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Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

I have officially survived my first year of having a teenager in the house! We are now onto year two…yup that’s right Nathaniel, as of 3:47 am this morning, is 14 years old!!!!

One HUGE pat on the back for this momma! I have kept my oldest alive and well and happy(well most of the time) for the last 14 years!

Party over here….Party over there…BIG OL PAT ON MY BACK!

He will still be the only teenager in the house for another year and then I will have 3 teenagers in the house….so I think I’m just gonna sit back and savor this next year.

Seeing as he is just as stubborn as his momma,and opinionated I’m not quite sure how we’ve made it but we have.

I am still amazed at the young man he has grown to be.

While most of his younger siblings will put him in his place when he gets out of line and mouthy…they still love and adore him. He is usually one of the first ones to step up and help with something as well. Whether it is moving something or carrying his sister. Of course he’s usually more helpful about it when it’s his idea and he’s not asked.

Although sometimes it obviously KILLS him to be nice!


And other times it comes very naturally!



And as you can see he is always down for goofing off!


And most of the time even when he REALLY does not want to do something he will do it. He never has a problem holding his sister but getting her dressed makes him nervous.


Happy 14th Birthday my little Turkey Butt! You’ve done your momma proud!


Going Ons at Casa La Crazy

I’m not sure how much blogging I will get done this week. Pretty sure without it meaning to this week will become the busiest week EVA!!!!

Nathaniel Lane and Holly will be starting our new adventure in schooling that next year all 6 will be doing. They will be homeschooled still but will also be attending a parent/public school partnership which is basically….they get to attend classes both at home and at this school which has classes from archery to algebra,ballet to biology,cooking to chemistry….ok ok you get the idea.They are so excited as we are as well!

Brandon has been working on fencing off the duck.chicken area in the backyard and not a moment too soon.Yesterday I walked out into the garage,while on the phone, and one of the chicks was on the top of the enclosure. So here I am talking to my aunt and talking to the chick telling it to get back in.

Then it hopped completely out so as I’m putting it back in another one hops out. At this point I tell my aunt,”Hey I have to chase a chicken. I’ll call you back!”

We got the garden beds prepared yesterday just in time for the rain to start. Yeah for the garden beds…not so yeah for Brandon who was still working outside.

I’m proud of the way the kids have jumped in to help. They haven’t always wanted to but we have heard very few grumbles. With their help we have gotten done so much quicker. Whether it has been scooping out the old chicken coop,helping with the flower beds,or watching Squishy for me so I can help outside too. Everyone has stepped up and participated in the family.I promise to post pics soon!

Speaking of Squishy….We are so not ready for this:


Or this:


And yes she did let go for a few seconds yesterday standing straight up!!!! ARGHHHHH!!! No Squishy No!

And she’s definitely ready for this:


Squishy loves blueberries especially blueberry pancakes.

We are rounding out our week with Kenna going in for surgery. She is having both legs worked on. Her calf muscles are too tight and need to be lengthened. This may explain why she was a late walker as well as explains why for the last 3 years her feet and back have been in constant pain.

So for 10 days she’ll be in soft casts and wheelchair or bed bound….then she’ll be in walking boots for 6 weeks. It’s an easy enough surgery and she needed to get it done because this summer she is going to be our little traveler instead of Nathaniel.

So if you have a couple minutes this week to stop and pray for us or just send good thoughts…please do! This momma is going to need the strength or 10,and a calmness that I don’t easily come by!



Why Do They Have To Grow Up?

Last week was a busy week. Like one of those weeks you’re not even sure you took the time to pee,busy.I think we had one non busy day that whole week.Of course the one day that is not busy,where I could actually breathe and I think everything is going swimmingly,I get thrown through a loop by Kenna.

I am just gonna say it now and get it out of the way….THIS is a total whiner post.


Because to put it simply,my kids are growing up and I realize there is no way to ever EVER slow it down.

It all started with a maniacal laugh and a question. Yes Kenna has a maniacal laugh and when she does I know I’m in for it. She just kept giggling that she wanted to go on an adventure.

What kind of an adventure does an 11 almost 12 year old want to go on? Well keep in mind this is no normal 11 year old. This 11 year old wants to build a community homestead over in England when she grows up and keeps meticulous notes on good plants and herbs,as well as building plans for “the guild”(her name for it). So with Kenna you really never ever know.

I told her to follow me to the bathroom because well I had to pee and let’s face it 7 kids in the house,it’s still the only place for privacy.It probably was a good thing I was sitting down.

“I want to go to public junior high or an alternative. I know I’ve said I never wanted to go before but it will be an ADVENTURE!”

Good thing I was sitting down.

Most kids’ idea of an adventure would be going to Disney Land. Not my kiddos.

After the shock of the fact that she might now be home with me all the time next year wore off I began researching some alternatives,to which I think we found a great one.

