too shabby themselves.

14. Finally after a week of preparing,within an hour its over and we get to see the results. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. heck I’d even venture to say we’re a pretty fine-looking family.

However I’ll let you guys make the final decision.




Yeah I’d say I’m one lucky momma…and that our kiddos are pretty stinkin awesome.