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It’s all just normal here at Casa La Crazy….

Spring Break is over and we’re halfway through our first week back at school. We’re all alive as well. Squishy is back to her normal self and well let’s just say we’ve all been a tad bit busy having fun!

all 7

(All 7 kiddos last week at the park.)

The ducks are getting huge and got their first real swimming time yesterday. Oh yes,that’s my wonderful boyfriend giving duck advice in the background. 🙂



Apparently Squishy likes ice cream…A Lot!

And she’s pretty serious when people are in her way of walking down the side of the couch,as seen here with Nathaniel. He wouldn’t move his legs so she could pull herself up and keep going and boy did she let him know about it!

I’ve been busy trying to finally hang up pictures around the house and what was supposed to be a couple hour project turned into 3 days and still not all the way done.

And last but not least the end of my 30 day no makeup challenge! After 30 days no foundation or powder I cannot see myself going back to that anytime soon. Hey I have freckles I forgot existed! Instead my new,every day make up look consists of eyeliner on the bottom,mascara,and some blush.This momma learned a lot and is very happy about it! What do you all think?

end of challenge

Yes,Yes things are quite normal here…


“Springing” into Spring


Spring has graced us with it’s nice sunny head this week! It has been sunny everyday and with that comes the smell of stinky feet,the sound of basketball being played,the sight of kids running and laughing,the taste of lighter foods such as macaroni salad,and the touch of duckling and chick fluffiness as our little babies get bigger!

Yes Casa La Crazy is in constant metamorphic stage.


Hard to believe that Squishy will be 7 months the day after Easter! She is crawling,pulling herself up and oh bathing WITHOUT the bath seat now!!!So much easier on my back!

“Ummmm excuse me momma I NEED my privacy!”

At her last Dr apt she weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs!She is wearing nothing smaller than 12 month closing and babbles and likes to make all of us laugh. While we have tried solids “jug juice” is still her preferred method of nutrition. She wants nothing to do with baby food and loves rice,peas,corn,and spinach.

Our homeschool journey is changing as well! After Kenna asking about public school next year I think I found an answer that will fit all of us! It is a public/parent partnership school or an ALE. We went and checked it out on Tuesday. Basically,it is a public school,but you can take classes there or at home. The parent is still in charge of the children’s learning which I love. They have so many classes from the basics to digital photography,pottery,weight lifting,drama,band, and even archery! 3 of the kiddos will be trying it out for the end of the school year one day a week,then next year all 4 of them will attend and possibly my 2 bonus girls! Which means I would have all 6 at home. We would all be on the same page. When we went to check it out Tuesday all 4 of the kiddos fell in love with the school as did I.

Kenna will be the only one not trying it out. She is sure she wants to do it next year,but she has a big ending to her school year. In April she will be going into surgery to have her calf muscles lengthened. After years of back and feet pain we believe we have finally found the answer. This will put her up for a little while but to me is all worth it after I saw the smile on her face and her telling me,

“Next year I can take PE!”

The ducklings and chicks are getting big and have been a lot of fun to have around! We can’t wait till the chicks start laying,which is still a ways away,and the ducks well they’re just way too cute! Messy,but cute!

Yes things are definitely busy here as always but with a nice twist. the sunshine sure helps everyone’s moods.

We will be walking in the March For Babies April 27. Please please if you find it to your heart to donate even a dollar you can do so on the team’s homepage here

We will be walking the neighborhoods this weekend collecting donations but we still have so far to go before we hit our goal. The kids are so excited to be doing this in memory of their brother/stepbrother Reed. I am proud of them for their enthusiasm.

So yes as you can see things are definitely “springing” into spring over here in our neck of the woods! I have many “little projects” to keep me going as well as a constantly moving baby!

Organization?!?! Yeah Right!

So now that baby is 5 months old and no not sleeping through the night ,I’ve been able to juggle things a bit more…I’ve also been able to read more of the blogs that I used to and link up with.

This morning I hopped on over to Kelly’s Korner to see what she was up to.

Oh my the topic of the day is organization.

I had to stifle a laugh.

Yesterday was all house clean up.

What is all house clean up you ask?

Well it is when every child gets two extra big chores…..

and they love every minute of it,

or maybe not.

Then as if to add insult to injury,I made them all clean out their rooms,purge,and organize.

So far we’ve taken about 8 bags to donation and our library room is full of many more bags to be dropped off today.

Every once in a while I get a fire under my butt to organize,yesterday was one of those days.

I can actually see kids’ floors,and no fingerprints on the walls.

I know this will last approximately 3 days,but it makes me feel good anyways.

