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The new blog is up!

After some screaming and crying and waking up at 4 am to put just a simple new blog layout and blog button together it is up! This will be my last post on Twisted Domestic Goddess. You can now find me over at

Munchkins and Mayhem at Casa La Crazy

Twisted has been a fun blog but like I said before times they are a changin….and it was time for me to switch up! I really hope you’ll hop over there read my first post,leave me some love and come back for more!

Munchkins and Mayhem at Casa La Crazy



See you at Casa La Crazy friends!



Exhaustion….The Good and The Bad

Not much time for blogging lately. I miss it but always seem to have about 20 other things going on,even at 4 in the morning.

Being the director and producer of Casa La Crazy has meant at times I feel pulled in a million different directions. So many changes going on,but all for the good. I woke up yesterday in an emotional funk. I wanted to be happy but truth is I was EXHAUSTED!

When someone asked me how I was yesterday and I told them tired they looked at me as if I had sprouted a third eye. Why is it that it’s ok for people to comment to you saying they don’t know how you handle it all,but when you admit every once in awhile(and trust me I must have been exhausted to actually admit I was tired),that you are tired they don’t understand why.

In fact someone actually asked,”Why” yesterday.

Which then makes me feel like I should be able to handle this whole big family life without being tired. I mean we the parents are the ones that chose to have a large family right? So we should be able to handle it all. That’s not always the case. Most the time it is the case,but through different seasons things change.

I know this season of exhaustion is just that…a season. So much is going on and so much is changing.

Things that have happened in the last 4 weeks alone:

– started 3 of the kids in a one day a week parent/public school partnership. Which now means I have to write out their lesson plans,check in with a teacher,and send in monthly progress of our homeschooling. Next year that will be all 6 school age kids.

– Kenna’s surgery. Having a kiddo laid up without two working legs is hard. It is for the best,but it is hard. Thankfully her casts are off and she has walking boots on,but she needs a walker, and it has taken her some time to get used to walking in the boots. She continues to amaze me though at her “can do” attitude. She even told me she was ready to start doing chores again!

– Moving our ducks and chicks outside. This isn’t necessarily hard,just another thing added to the day. Including the part where I had to stop feeding Squishy last week because all 19 birds managed to get out of the fenced area….it was bound to happen sooner or later. I was hoping for thought!

– The great bedroom swap! Oh yes we did it again. Too many girls going through puberty,needing to be alone. Two little girls who still play with toys and live in fantasy lands. Yes we swapped rooms. IT IS DONE and I will not swap again until we move!!! Which by the way I have informed Brandon we’re not moving again EVER. Well unless we buy a house or the owner decides to move back here.

– My mom’s visit. She arrives tomorrow! HOORAY!!! I’m genuinely looking forward to this.


So it’s not like all these things are bad,in fact none of them are and I enjoy having them be part of my life. It is just a lot going on at one time. I’m sure I’ll adjust to it all,but in the mean time I’m exhausted. I think it’s OK for all of us to become exhausted once in awhile. It means you’re working hard and hopefully with all your heart.

In fact by the time I adjust,knowing me, I”ll add something new to the mix. So for now….Here’s To Exhaustion!!! I raise my coffee cup to you!


10 things to look forward for in Spring!!!!

WOoohoo it’s a week until Spring Break! Oh wait we don’t really do Spring Break. Well we kinda do. My idea of Spring Break is adding an 8th child for a couple of days then giving away one of my kiddos. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Celebrity Wife Swap…..NAH.

Today Stasha over at The Good Life has a Monday Listicles of 10 things we’re looking forward to in Spring! Spring definitely came in true Spring like fashion last week. Snowing one minute,sunshine,than rain and sleet. Hopefully,it’s evening out a bit though,because Casa La Crazy is getting even crazier over here with a few additions!

10 Reasons I’m Excited About Spring

1. Babies….yes lots and lots of babies have flooded our house!!!!



Here a duck there a chick…oh yes just call me Old McDonald.