I was already having a hard time with the fact that Nathaniel was going to be a Freshman next year. I mean,how can I have a Freshman? I still remember him being this very hard headed toddler,with empathy for miles. Now he has grown into a great young man who is very willing to help out around the house despite his smart ass comments sometimes.

We had settled on computer schooling for him for next year just the week before.However,after looking over this great school,Nathaniel will be going there as well.

So will a couple of the younger kids for a few enrichment classes.

This IS a new adventure for us, as I’ve always been the sole principle,teacher,curriculum chooser. For the last 8 years it has been all me.

The more I look into it though,the more I like the program. We meet with the principle on Tuesday.

Why do they have to grow up though?

When did they become capable of making such adult decisions.Ones, that are absolutely for the best of them?

I know I know I still have my bonus girls,and Holly and Lane and Adrienne. I can see it in their eyes though…they’re all growing up as well.

Heck at 6 and a half months Adrienne is already trying to pull herself up on things!

Time needs to just slow down! I now understand why the Duggars have so many kids.

I know many people look forward to their kids growing up. I do as well. I can’t wait to see what kind of adults they become. However,with the addition of Adrienne I am reminded of my first true love as an adult,being a mother.

I will survive this just as every mother before me. I am struggling with it though. So please if you see me,and I seem to be a bit off,just be kind.



13 year old boys

13 year old boys are greasy,loud,and video game obsessed…at least that’s my experience with the ones I used to hang out with. Although back when I was 13 I’m pretty sure we only had the original Nintendo to keep them busy.

My 13 year old boy is no different…hormones have turned him into a giant grease ball on most days and well he’d much rather play video games then do anything else…oh and he gets his loudness from somewhere just not sure where? 🙂

Yet..Nathaniel never ceases to amaze me either.

Yes dear readers this is where I take a minute to scratch my head and wonder how I ever got so lucky.

Even through the occasional outbreak of yelling and defiance which has actually become even less than I had expected,somehow my son has turned out to be ok.

While attempting to make dinner the other night and making a huge mess while doing so(Think King Midas,but instead of the “golden touch” I have acquired the ” clumsy touch.”) Nathaniel informed me,

” Mom after we eat dinner I’m sending you straight up to bed. I’ll take care of the rest.”

I assured him I was fine just a little more clumsy than usual. He told me he knew I was fine but that i was pregnant you know and needed my rest and he’d make sure the kids showered and went to bed on time.

As with any other 13 year old boy’s proposition I was a bit leery at first.

But not only did he make sure that yes kids got showered and went to bed on time,some even early,the next day he had me show him how to make crock pot BBQ chicken for dinner and took care of the veggies as well.

I really have been blessed with an awesome bunch of  kiddos.

He has been such a huge help as well as still being able to stay a child at heart.

I must’ve done something halfway right and I thank God for His guidance in it all every day.

With all the crap my kids have been through in their short lives they seem to still get the true value of life and family an helping others.

I am a very very very Lucky Momma



This Friday moment brought to you by….AWWWWW that’s so sweet.

We affectionately have started calling this week in our month Hell Week. It’s the week where we see how many Dr appointments we can cram into one week. Last month it was 3 this week it was only two. On top of Dr appointments the kiddos usually need to go somewhere or we’re having friends over. I don’t know why we think it’s best to cram it all into one week but well we do!

Yesterday was my first Dr appointment. just my regular monthly check up. Nathaniel usually oversees school and the house for me while I’m gone. I’m so proud of the way he has really stepped up in this area. I never hear him complain and I always ask him first if it’s ok. He always answers with an “Of course mom.”

But every once in awhile I can tell he’s totally over babysitting because I’ll receive a text that says…

Are you almost done?


When are you going to be home.

Yesterday after our regular DR apt B and I ran to the grocery store and then to get gas. On my way to get gas the text came through saying

“Are you almost home?” Nathaniel

I admit it I got a little persnickety because I really had been home all week and was kind of enjoying my time with just B for a bit,even if it was only running errands. So I called Nathaniel and asked him

“Why are you asking if I’m coming home?Is everything okay?What’s going on?”

To which he replied,


“So why did you call?” (I get it the kid’s a talker…he gets it from me.)

“I’m just missin ya that’s all.”

And the big giant sign saying MOST SELF CENTERED MOTHER EVER appeared over my head.

A smile crept over my face as I promised him I would be home soon.

Even though he can be a mouthy teenager at times I see the kinder gentler side of him more often than not. That kid makes me so proud.

And now let’s all say it together shall we?


From the Oldest to Newest

You know those weeks you have that are so busy they make your head spin?Yeah I just finished one of those. I’m a homemaker by choice and tons of support from B. I love my job being a homemaker and making the days at the house run smoothly. When I’m pulled out of the house too much I begin to feel out of sync. I hate when I have to be away from my kids for too long because I feel as if I don’t always know where they’re standing. As a mother I believe this is one of our jobs. Not to hover but to have a good idea on where they stand with things and how they’re doing.To be there for them when they call…no matter what their age.

