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Exhaustion….The Good and The Bad

Not much time for blogging lately. I miss it but always seem to have about 20 other things going on,even at 4 in the morning.

Being the director and producer of Casa La Crazy has meant at times I feel pulled in a million different directions. So many changes going on,but all for the good. I woke up yesterday in an emotional funk. I wanted to be happy but truth is I was EXHAUSTED!

When someone asked me how I was yesterday and I told them tired they looked at me as if I had sprouted a third eye. Why is it that it’s ok for people to comment to you saying they don’t know how you handle it all,but when you admit every once in awhile(and trust me I must have been exhausted to actually admit I was tired),that you are tired they don’t understand why.

In fact someone actually asked,”Why” yesterday.

Which then makes me feel like I should be able to handle this whole big family life without being tired. I mean we the parents are the ones that chose to have a large family right? So we should be able to handle it all. That’s not always the case. Most the time it is the case,but through different seasons things change.

I know this season of exhaustion is just that…a season. So much is going on and so much is changing.

Things that have happened in the last 4 weeks alone:

– started 3 of the kids in a one day a week parent/public school partnership. Which now means I have to write out their lesson plans,check in with a teacher,and send in monthly progress of our homeschooling. Next year that will be all 6 school age kids.

– Kenna’s surgery. Having a kiddo laid up without two working legs is hard. It is for the best,but it is hard. Thankfully her casts are off and she has walking boots on,but she needs a walker, and it has taken her some time to get used to walking in the boots. She continues to amaze me though at her “can do” attitude. She even told me she was ready to start doing chores again!

– Moving our ducks and chicks outside. This isn’t necessarily hard,just another thing added to the day. Including the part where I had to stop feeding Squishy last week because all 19 birds managed to get out of the fenced area….it was bound to happen sooner or later. I was hoping for thought!

– The great bedroom swap! Oh yes we did it again. Too many girls going through puberty,needing to be alone. Two little girls who still play with toys and live in fantasy lands. Yes we swapped rooms. IT IS DONE and I will not swap again until we move!!! Which by the way I have informed Brandon we’re not moving again EVER. Well unless we buy a house or the owner decides to move back here.

– My mom’s visit. She arrives tomorrow! HOORAY!!! I’m genuinely looking forward to this.


So it’s not like all these things are bad,in fact none of them are and I enjoy having them be part of my life. It is just a lot going on at one time. I’m sure I’ll adjust to it all,but in the mean time I’m exhausted. I think it’s OK for all of us to become exhausted once in awhile. It means you’re working hard and hopefully with all your heart.

In fact by the time I adjust,knowing me, I”ll add something new to the mix. So for now….Here’s To Exhaustion!!! I raise my coffee cup to you!



Going Ons at Casa La Crazy

I’m not sure how much blogging I will get done this week. Pretty sure without it meaning to this week will become the busiest week EVA!!!!

Nathaniel Lane and Holly will be starting our new adventure in schooling that next year all 6 will be doing. They will be homeschooled still but will also be attending a parent/public school partnership which is basically….they get to attend classes both at home and at this school which has classes from archery to algebra,ballet to biology,cooking to chemistry….ok ok you get the idea.They are so excited as we are as well!

Brandon has been working on fencing off the duck.chicken area in the backyard and not a moment too soon.Yesterday I walked out into the garage,while on the phone, and one of the chicks was on the top of the enclosure. So here I am talking to my aunt and talking to the chick telling it to get back in.

Then it hopped completely out so as I’m putting it back in another one hops out. At this point I tell my aunt,”Hey I have to chase a chicken. I’ll call you back!”

We got the garden beds prepared yesterday just in time for the rain to start. Yeah for the garden beds…not so yeah for Brandon who was still working outside.

I’m proud of the way the kids have jumped in to help. They haven’t always wanted to but we have heard very few grumbles. With their help we have gotten done so much quicker. Whether it has been scooping out the old chicken coop,helping with the flower beds,or watching Squishy for me so I can help outside too. Everyone has stepped up and participated in the family.I promise to post pics soon!

