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What we learned this year!

We have been busy wrapping up the school year here at Casa La Crazy! Oh my what a year! I know we studied a lot of different things but even I would you give you the automated, “I don’t know,” answer when you ask me what we learned from our books.

It was definitely a hands on kind of learning year for all of us! So this year I do believe we all learned:

– sleep…get it now before you NEVER get it again

– how to change a diaper in 30 seconds or less

-When momma yells “All hands on deck!” You come runing with a towel and an endless supply of baby wipes and be prepared to distract an Adrienne while another runs back and forth fetching yet more wipes,a new outfit,or the garbage can.

– That momma can go approximately 3 days without a shower before people in the house,and yes it was a boy even,start to complain that you smell.

– Reading to the rest of the group with a baby nestled in your arms is still the sweetest thing EVER!

-One crawling inquisitive baby = no one ever sitting still

– Even the 8 year old can make a full dinner for a family of 9!

– Chickens and Ducks are probably one of the funnest science lessons known to man.

– The art of room design as we switched up rooms for the 3rd time in a year.

– 7 year old are not too young to do the dishes

– A reminder in thankfulness in modern technology as we lived without a dishwasher for 3 months.

-Visitors ….oh be did we have visitors and they all were welcomed with open arms.

– Trying out new thing. I will admit when Kenna came to me saying she wanted to try some new ways in schooling I never drempt it would include the kids going to school part time. So far so good and we’re looking forward to next year!

-Every single kid in the house learned how to make momma a pot of coffee.

-How to help out our sister after she has had leg surgery

-How to be grateful for other’s help even when we have a hard time accepting  it.


There have been so many changes and growing opportunities this school year! I have watched all the kids grow leap and bounds and am so proud of each one of them. Along with the growth and change that has occurred I have come up with new ideas on how to make next year better.

I have also begin working on a new blog. The whole format will focus more on homeschooling, life in a blended family, and well what life is really like here at Casa La Crazy. I started Twisted Domestic Goddess after a huge move as a single mom from Arizona to Washington State. I feel like I have outgrown this blog and am ready for a new one that focuses on the family life of 7 ,possibly more,kiddos. It is still in the design stages but I hope soon it will be ready!

I promise to keep you all posted of the new changes!





Organization?!?! Yeah Right!

So now that baby is 5 months old and no not sleeping through the night ,I’ve been able to juggle things a bit more…I’ve also been able to read more of the blogs that I used to and link up with.

This morning I hopped on over to Kelly’s Korner to see what she was up to.

Oh my the topic of the day is organization.

I had to stifle a laugh.

Yesterday was all house clean up.

What is all house clean up you ask?

Well it is when every child gets two extra big chores…..

and they love every minute of it,

or maybe not.

Then as if to add insult to injury,I made them all clean out their rooms,purge,and organize.

So far we’ve taken about 8 bags to donation and our library room is full of many more bags to be dropped off today.

Every once in a while I get a fire under my butt to organize,yesterday was one of those days.

I can actually see kids’ floors,and no fingerprints on the walls.

I know this will last approximately 3 days,but it makes me feel good anyways.

It’s not like my kiddos don’t do chores every morning,but every once in a while it’s good to do some extra deep cleaning and teach the kiddos how to do these new things,so when they grow up they know how.

Organized….yeah moderatly

But how does one stay organized with 7 kids? One that has started to try to crawl?


Teenage Wendy

So once upon a time…yours truly was not this amazingly smart and funny momma that you read about with a shoefull of children and her head on straight….oh no once upon a time this momma was…..



Oh and she wasn’t just ANY teenager she was that kind of teenager that you as a momma hope your children will never grow up to be. You know the type: loud,obnoxious,knows everything,and didn’t want to follow any of the rules.Oh wait isn’t that EVERY teenager?

Anyways Wendy as a teenager had an affinity for sneaking out…I think it started in about 6th grade when my parents put me in a bedroom that had it’s own freakin door to the outside! I mean c’mon it was as if my parents were practically telling me…”Go for it Wendy it’s ok just as long as we don’t know about it.” I mean sure who wouldn’t want their children running the streets in the middle of the night for no good reason!

So back to the story…when I had just turned 16 I had gotten busted sneaking out for…oh…the umpteenth billionth time…and of course I got grounded.

I don’t know why but my parents freaked out hardcore when they found out I had sneaked out to drive down to Sedona,AZ to go rock climbing in the middle of the night.Something about falling to my death and no one knowing or something like that.(I told you I was a smart teenager.)

This grounding though couldn’t have come at a worst time. I mean the very next night I had a hot tub party to attend that I was supposed to help host! I HAD to go!

So after arranging the proper meeting time with my friends, I waited until I THOUGHT my parents were asleep and snuck down to the basement(we lived in a different house than the first mentioned one.)and WHAMMO my father sits up from the couch down there. I’m pretty sure he just pointed back to the stairs and I turned and went back up….defeated. No hot tub party for this party girl.

I saw my friend’s car driving down the road and I desperately tried to figure out a way that I could get out of the house. I couldn’t just walk through the front door I mean that would be down right disrespectful….


No …..I couldn’t do it…..could I?

I mean sure I had taken the screen off my bedroom window above the garage millions of times to sit on the roof….but to actually jump from there? I could hang from the gutters…but then if I bent them I would be in even MORE trouble. No…no that settled it the only way to sneak out for this hot tub party was to jump…and jump I did landing straight onto the driveway,knocking my feet out from under me after the impact and hitting my head and giving myself a black eye as well.

No one ever accused me of being graceful.

In pain I decided it was nothing I couldn’t shake off and climbed into the back seat of my friend’s car. We drove off to go pick up another friend and the pain begin to set in……

OHHHHHH the pain

and then I said in all my teenage wisdom

“I think you better take me home…I think I may have broken my foot.”

So my friend helped me hobble back in through the front door and then took off.Leaving me on the couch to figure out what my best course of action was. By this time BOTH of my feet were swelling. Oh and my eye felt pretty gnarly too. Taking a deep breath I yelled for my parents.

One came downstairs,one came upstairs,and I’m pretty sure BOTH just stared in horror and disbelief.

After the whole “what did you do!” my dad started to access the situation.It was obvious I was going to need medical attention.

“Why don’t we just put her in the bathtub with ice till the morning,”my mom suggested. Now before you all gasp in horror,if I had put my mom through half the stuff that teenage Wendy had I would’ve said the exact same thing.Oh wait….I WAS teenage Wendy…sorry mom.

Dad helped me get to the car and we drove silently towards the ER.Well silently until we passed a basketball court and people were playing and my dad smirked and asked,

“Wanna get out and shoot a few?”


Dad does not remember saying that…or so he says.

After many hours of being in the ER and having my feet turned in angles I didn’t know was even possible the diagnosis was clear.

One concussion,one very badly bruised and blackened eye socket,and two YES TWO broken heels that would keep me in casts for the whole summer(this was the beginning of June),a wheelchair,and the humility of learning to scoot around on my butt when I needed to get somewhere really fast.

“Are you going to ground me?” I remember asking my dad,and he replied with that same smirk,

“No I think you did a pretty good job of that on your own.”

Touche Father Touche
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