My oldest Nathaniel has been doing so much babysitting for me on top of working with his new curriculum. Which I will admit its not always as fun as what the younger kids get to do. It’s seventh grade…a lot more research,reports,and reading. This last week though he got to learn about Haikus and their Japanese history.He then had to come up with two of his own. I thought I would share them with you all. The first one especially took my breath away.Maybe there’s another writer in the midst.


God’s Love

As I reach for God

And his never ending love

I am cradled

by Nathaniel Douglas Miners

Seeking Truth

As I search for truth

In the darkness of my soul

The darkness will light

by Nathaniel Douglas Miners


Short and straight to the point and ummm pretty darn deep for a 12 year old boy on the cusp of teenagedom. (Yes in a month he’ll be 13!) These made his momma proud.

And now onto the youngest. Or well the one still in the womb.

I know you all have been waiting for another pregnancy pic and I’ve promised one. You’ll have to excuse the chopped off head because well I looked wore out…and somehow acquired a double chin along the way this week!


I had my Dr apt yesterday and the baby’s heart beat has slowed down from 167 to 150. So….maybe there’s a chance it’s a boy???Let’s hope so! My Dr also sent in the paperwork to have me go see a perineotologist for my 20 week ultrasound just so we can get a deeper/better ultrasound….just to put my mind at ease.He’s not worried but he knows how my emotions fluctuate.I LOVE my DR. if I can’t have a homebirth,I’m glad I have this Dr.

So there you have it an update on the oldest and the youngest.Even though I haven’t been around a whole lot I am still one very proud momma.

What mom’s job is…from a 12 year old

As I mentioned earlier today my 12 year old Nathaniel has a mouth on him. he tries to joke around like a big man sometimes and sometimes pushes too far. A couple of the things he has been warned not to joke about are my weight, his sisters and brothers weight and looks, and saying I don’t do anything because frankly…I do a lot.

The other day we were talking about something and he said “yeah mom doesn’t have a job” ummm excuse me?So to get the point across I told him he had to do a 200 word essay on what mom’s job really is. So for your reading enjoyment:


What Mom’s Job Is by Nathaniel Douglas Miners

Mom’s job is taking care of us. She gives us food and water. She gives us love and care and gives us clothes. She discplines us when we act bad. She rewards us when we act good. She cooks and cleans for us. Shes puts us in front of her. She protects us.She homeschool us.


She disciplines us by putting us in corners,sending us to bed without dinner,grounding us, or making us write sentences. She doesn’t do all of this for fun,she does it to teach us a lesson. Mom bakes treats like brownies,cookies,rice krispies, and cakes,but she only lets us have them if we’ve been good. Because if we act bad we don’t get any.(geesh i sound like the snack nazi)

When mom cooks she cooks great food like chicken fried steak,chicken and dumplings,swedish meatballs,etc.

Mom is also very fun. We can joke around with her,she will beat on us(the good and fun kind) and sometimes will play games with us like Disney Scene It,Disney Pictionary, and Uno.

(umm i think he meant wrestling not beating but then again I’ve been known to break out my awesome ninja skills here and there lol)

The reason mom homeschools us I believe is that she cares for us and thinks we will be better homeschooled than public schooled.



So maybe he got some of it. As a mom we all know there’s soooo much more that goes into it but at least he’s seeing a good chunk of it!

Also I was told when he named the good foods I make he was “hinting” for some Swedish Meatballs. I told him I’d make him some as soon as he got back this weekend.

Meet my kiddos…Nathaniel

My oldest child Nathaniel is in the throws of becoming a pubescent teen. I love boys at this age. When I was younger I worked with a group of youth kids at one of my churches of this age. Nathaniel is slowly figuring out who he is and what he wants to do.

It has not always been a smooth road with my oldest. In fact as an infant we almost lost him at only 2 weeks old. Him being my oldest means in a lot of ways he’s been my “test” child seeing what works and what doesn’t. I was your “normal” over protective mom with him for a long time. Till I figured out if I just stepped back and let him breathe a little more he would figure things out

He is one of the most empathetic children I have ever met. He really has a gift for coming alongside others who may be going through a hard time and helping them.

He also has a mouth on him. I swear I don’t know where he got that from 🙂 The hard part of being 12 is well you’re not really a child anymore and you’re definitely not an adult yet. So what are you? He is learning,with guidance, when to open his mouth and speak and how far is too far.

He constantly makes me laugh. He loves his video games and being able to get outdoors. Yet somehow I think if I gave him a choice he’d sit and play video games all day. I love that he is getting to the age where we can read the same books and both enjoy them!

He has been such a big help in getting our yard into shape. Has stepped into the wonderful world of fire and how to use it responsibly lol. He’s the first one to help when we’re doing a burn pile.

Yes he’s still at that scrawny age as well. Which he takes all in good stride. What can I say he really is an amazing kid and am so proud to call myself his mom

Oh and when he sleeps…he looks like this

Be afraid…Be VERY afraid!

And you’re welcome Nathaniel! Thank you for letting me be your mom!