Speaking of Squishy….We are so not ready for this:


Or this:


And yes she did let go for a few seconds yesterday standing straight up!!!! ARGHHHHH!!! No Squishy No!

And she’s definitely ready for this:


Squishy loves blueberries especially blueberry pancakes.

We are rounding out our week with Kenna going in for surgery. She is having both legs worked on. Her calf muscles are too tight and need to be lengthened. This may explain why she was a late walker as well as explains why for the last 3 years her feet and back have been in constant pain.

So for 10 days she’ll be in soft casts and wheelchair or bed bound….then she’ll be in walking boots for 6 weeks. It’s an easy enough surgery and she needed to get it done because this summer she is going to be our little traveler instead of Nathaniel.

So if you have a couple minutes this week to stop and pray for us or just send good thoughts…please do! This momma is going to need the strength or 10,and a calmness that I don’t easily come by!



It’s all just normal here at Casa La Crazy….

Spring Break is over and we’re halfway through our first week back at school. We’re all alive as well. Squishy is back to her normal self and well let’s just say we’ve all been a tad bit busy having fun!

all 7

(All 7 kiddos last week at the park.)

The ducks are getting huge and got their first real swimming time yesterday. Oh yes,that’s my wonderful boyfriend giving duck advice in the background. 🙂



Apparently Squishy likes ice cream…A Lot!

And she’s pretty serious when people are in her way of walking down the side of the couch,as seen here with Nathaniel. He wouldn’t move his legs so she could pull herself up and keep going and boy did she let him know about it!

I’ve been busy trying to finally hang up pictures around the house and what was supposed to be a couple hour project turned into 3 days and still not all the way done.

And last but not least the end of my 30 day no makeup challenge! After 30 days no foundation or powder I cannot see myself going back to that anytime soon. Hey I have freckles I forgot existed! Instead my new,every day make up look consists of eyeliner on the bottom,mascara,and some blush.This momma learned a lot and is very happy about it! What do you all think?

end of challenge

Yes,Yes things are quite normal here…

In Which I Whine…..I’m Sooooo Tired

Ummm good morning???


NO this is not a me without makeup post…this is a me without any good sleep over the last 48-72 hours post. Yes my hair is sticking up because well quite frankly I didn’t get a shower yesterday because God forbid Squishy be out of my sight for oh 5 minutes….

and I have another confession to make…I ate dinner the other night sitting on the toilet(lid closed of course) because the only other place Squishy was happy besides my arms was the bathtub.I ate my Carl’s Jr spicy chicken sandwich on the toilet…and yes it was good.(because let’s face it…cooking dinner was NOT gonna happen.)

It’s not that Squishy is being clingy…ok yes, yes she totally is,but at least when I hold her she’s happy. Most the time I’m happy too…unless it’s 5:30 in the morning and she has been on my boob most the night like a tick to a hound dog. Hmmm who knew I turned redneck when tired?

Where was I?Oh yes 5:30 in the morning where every time I would lay Squishy down she would bounce back up to the sitting position like a weeble wobble,and then put her arms up and cry.Pick her up and TADA crying over…give her some jug juice and zzzzzzzz back to sleep.

That’s when the grumpies snuck in a bit…the one thing I do when I’m grumpy is impersonations.Usually,of the people making me grumpy.So here I am pacing the floor hoping she’ll fall back to sleep,because my nipples are SORE and under my breath,or in my head, mimicking all the wonderful things B has said about our baby.

“She’s such an easy baby.”

Yeah because you don’t have to take the night shift and you sleep upstairs so you don’t hear anything…

“She’s the easiest baby I’ve had.”

Ha you think this is easy?Holly was a piece of cake.

Me: grumble grumble….I’m so tired I should go wake him up right now and let him take her over….I’m grumpy and tired and really just want 5 minutes of my arms to myself. If I had my arms to myself right now I would be making huge windmills….(yes yes I was a bit sleep deprived can you tell?)