Of course these guys are growing up way too fast to and just making me sad as well.

2. SUNSHINE!!!!! after months of the sun being MIA it is finally peeking it’s sweet little head out and making me VERY HAPPY!!!

3. The fact that even though our lease is up this week we do not have to move as previously thought and get to keep living here! WOOHOO no moving for us.

4.Driving the new mommy van with my windows down and this song playing:

5. Adrienne’s first Easter as well as her being dedicated on that day!

6. Time our shooting hoops. Oh yes we got a new basketball hoop and let me tell you this…momma’s not too bad!

7. Planting our garden….I don’t know if I’m so much looking forward to it as I suck at gardening,but the girls are looking forward to it so I will give it my best shot!

8.My mom coming to visit for my cousins college graduation. Yup my mommy is coming!

9.The bunnies in our back yard multiplying yet again and free ranging with the rest of the animals.

10 And finally….

Showing Adrienne outside things for the first time like the flowers,feeling the sunshine,and smelling the fresh cut lawn!


Holly takes a break from Casa La Crazy

Sometimes being the youngest or middle child really bites! Especially when you see your older siblings getting to do things like ride their bikes wherever,spend the night at friend’s houses,or getting to go places on their own.

This last weekend our friends Denise and Randy came into town for the day. The girls and I met them for dinner. I met Denise about 6 years ago on one of my first blogs ever. I never imagined how quickly she would become a surrogate mom to me,or an adoptive grandma to all of our kids. I lived in Arizona at the time and she lived up here in Washington. In fact I never thought we’d ever even get to meet!

We’ve helped each other through a lot. She has definitely taught me how to keep a sense of humor about things,and I thank her for that!

Well the last time they came they ended up taking home a Kenna who very much needed a break from Casa La Crazy. They kept her for a few days and they all had fun.

This time as soon as we saw them,Holly piped up and asked,

“Are you coming to kidnap me?!?!?!”

I wasn’t too surprised when Denise admitted that they had just  been talking about it in the car.

So after dinner my over excited 8 year old said good bye and loaded up in the car with her adopted grandparents.I’ve kept in touch with them through facebook, and have gotten to see a lot of the antics going on. Holly is the polar opposite of Kenna so their experience is night and day.

Holly even got to mark something off of her “bucket list” as they went to a concert in Yakima,WA.No the concert wasn’t on her “bucket list”, visiting Yakima, WA was! I tell ya that girl is something else.

Holly and Mercy

Thank you Randy and Denise for giving my little girl a fun, busy,break from Casa La Crazy!!!! We all love you!

Holly in Yakima

Oh yes momma is soooo proud of her glorious table manners!!!!!


Holly and Randy and Denise

So thankful to have these two in our lives!


Casa La Crazy is Still Standing

I know I’ve written a lot lately about breast feeding and the amazing incredible Ms Squishy. You probably think that she is all that happens around here anymore. Believe it or not I still have 6 other kiddos,one amazing boyfriend(as always),and a house that totally has earned its name. Oh yes it is NEVER dull here at Casa La Crazy.

We have all managed to get back into the swing of things after Christmas and then the great sickness bug of 2013…ohhh dear Lord let that be the only sickness bug we get all year. I swear I felt like the walking dead. Who am I kidding I couldn’t even walk…I was about ready to ask for a bed pan. Even though my kids took amazing care of me while Brandon was at work(Nathaniel even slept on the couch next to me in case I needed help.),I do think they would’ve drawn the line at emptying a bed pan.

I have found time to get back into the kitchen…yeah. Cooking dinners for my family and the occasional hot breakfast,make me happy.

The homeschooled kids are getting ready to study the presidents for a month while taking a break from our Narnia studies.

The public schooled girls seem to have gotten back into the swing of school after a long break.

It’s time for me to start thinking about highschool for Nathaniel next year….GULP….HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Yes he will be homeschooled for it….do I know how yet?Nope not a clue!

