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It’s all just normal here at Casa La Crazy….

Spring Break is over and we’re halfway through our first week back at school. We’re all alive as well. Squishy is back to her normal self and well let’s just say we’ve all been a tad bit busy having fun!

all 7

(All 7 kiddos last week at the park.)

The ducks are getting huge and got their first real swimming time yesterday. Oh yes,that’s my wonderful boyfriend giving duck advice in the background. 🙂



Apparently Squishy likes ice cream…A Lot!

And she’s pretty serious when people are in her way of walking down the side of the couch,as seen here with Nathaniel. He wouldn’t move his legs so she could pull herself up and keep going and boy did she let him know about it!

I’ve been busy trying to finally hang up pictures around the house and what was supposed to be a couple hour project turned into 3 days and still not all the way done.

And last but not least the end of my 30 day no makeup challenge! After 30 days no foundation or powder I cannot see myself going back to that anytime soon. Hey I have freckles I forgot existed! Instead my new,every day make up look consists of eyeliner on the bottom,mascara,and some blush.This momma learned a lot and is very happy about it! What do you all think?

end of challenge

Yes,Yes things are quite normal here…


In Which I Whine…..I’m Sooooo Tired

Ummm good morning???


NO this is not a me without makeup post…this is a me without any good sleep over the last 48-72 hours post. Yes my hair is sticking up because well quite frankly I didn’t get a shower yesterday because God forbid Squishy be out of my sight for oh 5 minutes….

and I have another confession to make…I ate dinner the other night sitting on the toilet(lid closed of course) because the only other place Squishy was happy besides my arms was the bathtub.I ate my Carl’s Jr spicy chicken sandwich on the toilet…and yes it was good.(because let’s face it…cooking dinner was NOT gonna happen.)

It’s not that Squishy is being clingy…ok yes, yes she totally is,but at least when I hold her she’s happy. Most the time I’m happy too…unless it’s 5:30 in the morning and she has been on my boob most the night like a tick to a hound dog. Hmmm who knew I turned redneck when tired?

Where was I?Oh yes 5:30 in the morning where every time I would lay Squishy down she would bounce back up to the sitting position like a weeble wobble,and then put her arms up and cry.Pick her up and TADA crying over…give her some jug juice and zzzzzzzz back to sleep.

That’s when the grumpies snuck in a bit…the one thing I do when I’m grumpy is impersonations.Usually,of the people making me grumpy.So here I am pacing the floor hoping she’ll fall back to sleep,because my nipples are SORE and under my breath,or in my head, mimicking all the wonderful things B has said about our baby.

“She’s such an easy baby.”

Yeah because you don’t have to take the night shift and you sleep upstairs so you don’t hear anything…

“She’s the easiest baby I’ve had.”

Ha you think this is easy?Holly was a piece of cake.

Me: grumble grumble….I’m so tired I should go wake him up right now and let him take her over….I’m grumpy and tired and really just want 5 minutes of my arms to myself. If I had my arms to myself right now I would be making huge windmills….(yes yes I was a bit sleep deprived can you tell?)

Then I thought better of it. I was not going to go wake up the man who has been pulling 12 hour swing shifts all week,not getting home till 4:30 in the morning.All just so I can stay home with the kiddos. That would get us nowhere…he’s just as tired if not more,he’s been working his butt off.

So then I just start laughing….because that’s the other thing I do when I’m tired…I lose it. Hey at least I wasn’t crying.I took a step back and thought is it really that bad? Yes I have A TON of things I need to get done,but Squishy has been equally busy the last few days…crawling,pulling herself up on things,and even letting go to lunge for my legs.Soon enough she’ll be totally independent of me and I’ll be whining for another baby.

So Squishy and I settle down for a little more sleep time.I try to push the thought of all I have to do yesterday out of my mind,and accept the cold hard truth it is not going to get done.B does take her when he wakes up,and I’m able to get a couple things done before the poor guy has to rush off to another long night at work.

I really shouldn’t complain too much.Life is good. If I only have one or two of these nights every other month she really might be the easiest baby I’ve had yet.

Just PLEASE SOMEONE let me get a SHOWER!!!!

Then maybe we’ll talk about having another one…….



Casa La Crazy is Still Standing

I know I’ve written a lot lately about breast feeding and the amazing incredible Ms Squishy. You probably think that she is all that happens around here anymore. Believe it or not I still have 6 other kiddos,one amazing boyfriend(as always),and a house that totally has earned its name. Oh yes it is NEVER dull here at Casa La Crazy.

We have all managed to get back into the swing of things after Christmas and then the great sickness bug of 2013…ohhh dear Lord let that be the only sickness bug we get all year. I swear I felt like the walking dead. Who am I kidding I couldn’t even walk…I was about ready to ask for a bed pan. Even though my kids took amazing care of me while Brandon was at work(Nathaniel even slept on the couch next to me in case I needed help.),I do think they would’ve drawn the line at emptying a bed pan.