Then I thought better of it. I was not going to go wake up the man who has been pulling 12 hour swing shifts all week,not getting home till 4:30 in the morning.All just so I can stay home with the kiddos. That would get us nowhere…he’s just as tired if not more,he’s been working his butt off.

So then I just start laughing….because that’s the other thing I do when I’m tired…I lose it. Hey at least I wasn’t crying.I took a step back and thought is it really that bad? Yes I have A TON of things I need to get done,but Squishy has been equally busy the last few days…crawling,pulling herself up on things,and even letting go to lunge for my legs.Soon enough she’ll be totally independent of me and I’ll be whining for another baby.

So Squishy and I settle down for a little more sleep time.I try to push the thought of all I have to do yesterday out of my mind,and accept the cold hard truth it is not going to get done.B does take her when he wakes up,and I’m able to get a couple things done before the poor guy has to rush off to another long night at work.

I really shouldn’t complain too much.Life is good. If I only have one or two of these nights every other month she really might be the easiest baby I’ve had yet.

Just PLEASE SOMEONE let me get a SHOWER!!!!

Then maybe we’ll talk about having another one…….



“Springing” into Spring


Spring has graced us with it’s nice sunny head this week! It has been sunny everyday and with that comes the smell of stinky feet,the sound of basketball being played,the sight of kids running and laughing,the taste of lighter foods such as macaroni salad,and the touch of duckling and chick fluffiness as our little babies get bigger!

Yes Casa La Crazy is in constant metamorphic stage.


Hard to believe that Squishy will be 7 months the day after Easter! She is crawling,pulling herself up and oh bathing WITHOUT the bath seat now!!!So much easier on my back!

“Ummmm excuse me momma I NEED my privacy!”

At her last Dr apt she weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs!She is wearing nothing smaller than 12 month closing and babbles and likes to make all of us laugh. While we have tried solids “jug juice” is still her preferred method of nutrition. She wants nothing to do with baby food and loves rice,peas,corn,and spinach.

Our homeschool journey is changing as well! After Kenna asking about public school next year I think I found an answer that will fit all of us! It is a public/parent partnership school or an ALE. We went and checked it out on Tuesday. Basically,it is a public school,but you can take classes there or at home. The parent is still in charge of the children’s learning which I love. They have so many classes from the basics to digital photography,pottery,weight lifting,drama,band, and even archery! 3 of the kiddos will be trying it out for the end of the school year one day a week,then next year all 4 of them will attend and possibly my 2 bonus girls! Which means I would have all 6 at home. We would all be on the same page. When we went to check it out Tuesday all 4 of the kiddos fell in love with the school as did I.

Kenna will be the only one not trying it out. She is sure she wants to do it next year,but she has a big ending to her school year. In April she will be going into surgery to have her calf muscles lengthened. After years of back and feet pain we believe we have finally found the answer. This will put her up for a little while but to me is all worth it after I saw the smile on her face and her telling me,

“Next year I can take PE!”

The ducklings and chicks are getting big and have been a lot of fun to have around! We can’t wait till the chicks start laying,which is still a ways away,and the ducks well they’re just way too cute! Messy,but cute!

Yes things are definitely busy here as always but with a nice twist. the sunshine sure helps everyone’s moods.

We will be walking in the March For Babies April 27. Please please if you find it to your heart to donate even a dollar you can do so on the team’s homepage here

We will be walking the neighborhoods this weekend collecting donations but we still have so far to go before we hit our goal. The kids are so excited to be doing this in memory of their brother/stepbrother Reed. I am proud of them for their enthusiasm.

So yes as you can see things are definitely “springing” into spring over here in our neck of the woods! I have many “little projects” to keep me going as well as a constantly moving baby!

Why Do They Have To Grow Up?

Last week was a busy week. Like one of those weeks you’re not even sure you took the time to pee,busy.I think we had one non busy day that whole week.Of course the one day that is not busy,where I could actually breathe and I think everything is going swimmingly,I get thrown through a loop by Kenna.