The landlord that told us she was going to put the house up for sale at the end of our lease(she tells us this the week after Squishy was born.) has now decided not to sell and we get to keep living here! Yeah for stability!

Since we’re staying we have decided it’s time to get chicks here soon. Yup because like we don’t have enough craziness here let’s add chicks…

And maybe,just maybe, we might be adding a milking goat…..

We will be van shopping here soon! As much as I hate car shopping the freedom of a car that will fit us all will be AMAZING!

We did get our family pics done but never managed to send out the holiday cards we ordered.There’s always next year!

I threw out the idea today that if we DID get a milking goat it would be totally cool to take a picture of me milking the goat WHILE squishy milks me…yeah how’s that for random.

The snow is melting which also means more outside time.

And as always…Casa La Crazy is filled with lots of talking,lots of activity,tons of cuddling,and an overabundance of love.

Seriously,if you’re ever in the area you should stop by and see for yourselves….I’ll even save you my favorite coffee mug.



Dance Party Over Here….

My poor poor kids…is what I think on most days I mean they do have to deal with me day in and day out. I can be strict I can be off the wall with new ideas that they know will only last a day at most,then there are some days when it seems like EVERYONE is in my bubble!

Then there are the days that this momma has been up since 4:30 am and is feeling a little loopy while trying to breast feed a child and get a gourmet dinner of fish sticks,french fries, and pickles and olives out. Why is it out of the easiest meals I’ve “made” this week it took me the longest to get it to the table?

Maybe it was because the day before I had been suffering from a SERIOUS case of the grumpies….I mean serious people. No amount of coffee in the world seemed to help,not even topped with whipped cream. No cutest baby smiles….no I love yous….not even my kids doing their school work compliantly could pull me out of that stupid funk.

So yesterday as the “dinner rush” was about to begin and my loopiness from being awake so long began to take affect,I decided we needed music. Not just any music but the kind that makes you wanna jump(Sing it with me y’all Jump Jump!),dance,and croon right along. We needed 80’s and 90’s boy band music! Thank God for Pandora because within minutes we were singing (ok I was doing most of the singing) and dancing along to New Kids On The Block,Bel Biv Devoe,Nsync,Backstreet Boys,and even a little Michael.

I rotated kids in and out of the kitchen to help throw the fish sticks on a sheet or in the oven,while others practiced their smooth dance moves in the living room. I use the word smooth loosely have you ever seen a room full of 7-10 year olds trying to imitate boy band moves?I wish I would’ve taken some video.

AND THE MUSIC????? Well it was up pretty loud.

Thank God Squishy likes music. Oh and the neighbor girl ya know Kenna’s best friend? She sat staring at us like we were all nuts for the most part. I often wonder why she loves coming over so much, (she has become a permanent fixture in our house and is welcomed happily.) then I realize it’s probably like getting to go to the circus for free.


Where you may come in with the grumpies but you will never ever leave without a smile!


One is the Loneliest Number

While typing this I have the song “One is the Loneliest Number” playing through my head. This weekend all of our kids except for Adrienne were gone. As a blended family this happens roughly twice a year. This last weekend was one of those times.

I didn’t name this house Casa La Crazy for nothing. With 9 people,7 of them kiddos,there is always something in some part of the house going on.

Except this last weekend.

Within hours of the 6 kiddos being gone I was facebooking how weird it felt only having one child at home.

By that night I had facebooked that I was definitely not made to have only one or two kids.

We constantly get comments the normal comments most large families get:

Are they all yours?

Don’t you know what causes that?

How do you handle all those kids?

I could never handle that many kids I just don’t have the patience.

I knew after I had my second child that I definitely wanted more children. Poor Brandon kind of got thrown into this big family thing,but I am constantly amazed at how much it suits him.

By Sunday even poor Squishy was in a tizzy over not having any of her siblings here at the home front. she just wanted to be held and cuddled…but apparently not only by me and daddy.

Once my kiddos came home Sunday night Squishy’s face lit up and she spent the rest of the night giggling and playing.

Yesterday the girls came home.