I have found time to get back into the kitchen…yeah. Cooking dinners for my family and the occasional hot breakfast,make me happy.

The homeschooled kids are getting ready to study the presidents for a month while taking a break from our Narnia studies.

The public schooled girls seem to have gotten back into the swing of school after a long break.

It’s time for me to start thinking about highschool for Nathaniel next year….GULP….HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Yes he will be homeschooled for it….do I know how yet?Nope not a clue!

The landlord that told us she was going to put the house up for sale at the end of our lease(she tells us this the week after Squishy was born.) has now decided not to sell and we get to keep living here! Yeah for stability!

Since we’re staying we have decided it’s time to get chicks here soon. Yup because like we don’t have enough craziness here let’s add chicks…

And maybe,just maybe, we might be adding a milking goat…..

We will be van shopping here soon! As much as I hate car shopping the freedom of a car that will fit us all will be AMAZING!

We did get our family pics done but never managed to send out the holiday cards we ordered.There’s always next year!

I threw out the idea today that if we DID get a milking goat it would be totally cool to take a picture of me milking the goat WHILE squishy milks me…yeah how’s that for random.

The snow is melting which also means more outside time.

And as always…Casa La Crazy is filled with lots of talking,lots of activity,tons of cuddling,and an overabundance of love.

Seriously,if you’re ever in the area you should stop by and see for yourselves….I’ll even save you my favorite coffee mug.



Booby Love

It is week 6 of Sisters N Cloth Blog hop and so far I’ve only missed one week! That’s pretty amazing for me. This week is all about booby love. Ok maybe it’s more about nursing and what you love about it.

For someone like me who has only tried once before to breastfeed and failed miserably, I was entering this whole booby time very cautiously.My first goal make it till my milk comes in. yes the first time I didn’t even make it that far.

Then the whole nursing in public….or not running to my room when we have guests over(hey this is my house after all).From there …..well I now feel like I could take on the world!

So here are a few things I have fallen in love with regarding breastfeeding Squishy

1.I love that Squishy is now at the age that she knows exactly where her JJ(short for Jug Juice) is coming from. I will hold her and she will pull at the straps of my nursing tanks.

2. Those nights where really all she wants to do all night I can snuggle up on the couch with her and both of us just drift back to sleep.

3. The way that she brushes my left breast when she is nursing on that side….only on that side does she do this.

4. The hours we have spent gazing into each others’ eyes.

5. When she suddenly pops off at the breast and I become a gigantic milk sprinkler…some may not love this but it usually provides me and the kiddos a good giggle at just the most needed time.

6. Her listening to me sing numerous genres of music and not covering her ears but just still contentedly nursing.

7. The smiles….ohhhh the smiles….enough to melt your heart.

8. Seeing her completely and utterly relaxed


For all the hard work it has been as well me and Adrienne have developed the perfect nursing relationship and I’m so proud of both of us! Never did I think I would love breastfeeding as much as I do.

Your Daily Dose of Squishy

With all the sickness going around Casa La Crazy I sort of forgot to mention that last Friday our resident Squishy turned 5 months old!


Really time is going by too fast! She is sitting up for short periods of time and in the last couple of days has become MOBILE!!!! She scoots backwards and boy is she good at it. You can walk into the kitchen and then walk back into the living room and she’s half way across the room.

So in case any of you are suffering from the sickness,or just the winter blahs,here’s your daily dose of cute!


Peek a Boo I see you!


Nom Nom Nom Toes!


Last week while she was fighting off the sickness


Who could resist this face?


A little nap time with brother


5 months exclusively breast fed and still going strong.


She’s enjoying her big girl baths!

5 months

Honestly who WOULDN’T want to wake up to this face every morning?

When she had her last Dr. apt. I was asked if she knew her name…..ummm she answers to her nickname but not so much to Adrienne. Poor Squishy,good thing she’ll be homeschooled 🙂



Breastfeeding,Homeschooling,and Bonding

This week has been so busy! Not the run around till you drop kind of busy,but the buckle down at home and get back into our studies busy!

We have pulled very full days of school and thankfully we get today off where we get to meet up with some other homeschool families and play. Well the kids will all play,the teen age girls will “hang”,and us mommies will get to sit and breathe for a bit!

It’s also Friday which means it’s time for sisters n’ cloth’s breastfeeding blog hop.

The week’s topic is I breastfeed and……

Well I’m sure you can all guess what I’m going to say. I breastfeed and I homeschool. We started this practice right after we started back to school after baby was born. Homeschooling for the last 8 years I have learned how to adjust to things pretty well.Although I do like to stick to schooling in the morning so I can help my other two with their homework when they get home from school.