I am just gonna say it now and get it out of the way….THIS is a total whiner post.


Because to put it simply,my kids are growing up and I realize there is no way to ever EVER slow it down.

It all started with a maniacal laugh and a question. Yes Kenna has a maniacal laugh and when she does I know I’m in for it. She just kept giggling that she wanted to go on an adventure.

What kind of an adventure does an 11 almost 12 year old want to go on? Well keep in mind this is no normal 11 year old. This 11 year old wants to build a community homestead over in England when she grows up and keeps meticulous notes on good plants and herbs,as well as building plans for “the guild”(her name for it). So with Kenna you really never ever know.

I told her to follow me to the bathroom because well I had to pee and let’s face it 7 kids in the house,it’s still the only place for privacy.It probably was a good thing I was sitting down.

“I want to go to public junior high or an alternative. I know I’ve said I never wanted to go before but it will be an ADVENTURE!”

Good thing I was sitting down.

Most kids’ idea of an adventure would be going to Disney Land. Not my kiddos.

After the shock of the fact that she might now be home with me all the time next year wore off I began researching some alternatives,to which I think we found a great one.

I was already having a hard time with the fact that Nathaniel was going to be a Freshman next year. I mean,how can I have a Freshman? I still remember him being this very hard headed toddler,with empathy for miles. Now he has grown into a great young man who is very willing to help out around the house despite his smart ass comments sometimes.

We had settled on computer schooling for him for next year just the week before.However,after looking over this great school,Nathaniel will be going there as well.

So will a couple of the younger kids for a few enrichment classes.

This IS a new adventure for us, as I’ve always been the sole principle,teacher,curriculum chooser. For the last 8 years it has been all me.

The more I look into it though,the more I like the program. We meet with the principle on Tuesday.

Why do they have to grow up though?

When did they become capable of making such adult decisions.Ones, that are absolutely for the best of them?

I know I know I still have my bonus girls,and Holly and Lane and Adrienne. I can see it in their eyes though…they’re all growing up as well.

Heck at 6 and a half months Adrienne is already trying to pull herself up on things!

Time needs to just slow down! I now understand why the Duggars have so many kids.

I know many people look forward to their kids growing up. I do as well. I can’t wait to see what kind of adults they become. However,with the addition of Adrienne I am reminded of my first true love as an adult,being a mother.

I will survive this just as every mother before me. I am struggling with it though. So please if you see me,and I seem to be a bit off,just be kind.



Missing In Action No Longer

WOW!!!! Has it really been two weeks since my last post?!?!?! No wonder I’ve felt a little lost. Note to self:do not ignore your blog and your outlet needed to express yourself.

However things have been busy here at Casa La Crazy.

I mean how could it not be busy with a very active and mobile 6 month old?Yes you read that right Adrienne Danielle aka Squishy turned 6 months old last Friday! To celebrate her half a year on the outside,she gave herself her first split lip! Poor baby!




was the culprit of her split lip. Yes it was all cute while she gnawed on the table until she brought her head back and promptly banged it back down. Poor kiddo.

She has also learned she can roll to get to wherever she may need to go.Including the dvds


Then to top it all off she has started solids. Woohooo! We’re starting off slowly with cereal only,and only once a day. Breast milk is still her food of choice,but she seems to like the cereal just fine.




In the midst of Squishy’s growing up way too fast we have exciting news.

NO we’re not pregnant. However we have added to the family.

Meet the Jolly Green Giant,yes we nickname or name everything around here.


It is so nice not to have to squish kids and to be able to go places all in one car.


Well I”m going to try and catch a couple more winks before Ms Squishy wakes up and is ready to start the day.I think I should leave you with a bit more cuteness though first!

Serioulsy how can you even resist a face like that?!?!

Organization?!?! Yeah Right!

So now that baby is 5 months old and no not sleeping through the night ,I’ve been able to juggle things a bit more…I’ve also been able to read more of the blogs that I used to and link up with.

This morning I hopped on over to Kelly’s Korner to see what she was up to.