All 9 of us are back under one roof again.

We went out to dinner last night with Brandon’s family. As I looked back over at the kids table I felt a wholeness in my heart again.

Yes for me…One is the Loneliest number and I’m so glad to have ALL my kiddos back at home!

Well Hello There

I have not forgotten my blogging friends though it may seem like it. Just as I was getting ready to start blogging again my laptop died! Because of course that’s how things go around here! With it being right before Christmas the chance of a new laptop will have to wait till the New Year.

So I have hijacked the kids computer WHICH SUCKS!!!!! But I am vowing to start blogging again. You know in between packing lunches..teaching school..baking and cooking…and oh yeah taking care of 3 and 1/2 month old Squishy. Yes Squishy is already 3 and 1/2 months!Can you believe it?


She is a babbling,squirming,very loved on little girl!

The best news for me is that I’m still succesfully exclusively breastfeeding her. I did finally break down and introduce her to a binky,hey these nipples can only take so much.

We have been very busy in between hosting Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas. I promise to start blogging more intentionly,but for today you will just have to settle with pictures.

Speaking of pictures…we’re having out first family photos done this weekend! I am so excited!

oh yeah she’s grabbing things now too!


She is also never left alone by her brothers and sisters



I’ve also been teaching kiddos how to change diapers…yes even the neighbor kiddos.



Until tomorrow…or the next day!

2 months old photo shoot

Dare I say it? Since Saturday Squishy and I have slept in our bed and she has only woke up for a quick 10 minute feeding here and there! I am so thankful. Most of my babes have not done this until 6 months!

On Thursday Squishy turned 2months old. She is so full of personality and happy most the time.

I had Kenna snap some pics of her on Fridat while I was holding her. She took the photos and I edited them….all from my phone. I love my phone.

Happy Two Months Adrienne Danielle






Kenna did a great job. Here are a couple more of our sweet baby.


Baby Piggies!

And it’s hard for me to believe I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 2 months. This from a girl that if a baby even once looked at my boobs I shuddered in pain.



I can’t even imagine anything more beautiful right now.

Happy Two Months Squishy we love you!

Yeah I’m a little all over the place!

Is it bad when you go to your wordpress site and have to re log in and pray please please please auto insert my info because I can’t remember it?!? Thankfully as you can tell by the fact that I AM blogging it did auto fill in my info for me! PHEWWWW!!! The world is saved.

Of course we’ve been busy busy busy here at Casa La Crazy.I have found that it I aptly named this house. School is in full swing here for both the bonus girls as well as my kiddos. We are starting a year long study of the Chronicles of Narnia so I’m hoping to be able to blog a bit more about our homeschooling adventures!

Speaking of homeschooling a group of us finally started our own homeschool group and it has been such a wonderful resource for me. We all gathered together on Friday and just to be around other moms while all of our “unsocialized” kids sit staring at each other(insert sarcasm here) is awesome! All the kids seem to get along as well as all of us mothers!

Here’s a pic of me and two other mommas of fairly new littles. This was last month at one of our field trips:

On top of homeschooling we had not one but TWO birthdays last week! Yup it’s October again!I can not even believe that Holly is now 8 and Lane has finally reached the double digits of 10!!!!

The temps have finally dropped here and they just seem to keep on dropping. We were supposed to go on a fieldtrip earlier this week but it got cancelled due to the weather.This week we’re supposed to hit up an Alpaca Farm! Please let it be pleasent enough to do so.

I have so many posts on my recent re entry into motherhood,floating around in my tiny little mind.Let me tell you a 9 year break between having babies has given me so much time to form my own opinions,learn more about different “methods”,help me to understand my baby more,and honestly given me time to grow more patience!

Wait Wendy you’re not patient?But you HOMESCHOOL…….ohhhh bwahahaha yet another myth of the homeschooling community!

Well Squishy is doing the squishy dance in her bassinet which means she’ll be up soon so I suppose I should be going for now.This is me waving hello to all of you! Hope you have a great weekend!