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Going Ons at Casa La Crazy

I’m not sure how much blogging I will get done this week. Pretty sure without it meaning to this week will become the busiest week EVA!!!!

Nathaniel Lane and Holly will be starting our new adventure in schooling that next year all 6 will be doing. They will be homeschooled still but will also be attending a parent/public school partnership which is basically….they get to attend classes both at home and at this school which has classes from archery to algebra,ballet to biology,cooking to chemistry….ok ok you get the idea.They are so excited as we are as well!

Brandon has been working on fencing off the duck.chicken area in the backyard and not a moment too soon.Yesterday I walked out into the garage,while on the phone, and one of the chicks was on the top of the enclosure. So here I am talking to my aunt and talking to the chick telling it to get back in.

Then it hopped completely out so as I’m putting it back in another one hops out. At this point I tell my aunt,”Hey I have to chase a chicken. I’ll call you back!”

We got the garden beds prepared yesterday just in time for the rain to start. Yeah for the garden beds…not so yeah for Brandon who was still working outside.

I’m proud of the way the kids have jumped in to help. They haven’t always wanted to but we have heard very few grumbles. With their help we have gotten done so much quicker. Whether it has been scooping out the old chicken coop,helping with the flower beds,or watching Squishy for me so I can help outside too. Everyone has stepped up and participated in the family.I promise to post pics soon!

Speaking of Squishy….We are so not ready for this:


Or this:


And yes she did let go for a few seconds yesterday standing straight up!!!! ARGHHHHH!!! No Squishy No!

And she’s definitely ready for this:


Squishy loves blueberries especially blueberry pancakes.

We are rounding out our week with Kenna going in for surgery. She is having both legs worked on. Her calf muscles are too tight and need to be lengthened. This may explain why she was a late walker as well as explains why for the last 3 years her feet and back have been in constant pain.

So for 10 days she’ll be in soft casts and wheelchair or bed bound….then she’ll be in walking boots for 6 weeks. It’s an easy enough surgery and she needed to get it done because this summer she is going to be our little traveler instead of Nathaniel.

So if you have a couple minutes this week to stop and pray for us or just send good thoughts…please do! This momma is going to need the strength or 10,and a calmness that I don’t easily come by!




Holly takes a break from Casa La Crazy

Sometimes being the youngest or middle child really bites! Especially when you see your older siblings getting to do things like ride their bikes wherever,spend the night at friend’s houses,or getting to go places on their own.

This last weekend our friends Denise and Randy came into town for the day. The girls and I met them for dinner. I met Denise about 6 years ago on one of my first blogs ever. I never imagined how quickly she would become a surrogate mom to me,or an adoptive grandma to all of our kids. I lived in Arizona at the time and she lived up here in Washington. In fact I never thought we’d ever even get to meet!

We’ve helped each other through a lot. She has definitely taught me how to keep a sense of humor about things,and I thank her for that!

Well the last time they came they ended up taking home a Kenna who very much needed a break from Casa La Crazy. They kept her for a few days and they all had fun.

This time as soon as we saw them,Holly piped up and asked,

“Are you coming to kidnap me?!?!?!”

I wasn’t too surprised when Denise admitted that they had just  been talking about it in the car.

So after dinner my over excited 8 year old said good bye and loaded up in the car with her adopted grandparents.I’ve kept in touch with them through facebook, and have gotten to see a lot of the antics going on. Holly is the polar opposite of Kenna so their experience is night and day.

Holly even got to mark something off of her “bucket list” as they went to a concert in Yakima,WA.No the concert wasn’t on her “bucket list”, visiting Yakima, WA was! I tell ya that girl is something else.

Holly and Mercy

Thank you Randy and Denise for giving my little girl a fun, busy,break from Casa La Crazy!!!! We all love you!

Holly in Yakima

Oh yes momma is soooo proud of her glorious table manners!!!!!


Holly and Randy and Denise

So thankful to have these two in our lives!