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How I Spent My Last 30 Minutes!

Soooo I actually checked out Northwest Mommy’s Monday Listicles a day early today! Her topic this week is:

The Top 10 Ways To Spend 30 Minutes

Ironically….Brandon just took Squishy to the store with him for the first time…ever. Yes this is the first time I have let little miss Adrienne out of my sight for longer than 5 minutes. She was being a little whiny and a little cryey and Brandon has had to work a lot lately so when he offered I jumped up got the diaper bag and her coat and was a little over excited.

UNTIL they walked out the door.

I had to stop myself from going back out after him.

Then they left.,..

Then I went over to the counter to grab my phone to call them and say come back and realized,


So for the last 30 minutes:

1. I wondered if I should hop in the other car and follow them.

2.Called my mom to help waste the time but she wanted to talk about what I made for dinner and I’m too anxiety filled and the thought of food was making me feel sick.

3.Check the driveway

4.Stop and perk my ears up every time I hear a car.

5.Grab my computer and decide to facebook this momentous occasion.

6.Check the driveway AGAIN.

7. Remember what this week’s Listicle is about and how perfectly it fits so hey, why not blog!

8. Remember that I KNOW Squishy is perfectly OK and probably having fun but MAN I miss her!

9. Check the driveway yet again!

10. Try to breathe and relax and wait patiently for them to get back…or try to enjoy my time apart…or what the heck who am I kidding….I’m checking the driveway again!

***I feel like I should say this has nothing  to do with the kind of parent Brandon is because he is wonderful! I just really really miss my baby!***


5 things you should NEVER say to MY mother growing up.

Oh what a fun topic over at Mama Kat’s Losin It writing prompts this week! I will admit I did the “Kenna Maniacal Laugh” when I read number 4. 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Mother.


Mama’s Losin’ ItI was known as a child to spout off at the mouth. My mouth was the one thing that could constantly get me in trouble. I’m pretty sure I could’ve gotten in trouble just for saying things in my sleep…in fact I did once when my mom heard me cussing in my sleep. In my defense I had an ulcer…it flippin hurt!

So here ya go 5 things you should never say to MY mom. We’ll do it countdown style…because number 1 still I think goes down in the record books.

5. “Why do you have to be home when I get home? Can’t you get a job?When I grow up I’m NEVER going to be a stay at home mom.”  Yeah that one kinda bit me in the ass huh? I now know why my mom was always home when I came home from school and value her sacrifices very much but man back then,I swore it was her day in day out job just to spy on me.

4. ” Stop fighting you two.” Ok I should say I grew up in the age of “divorce”  My parents have been married for 46 years come this June. They’ve been it for better and for worst When I would say this my parents would look at me quizzically and respond with,”We’re not fighting we’re discussing.” Looking back I see that they were because I can honestly not remember ONE fight between the two of them.

3. “What are we having for dinner?” Sometimes the answer would be “baaaa” (yes she made the animal noise),sometimes she would answer,”chicken boobies”(sigh totally embarrassing as a teen), and sometimes she would just answer slop. Oh yummm!

2.”Stop yelling at me.” to which my mom in turn would tell me,”THIS is not yelling….THIS IS YELLING!” ok ok mom I got the difference.

And number 1 you NEVER EVER used as a response to a task my mother asked of you. I mean NEVER…..

1. “Yes Mother Dearest.”  to which the rant would start,” Do NOT call me Mother Dearest! Do I beat you with wire hangers?Do I? Well? NO? Then do not call me Mother Dearest.”  Don’t think this stopped me though. I knew this was the one hot button phrase that would get my mom’s goat.

I shared this with my kids one time. I had to explain to them who Joan Crawford was. Of course they try it with me to which I respond in my best Joan Crawford, “No…More…Wire…Hangers!”


32 Reasons I Love My Man~Happy Birthday Brandon!

Yesterday was Brandon’s 32 birthday….awww 32. Seems like just yesterday I was  that young fun age. Now I’m facing 36 almost dead on.

Anyways this isn’t a post about me and how I refuse to grow up.

So,where was I? Oh yes Brandon’s birthday. Yes,yesterday was Brandon’s birthday.

There were decorations:

There was ooey gooey cake.

There was shrimp quesadillas.

And just possibly…there was a misplaced birthday present that his older feeble minded girlfriend misplaced and still cannot find!

Oh and of course there was the birthday boy!


So,in honor of Brandon’s 32nd birthday,I present to you:

32 Things I Love About My Man

1. His equal unabashed love of coffee-thanks to him there’s always a fresh pot on.

2. His handiness around the house. Whether it’s cooking or fixing something,he is pretty darn helpful to have around.

3. His height-It’s rare that I can’t reach something but when I can’t,he can.

4. His love for my kids. It’s not easy to walk into a step parent roll…he is a pretty awesome step dad.

5. He makes sure I eat my vegetables.

6. He painted my toenails almost weekly this summer when I was too pregnant to half the time even SEE my toes!

7. He appreciates the little things,not the big flashy expensive things.

8. He honestly would rather see me  without makeup.Which makes me feel so less guilty on those pajama days we seem to have so often around here!