Oh my the topic of the day is organization.

I had to stifle a laugh.

Yesterday was all house clean up.

What is all house clean up you ask?

Well it is when every child gets two extra big chores…..

and they love every minute of it,

or maybe not.

Then as if to add insult to injury,I made them all clean out their rooms,purge,and organize.

So far we’ve taken about 8 bags to donation and our library room is full of many more bags to be dropped off today.

Every once in a while I get a fire under my butt to organize,yesterday was one of those days.

I can actually see kids’ floors,and no fingerprints on the walls.

I know this will last approximately 3 days,but it makes me feel good anyways.

It’s not like my kiddos don’t do chores every morning,but every once in a while it’s good to do some extra deep cleaning and teach the kiddos how to do these new things,so when they grow up they know how.

Organized….yeah moderatly

But how does one stay organized with 7 kids? One that has started to try to crawl?


Casa La Crazy is Still Standing

I know I’ve written a lot lately about breast feeding and the amazing incredible Ms Squishy. You probably think that she is all that happens around here anymore. Believe it or not I still have 6 other kiddos,one amazing boyfriend(as always),and a house that totally has earned its name. Oh yes it is NEVER dull here at Casa La Crazy.

We have all managed to get back into the swing of things after Christmas and then the great sickness bug of 2013…ohhh dear Lord let that be the only sickness bug we get all year. I swear I felt like the walking dead. Who am I kidding I couldn’t even walk…I was about ready to ask for a bed pan. Even though my kids took amazing care of me while Brandon was at work(Nathaniel even slept on the couch next to me in case I needed help.),I do think they would’ve drawn the line at emptying a bed pan.

I have found time to get back into the kitchen…yeah. Cooking dinners for my family and the occasional hot breakfast,make me happy.

The homeschooled kids are getting ready to study the presidents for a month while taking a break from our Narnia studies.

The public schooled girls seem to have gotten back into the swing of school after a long break.

It’s time for me to start thinking about highschool for Nathaniel next year….GULP….HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Yes he will be homeschooled for it….do I know how yet?Nope not a clue!

The landlord that told us she was going to put the house up for sale at the end of our lease(she tells us this the week after Squishy was born.) has now decided not to sell and we get to keep living here! Yeah for stability!

Since we’re staying we have decided it’s time to get chicks here soon. Yup because like we don’t have enough craziness here let’s add chicks…

And maybe,just maybe, we might be adding a milking goat…..

We will be van shopping here soon! As much as I hate car shopping the freedom of a car that will fit us all will be AMAZING!

We did get our family pics done but never managed to send out the holiday cards we ordered.There’s always next year!

I threw out the idea today that if we DID get a milking goat it would be totally cool to take a picture of me milking the goat WHILE squishy milks me…yeah how’s that for random.

The snow is melting which also means more outside time.

And as always…Casa La Crazy is filled with lots of talking,lots of activity,tons of cuddling,and an overabundance of love.

Seriously,if you’re ever in the area you should stop by and see for yourselves….I’ll even save you my favorite coffee mug.



Your Daily Dose of Squishy

With all the sickness going around Casa La Crazy I sort of forgot to mention that last Friday our resident Squishy turned 5 months old!


Really time is going by too fast! She is sitting up for short periods of time and in the last couple of days has become MOBILE!!!! She scoots backwards and boy is she good at it. You can walk into the kitchen and then walk back into the living room and she’s half way across the room.

So in case any of you are suffering from the sickness,or just the winter blahs,here’s your daily dose of cute!


Peek a Boo I see you!


Nom Nom Nom Toes!


Last week while she was fighting off the sickness


Who could resist this face?


A little nap time with brother


5 months exclusively breast fed and still going strong.


She’s enjoying her big girl baths!

5 months

Honestly who WOULDN’T want to wake up to this face every morning?

When she had her last Dr. apt. I was asked if she knew her name…..ummm she answers to her nickname but not so much to Adrienne. Poor Squishy,good thing she’ll be homeschooled 🙂