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10 Things I’m Rubbish At…And I’m OK With That

Woohooo it’s Monday Listicle Time..c’mon everyone and do the happy dance with me. That means two very awesome things.

1.I get to make another list!

2.It’s Monday my favorite day of the week.(yes yes I know I’m sick.)

This week’s listicles is brought to us by Jessica over at The Trials and Tribulations as My Time As Mom. I’ve been looking forward to this list since last week when I heard what it was.

I don’t know you guys bare with me I’ve only had half a cup of coffee and it’s barely 4:30 am.At least I’m unusually perky instead of unusually snarky…

10 Things I’m Rubbish At..And I’m Ok With That!

1. Sports…while I’m a very competitive person,I’m not a very athletic person. I swam for a very long time and that was about the only thing I was really good at.I’ve said it before though…if giving birth was an Olympic event I’m pretty sure I’d at least take a silver.That’s some kind of athleticism right?

2.Keeping My Mouth Shut… Do you guys remember that episode of Rosanne where the oldest daughter Becky gets grounded for something and she keeps arguing and Rosanne keeps putting her fingers up for how many weeks she is now grounded?Yeah umm I think my mom got up to 8 fingers once.My oldest son has inherited this “gift”,I keep telling him he needs to use it for the greater good.

3.Making Hamburgers…I can make a shrimp pasta that will make you plead  for more. A chocolate raspberry cake that will make your heart melt.Scones that hey are pretty darn good. Last time I tried to make hamburgers I employed the help of one of the frat house boys to bbq duty and well let’s just say there were flames and we nearly burnt the house down.

4. Living With Roomies...I try to make the best of every situation but maybe my time as an only child has something to do with it. I NEED MY SPACE,I need my music pumped up at least once a day,I need to be able to run from my bedroom to the bathroom naked if I please.

5. Not Swearing…alright c’mon guys you knew this was gonna make it on the list SOMEWHERE right?

6.Drawing,or painting,or sketching,or sculpting..,or well almost anything artistic in the whole “paint me a picture department.” Seriously my 7 year old has more artistic talent in her pinky then I do in my whole body.

8. Not dying my hair...I don’t think I’ve seen my natural hair color since my sweet 16.It’s a bad habit I tell ya…B says I need a hobby.I tell him dying my hair IS my hobby.

9. Giving up cartoons...I may be 34 but I refuse to give up my Teen Titans…nope just not gonna do it.My text tone is even one of my favorite lines from one of the episodes.

10. Keeping my emotions to myself...Even if I DO manage to keep my mouth shut most the time my emotions are written clearly upon my face or in my eyes. I will admit it I have gotten SLIGHTLY better at this…now I only shake like a chihuahua when I’m pissed.

And there you have it folks 10 things I’m rubbish at and I’m ok with that! I mean hey we can’t all be perfect right?How boring would that be?

Ahhh I feel so freed now admitting my shortcomings to you all…c’mon try it…you know you want to.