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Look Out!!!! Incoming!!!!

Ms A has gotten to the fun stage of breastfeeding. She has always been a very engaged eater making sure people knew she was still in the room,getting upset if I spoke to others,or even just hitting my other breast.

I got a beautiful necklace for Christmas from Brandon with all of our kids’ names on it.It has four hearts with two names on 3 and only one on the other heart. Thankfully,it is very sturdy because it has been Adrienne’s favorite thing to hold onto while nursing


(thanks goes to the Rusted Chain for making me such a beautiful “nursing necklace”)



Until lately….now she likes to nurse while shoving her whole hand in my mouth. I have no idea why this is even comforting to her,but it is. The kids think it’s funny because they will ask me questions and try to get me to answer with my mouth full of hand.

Her latest breastfeeding trick though totally caught me off guard the first time she did it.She has done the motorcycle kick with her foot,she has attempted to hold onto my other breast while feeding,she has even managed to get up on all fours….and then,out of the blue,the other night….

She sat back on her knees,took one good look at my breast,gathered up all of her gusto,and…..

DIVE BOMB!!!!!!!

The look of pure joy on her face made me crack up in my crazy cat lady laugh.This of course led Squishy to think she was the greatest thing ever(which duh she is.),and practice it repeatedly. Both of us were thoroughly worn out in giggles,as she would dive bomb,feed,then unlatch to try again.

Of course now that she has perfected her technique on the left side,she is trying it out on the right side as well. I know I’m in for it when Squisihy gets up on her knees and starts to bounce with that big ol gummy grin.I can almost hear her shouting:


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Heck No We Won’t Go….nursing past a year!

I haven’t posted with the sisters n cloth breastfeeding hop for awhile. Mainly,because the topics were covering problems as well as other uses for breast milk. I have encountered neither of these,so well, I haven’t had anything to say! I know, I know me? Quiet? Nothing to say? Unbelievable right?

This week’s topic however is right up my alley! The topic is nursing past one.

When Adrienne and I first ventured on this breastfeeding journey together my first goal was to make it to 6 months. Well,Adrienne turned 7 months on Monday!

7 months and she still prefers breast milk to anything else. She has had some baby cereal,which she quickly grew tired of. I now offer her up the food we’re eating,but a couple of bites later she is really only still interested in nursing. Which is fine by me. She is using s sippy cup with water about once a day,but we have totally skipped the whole bottle thing. What Adrienne needs during the high paced day of being surrounded by 6 older siblings,is time to just sit and cuddle with mommy and detach from the rest of the world. HEY,I GET THAT!

So why would I even want to go over a year nursing?

With my other kids I learned that babies and kids will move on when they are ready. I”m pretty sure Squishy will not be sitting around the table schooling,stressed out about learning multiplication,with a boob hanging out of her mouth for comfort.

Now though,she not only nurses for nourishment,but also for comfort. So why wouldn’t I continue that into her toddler years?

I’ve had friends and family members ask when I plan to switch her over. Or tell me I can’t baby her forever. Well trust me she is not the temperament that can be babied. As much as she loves to snuggle and nurse,she is extremely independent and curious about the world around her.

I have become to think of myself as a “homebase” for Squishy.

Also what better way to ensure she is getting her vegetables,fruits(which she does not care for in eating),and other vitamins than by nursing? I know in time she will start eating more foods and nursing less,but right now she is a healthy,nursing,7 month old who is ready to take on the world.


Dear Control Freak Wendy…You Got This!

Breast Feeding Blog Hop Week #2 Letter To yourself as a new mom:

Dear Control Freak Wendy,

Seeing as you already have 4 kiddos and two bonus kiddos the word “new mom” may or may not apply to you however you’re embarking on a whole new adventure that you never thought you would. You are going to become a breast feeding mother. In fact not only just a breast feeding mother but a breastfeeding mother who becomes pretty much obsessed with all things boobie and breast milk related.

This is funny to you because up until now you have always sang the praises and conveniences of bottle feeding,always had that kind of weird feeling about something else attached to your boob,and liked to be on strict schedules. HAHA for you because you’re about ready to embark on a life changing journey for yourself.

You’ve pretty much always despised your breasts. You have harbored feelings of failure for only trying for two days to breast feed Kenna and then never any of your other babies.

And then….

All that changes…

Withing moments of Brandon delivering Adrienne you have her on your breast. She grunts and squirms as your two bodies are still one,and you have your loving boyfriend right there by your side telling you what an amazing job you did and are doing. You don’t care that he is snapping pictures with your boob hanging out because Adrienne is the star of the show.

You will get Adrienne home and still have a sense of peace and calmness about you knowing your milk will come in shortly. Babies cry that’s what they do…go with the flow this to shall pass. You will have a loving Nurse Practitioner that does home visits and she will give you some techniques that involve Brandon helping,but you soon realize with Brandon working nights and sleeping days as much as you both want him to be able to help with the feedings it’s not always possible so you will lean in and tell your baby,

“Ok Squishy this is going to take teamwork…I’ll be patient with you if you be patient with me.”

This will become your mantra.Breastfeeding takes teamwork. Not only from you and Brandon but little Adrienne as well.

Your rigid schedule for the house will quickly fall away as you spend most of your first month on the couch. You will miss out on big family events because of traveling,but in the long run it will all be worth it.

You will stain EVERY nursing tank you have somedays even within hours of buying it. Eventually you will figure out how to get the stains out.

You will get extremely tired around 3 months and begin wondering if your milk supply is getting low because she is feeding ALL THE TIME!!!!! You will try not to let all the negative thoughts creep in. You will know this is a growth spurt and you will just have to put the urge to get other things done aside for now. Your baby needs you and she’s only young once. Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the times feeding and cuddling. Your supply is not low..Squishy is just growing.

For the first time ever not only are you going to be breast feeding but you are totally going to fall in love with your breasts.You will be able to look at them and now that they are there for a very valuable reason,to sustain Adrienne. Your breasts will bring about a bond that you can not easily put into words.

You will go through periods of guilt for not trying harder with your other children.Put those feelings on the shelf or heck kick them out the door.Remember you have some amazing kids who are gorwing up way too fast and spending time over guilt like that will get you nowhere.

You are however breastfeeding Squishy and doing it well. Who Knew?!?Enjoy those quiet and not so quiet moments as she starts smiling and babbling back at you.Take as many pictures as you can stand.These times are going to be gone in a blink of an eye.

You will stick to this and accomplish your dreams. You will be so proud of yourself and learn a new level of patience.I am so proud of you and Squishy is growing bigger every single day.

Remember you CAN do this and you WILL! You got this Wendy and you are gonna rock at it!


Control Freak Wendy


(Adrienne EBF at 4 months old.)