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Look Out!!!! Incoming!!!!

Ms A has gotten to the fun stage of breastfeeding. She has always been a very engaged eater making sure people knew she was still in the room,getting upset if I spoke to others,or even just hitting my other breast.

I got a beautiful necklace for Christmas from Brandon with all of our kids’ names on it.It has four hearts with two names on 3 and only one on the other heart. Thankfully,it is very sturdy because it has been Adrienne’s favorite thing to hold onto while nursing


(thanks goes to the Rusted Chain for making me such a beautiful “nursing necklace”)



Until lately….now she likes to nurse while shoving her whole hand in my mouth. I have no idea why this is even comforting to her,but it is. The kids think it’s funny because they will ask me questions and try to get me to answer with my mouth full of hand.

Her latest breastfeeding trick though totally caught me off guard the first time she did it.She has done the motorcycle kick with her foot,she has attempted to hold onto my other breast while feeding,she has even managed to get up on all fours….and then,out of the blue,the other night….

She sat back on her knees,took one good look at my breast,gathered up all of her gusto,and…..

DIVE BOMB!!!!!!!

The look of pure joy on her face made me crack up in my crazy cat lady laugh.This of course led Squishy to think she was the greatest thing ever(which duh she is.),and practice it repeatedly. Both of us were thoroughly worn out in giggles,as she would dive bomb,feed,then unlatch to try again.

Of course now that she has perfected her technique on the left side,she is trying it out on the right side as well. I know I’m in for it when Squisihy gets up on her knees and starts to bounce with that big ol gummy grin.I can almost hear her shouting:


***Do you have any fun gymnurstic stories of your nursling?If so hop on over to this week’s breastfeeding blog hop with sistersncloth.***




Learning To Eat Left Handed and other Goals for 2013

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t jump up and down a little bit and maybe even squeal inside my head when I stumbled upon this Friday blog link up. Squealing inside my head because if I really squealed then I would wake up Ms Squishy and she would want to feed and I’m just not talented enough yet to breastfeed and blog at the same time….

Which leads me to the week 1 link up for the breastfeeding blog hop over at Sisters ‘n Cloth

Goals For The New Year

Squishy turned 4 months on the 1st! 4 MONTHS!!!!!! That means for 4 months straight several times a day and night. I have been doing something I have never done before in my life. Something because of previous hangups,lack of knowledge, and lack of support,I have never done with any of my other children.

For 4 months straight…17 weeks)almost 18) I havebeen breastfeeding my beautiful daughter Adrienne Danielle.

1month old
(one of my favorite breastfeeding pics. Squishy at 1 month old)

I have absolutely fallen in love with breastfeeding and can’t imagine not doing it. This of course is my own personal opinion for myself.,but really in my eyes there is nothing else like it.

So I found this blog hop that focuses solely on breastfeeding. How awesome is that? I am making a resolution to myself and a heads up to everyone else that every Friday in 2013 will be dedicated to breastfeeding.

So to kick things off and to finally stop babbling….here are my breastfeeding goals for 2013

1. To breastfeed to at least Squishy’s first birthday. This will fall in September. Ideally I see me going at least 6 months past that but that would be into 2014 and I think setting my sights for one year is pretty awesome for a newbie.

2.To be quicker and swifter at the whole unhooking nursing tank,covering up baby,while in public. Not that I’m even against not covering while nursing in public but there are some places we go that I do feel more comfortable covering up.

3.To get better eating left handed. Every time I get ready to eat Squishy realizes what I am doing and says “oh hey momma I’m hungry too” which usually leads me to eating with my left hand instead of my right.

4. To be of support to at least one other breast feeding momma out there. If I can help someone else with something I was once scared to do then I will feel as if I have come full circle.

5. And lastly to find the most perfect breast milk stain remover for my poor nursing tanks. Either Squishy is a sloppy eater,or I’m a sloppy nurser but oy very my poor nursing tanks!

6. To keep practicing the keeping my mouth shut and smiling nicely, as I listen to others go off when they express their opinions to me on : Extended Breastfeeding,Supplementing with formula, Sneaking baby a french fry,or any other opinion they feel the need to share with me in a not so nicely way. We all have our feelings and opinions. There are the right way to share them and the wrong way. I’m hoping I can just brush things off and,as with homeschooling, show what works for us through example,not by me popping off at the mouth at getting caught in some huge debate that most likely would not change the other person’s mind anyways.

I am so excited to be part of this link up every Friday. I know I haven’t blogged too much about it yet but breastfeeding has honestly changed my life. I have learned so much not only about my baby but about myself as well during this partnership. Yes it is a partnership,it takes team work between you and your little one.Once it gets going though it is totally worth it in my eyes.