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“Springing” into Spring


Spring has graced us with it’s nice sunny head this week! It has been sunny everyday and with that comes the smell of stinky feet,the sound of basketball being played,the sight of kids running and laughing,the taste of lighter foods such as macaroni salad,and the touch of duckling and chick fluffiness as our little babies get bigger!

Yes Casa La Crazy is in constant metamorphic stage.


Hard to believe that Squishy will be 7 months the day after Easter! She is crawling,pulling herself up and oh bathing WITHOUT the bath seat now!!!So much easier on my back!

“Ummmm excuse me momma I NEED my privacy!”

At her last Dr apt she weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs!She is wearing nothing smaller than 12 month closing and babbles and likes to make all of us laugh. While we have tried solids “jug juice” is still her preferred method of nutrition. She wants nothing to do with baby food and loves rice,peas,corn,and spinach.

Our homeschool journey is changing as well! After Kenna asking about public school next year I think I found an answer that will fit all of us! It is a public/parent partnership school or an ALE. We went and checked it out on Tuesday. Basically,it is a public school,but you can take classes there or at home. The parent is still in charge of the children’s learning which I love. They have so many classes from the basics to digital photography,pottery,weight lifting,drama,band, and even archery! 3 of the kiddos will be trying it out for the end of the school year one day a week,then next year all 4 of them will attend and possibly my 2 bonus girls! Which means I would have all 6 at home. We would all be on the same page. When we went to check it out Tuesday all 4 of the kiddos fell in love with the school as did I.

Kenna will be the only one not trying it out. She is sure she wants to do it next year,but she has a big ending to her school year. In April she will be going into surgery to have her calf muscles lengthened. After years of back and feet pain we believe we have finally found the answer. This will put her up for a little while but to me is all worth it after I saw the smile on her face and her telling me,

“Next year I can take PE!”

The ducklings and chicks are getting big and have been a lot of fun to have around! We can’t wait till the chicks start laying,which is still a ways away,and the ducks well they’re just way too cute! Messy,but cute!

Yes things are definitely busy here as always but with a nice twist. the sunshine sure helps everyone’s moods.

We will be walking in the March For Babies April 27. Please please if you find it to your heart to donate even a dollar you can do so on the team’s homepage here

We will be walking the neighborhoods this weekend collecting donations but we still have so far to go before we hit our goal. The kids are so excited to be doing this in memory of their brother/stepbrother Reed. I am proud of them for their enthusiasm.

So yes as you can see things are definitely “springing” into spring over here in our neck of the woods! I have many “little projects” to keep me going as well as a constantly moving baby!