It’s not like my kiddos don’t do chores every morning,but every once in a while it’s good to do some extra deep cleaning and teach the kiddos how to do these new things,so when they grow up they know how.

Organized….yeah moderatly

But how does one stay organized with 7 kids? One that has started to try to crawl?


One is the Loneliest Number

While typing this I have the song “One is the Loneliest Number” playing through my head. This weekend all of our kids except for Adrienne were gone. As a blended family this happens roughly twice a year. This last weekend was one of those times.

I didn’t name this house Casa La Crazy for nothing. With 9 people,7 of them kiddos,there is always something in some part of the house going on.

Except this last weekend.

Within hours of the 6 kiddos being gone I was facebooking how weird it felt only having one child at home.

By that night I had facebooked that I was definitely not made to have only one or two kids.

We constantly get comments the normal comments most large families get:

Are they all yours?

Don’t you know what causes that?

How do you handle all those kids?

I could never handle that many kids I just don’t have the patience.

I knew after I had my second child that I definitely wanted more children. Poor Brandon kind of got thrown into this big family thing,but I am constantly amazed at how much it suits him.

By Sunday even poor Squishy was in a tizzy over not having any of her siblings here at the home front. she just wanted to be held and cuddled…but apparently not only by me and daddy.

Once my kiddos came home Sunday night Squishy’s face lit up and she spent the rest of the night giggling and playing.

Yesterday the girls came home.

All 9 of us are back under one roof again.

We went out to dinner last night with Brandon’s family. As I looked back over at the kids table I felt a wholeness in my heart again.

Yes for me…One is the Loneliest number and I’m so glad to have ALL my kiddos back at home!

Why My Kids Rock

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. B had a nice full weekend off so we got to sneak in some fun activities such as going out for ice cream,just being lazy and sneaking off for a date night at the movies.I also took some time to update my pages on here. I have an entire page dedicated to you other bloggers and why I love you and am pretty sure if we lived closer we would all be best friends. So if I comment on your page regularly go over to Blogs That Make My Day and see if you’re on there. I also redid my about me section since life has changes so drastically since I first started this blog. So if you have time you can also check out: Yes I’m the Twisted Domestic Goddess.

We still do not have our new internet so my updating of things have been slow. SHOES I miss you! Hopefully this week we will not have to worry about getting fapped anymore as well as I will be able to read whatever blogs I WANT! Also I’m very excited because sometime either late this week or early next week I will be doing my first guest post! I cannot wait to share it all with you and I feel honored that Farrah thought of me when wanting to share this topic with others.I’ll give you a hint it’s a topic very near and dear to my heart and has been for a number of years.(No it’s not pregnancy.)

But let’s face it we’re not here to listen to me ramble on about what I’ve been up to. We’re really here because it’s Monday and that means it’s time for(insert drum roll here) Monday Listicles! It’s a great topic this week. It’s all about kids and why they rock!Great topic! So….on with the show.

10 Reasons My Kids Rock

1. Some of them get to where pajamas to school..I feel bad for the two bonus kids because trust me there’s nothing like doing school snuggled up in your fuzzy pj pants.

2. They like the same music as I do…there’s not much music I don’t like so it makes it easy when riding in the car. I must say they have extremely good taste…wonder who they get it from?

3. They still get to climb trees and jump across the creek without the worry of “Ok if I fall and break a leg or arm how am I going to take care of the household for the next 6 weeks in a cast?”

4.They can stay up past 9 pm without their brains turning to complete mush.I really wish they would share this super power with me.

5.They all genuinely love each other.I often here from people that they’re surprised they don’t fight that often.


6.Nathaniel willingly volunteers to babysit when I have errands to run that are easier to just leave kids home for…yes I am a blessed momma.

7. All the kiddos LOVE animals! Even if some of those animals includes snakes. They know to respect God’s creatures and enjoy them.

8.They eat as much as they want and not have to worry about it going straight to their hips…or in their momma’s case their thighs.

9.They can quote any line from Teen Titans(or any other various cartoon) and tell you which episode and season it is from.Trust me…this is a GIFT right here.

10. They all still require hugs from their momma. Nathaniel came running out to the car last week before I could leave because I hadn’t hugged him goodbye. After checking him for fever, I relished in that 12 year old hug. Who knows how much longer I’ll get those.

So I may be biased but I think it’s pretty safe to say that YES my kids ROCK! Well I’m off to finish up lesson plans for the week,cough cough,procrastinator! Then it’s time for me to join a fellow homeschooling mom for coffee. I hope this all helps you kick off your Monday for a great day!