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Beware of Ms. Clause

Wow Ms. Clause is getting a bad rap this year! I was reminded of an incident regarding her last night which brought to mind another conversation I had with Kenna a couple of months back.

She had asked me why she hadn’t gotten the pocket knife she had asked for.the last two Christmases. In her defense I think she’s totally capable of handling one. I have no fear of her having a pocket knife,I just don’t want it to fall into one of her siblings hands that I’m not so confident in.

Anyways she had asked me if Santa would bring her one(Holly must’ve been around since she’s the only one who still believes.) I told her probably not. Mind you I was single at the time and I have NO idea what kind of knife to buy her. When she asked why I told her simply,

“Mrs Clause is a bitch.” To which she giggled. Yea….no idea where my kids get their sense of humor.

Last night we were again talking about Santa and Ms. Clause. Nathaniel made sure to remind me that there was no Mrs Clause anymore. When I asked why he said,

“Because we were talking at the old house one day and I said something about Mrs. Clause and you said Mrs. Clause left Santa because he drank too much eggnog.”

At first I denied ever saying it. As funny as it is could I really have said something like that? Then B stepped up and said he could totally see me saying something like that. The more I thought about 1)the funnier it got and 2) I probably did say that.

So the conclusion I come to this morning? Ms Clause really IS a bitch.

Oh that and I’m most likely going on the naughty list for saying such things!