9. His laugh…his laugh is contagious.

10. Watching stand up comedy with him for the obvious reasons…(see number 9.)

11. He works his butt off so I can stay home with the kids.

12.He works nights…anyone who works nights I tip my hat off to.

13. He’s younger than me. Yes yes I can say…yup I got me a young hottie. Or….maybe not….that still kinda sounds creepy. Still I like the fact he’s younger than me!

14. He loves all the kiddos,even on their worst,boundary pushing days.

15. He’s one of the only people that I know,that is more competitive than me at family game night.

16. The feel of his arms wrapped tightly around me. No place I would rather be.

17. Even though he’s not a music person he totally indulges me in my love for music….yes even if it’s NKOTB.

18. He was totally hands on with the birth of Adrienne right up till it was time to deliver the placenta. Yes he delivered our baby girl…how could you NOT love him after that.

19. He’s not really into sports….thank GOD!

20. We would both love to live off the grid someday!

21. He is willing to let me get a goat.(oh yeah that’s a whole OTHER blog post)

22. He can handle me on my “oh my gosh I have sooooo much to do,so I think I will just crawl into the corner and rock back and forth” days.

23. He tells me I’m beautiful even if I haven’t showered in a day or two.

24. He plays enough video games for the two of us. Yes I do thank him for that because I really cannot fall into that addiction again.

25. He constantly tries to educate himself on different topics which makes him fun to talk with.

26. Even though he’s not a singer,he learned the special words to the song I sing to Adrienne,that my grandpa used to sing to me.

27. I know he will fight tooth and nail to keep this family together.

28. He gets just as excited over gifts as I do. so excited I got most of my Christmas presents early! WOOHOO

29. He’s not a big sweet tooth person most of the time…which leaves more chocolate for me! Total Win!

30. He supports my dreams of becoming whatever I want. Whether it is a cosmetologist,a labor doula,or heck even an astronaut.

31. He’s not a boob man…thank god since my boobs belong to Adrienne at the moment.

32. He loves me unconditionally…good,bad,or indifferent, I know he’s there for me.

Happy Birthday Baby I hope your day was as special as you are to us! I promise one of these days I will find your gift…of course it will probably be Christmas by then!




Because My Kids are Kind of Awesome

We started out President’s study this week. We kicked it off by putting a timeline up on our living room wall and I told the kiddos the first one to memorize all the presidents will get to go to Sky High on the next homeschool day. They also only had two weeks to do it.

“But MOM there’s like a hundred of them….” they all whined.

“I’m not doing it I don’t care about Sky High.” Said one defiant teenager.

” What if we DON”T get them all done?” asked a nervous 8 year old.

“Well if only the first person get’s a prize I’ll just quit memorizing if I’m not the first,” said one way to smart for his own good 10 year old.


grumble grumble…went the kids

public school public school…whispered this mommy,and her head may have just been filled with thoughts of kid free days,lounging around with Adrienne,sipping coffee and writing awesome blog posts.

Then I remembered how much I would miss learning and teaching,the giggling,lazy pajama days….

And I think the kids thought the same thing.

As of Wednesday the two oldest could say them all and the two youngest have made it to Coolidge.

What they don’t know is because they all stopped whining and buckled down to tackle the list they will ALL be going to Sky High as long as they get the list memorized.

Even when they’re whiny brats….they still end up being good kids.

Just don’t ask me how the all house clean up is going to go today….




My favorite and first place to nurse in public

What a week this has been! It began with Deanna being sick,then me, and now that momma is on the mend….BAM Holly is sick. Unfortunately she goes to her dad’s this weekend so I guess I will spend today cuddling and loving her as much as possible.(oh the joys of a blended family.)

I am finally starting to feel better and just in time to join in on SistersNCloths breastfeeding blog hop.

This weeks topic?

Your first time nursing in public.

Not that I’ve ever been known for my ….ummm modesty. I do remember embarrassing my bestie one time by basically giving her car a lap dance when she pulled up to pick me up bumping PitBull’s “You Know You Want Me.” No I didn’t take take my clothes off but you get the general idea….and I’m sure all my neighbors did.

But actually risk exposing part of my body?

I figured my first few week I would stay at home to get the hang of this whole nursing discreetly thing down no biggie. However by the end of week 2 I was going stir crazy.So,Brandon decided we should head out to our favorite buffet to go eat.

Adrienne has never been one to be covered. She just hates it.

Luckily the buffet we went to is very family friendly and loved it when we brought our whole group (plus Kenna’s) best friend.Yes all 9 of us. Most the attention was on the other kids so no one even paid attention that I was nursing. In fact we even have our own table there now.

Because of how friendly everyone I got over my fear of nursing in public very fast. Very rarely do I even cover now. I figure people would rather deal with maybe seeing a nip slip than listen to a crying hungry baby.

We’ve been back to that restaurant almost weekly.

As far as nursing in other places in public. Feeding her here first and being so supported has helped me to see it is not that big of a deal. Everyone deserves to eat comfortably.