My favorite time though homeschooling now that we have baby here is when we start by reading our book. We largely do literature based unit studies and right now are working our way through the Narnia series. So in the morning when it’s time to read. I grab  Ms Squishy get her settled and we read a chapter and discuss the questions,all from the comfort of our couch,before moving on to do the days activities.

Usually,Adrienne falls asleep before we’re done with the chapter and by the time we’re done with questions she is totally out!

Well earlier this week Kenna was giving me a break and when I walked into the living room this is what I found:


Squishy sound asleep snuggled up to her sister,as Kenna read out loud to her the Guardians of Gahoole guidebook.

These are the moments that I know I’m doing something right…..


4 Month Weigh In

Adrienne Danielle  just had her 4 month check up:

At her 2 month checkup she weighed in at 12 pounds.

Today she weighs 17.5 pounds!!!!!!

She is also 28 inches long

But I’m more amazed at the whole gaining 5.5 pounds in two months.

No wonder my arms are starting to look buff!

Now if only the bingo flab would go away.

In other news….. homeschooling posts coming soon as well as a bit of a change!!!!


Dear Control Freak Wendy…You Got This!

Breast Feeding Blog Hop Week #2 Letter To yourself as a new mom:

Dear Control Freak Wendy,

Seeing as you already have 4 kiddos and two bonus kiddos the word “new mom” may or may not apply to you however you’re embarking on a whole new adventure that you never thought you would. You are going to become a breast feeding mother. In fact not only just a breast feeding mother but a breastfeeding mother who becomes pretty much obsessed with all things boobie and breast milk related.

This is funny to you because up until now you have always sang the praises and conveniences of bottle feeding,always had that kind of weird feeling about something else attached to your boob,and liked to be on strict schedules. HAHA for you because you’re about ready to embark on a life changing journey for yourself.

You’ve pretty much always despised your breasts. You have harbored feelings of failure for only trying for two days to breast feed Kenna and then never any of your other babies.

And then….

All that changes…

Withing moments of Brandon delivering Adrienne you have her on your breast. She grunts and squirms as your two bodies are still one,and you have your loving boyfriend right there by your side telling you what an amazing job you did and are doing. You don’t care that he is snapping pictures with your boob hanging out because Adrienne is the star of the show.

You will get Adrienne home and still have a sense of peace and calmness about you knowing your milk will come in shortly. Babies cry that’s what they do…go with the flow this to shall pass. You will have a loving Nurse Practitioner that does home visits and she will give you some techniques that involve Brandon helping,but you soon realize with Brandon working nights and sleeping days as much as you both want him to be able to help with the feedings it’s not always possible so you will lean in and tell your baby,

“Ok Squishy this is going to take teamwork…I’ll be patient with you if you be patient with me.”

This will become your mantra.Breastfeeding takes teamwork. Not only from you and Brandon but little Adrienne as well.

Your rigid schedule for the house will quickly fall away as you spend most of your first month on the couch. You will miss out on big family events because of traveling,but in the long run it will all be worth it.

You will stain EVERY nursing tank you have somedays even within hours of buying it. Eventually you will figure out how to get the stains out.

You will get extremely tired around 3 months and begin wondering if your milk supply is getting low because she is feeding ALL THE TIME!!!!! You will try not to let all the negative thoughts creep in. You will know this is a growth spurt and you will just have to put the urge to get other things done aside for now. Your baby needs you and she’s only young once. Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the times feeding and cuddling. Your supply is not low..Squishy is just growing.

For the first time ever not only are you going to be breast feeding but you are totally going to fall in love with your breasts.You will be able to look at them and now that they are there for a very valuable reason,to sustain Adrienne. Your breasts will bring about a bond that you can not easily put into words.

You will go through periods of guilt for not trying harder with your other children.Put those feelings on the shelf or heck kick them out the door.Remember you have some amazing kids who are gorwing up way too fast and spending time over guilt like that will get you nowhere.

You are however breastfeeding Squishy and doing it well. Who Knew?!?Enjoy those quiet and not so quiet moments as she starts smiling and babbling back at you.Take as many pictures as you can stand.These times are going to be gone in a blink of an eye.

You will stick to this and accomplish your dreams. You will be so proud of yourself and learn a new level of patience.I am so proud of you and Squishy is growing bigger every single day.

Remember you CAN do this and you WILL! You got this Wendy and you are gonna rock at it!


Control Freak Wendy


(Adrienne EBF at 4 months old.)

2 months old photo shoot

Dare I say it? Since Saturday Squishy and I have slept in our bed and she has only woke up for a quick 10 minute feeding here and there! I am so thankful. Most of my babes have not done this until 6 months!

On Thursday Squishy turned 2months old. She is so full of personality and happy most the time.

I had Kenna snap some pics of her on Fridat while I was holding her. She took the photos and I edited them….all from my phone. I love my phone.

Happy Two Months Adrienne Danielle






Kenna did a great job. Here are a couple more of our sweet baby.


Baby Piggies!

And it’s hard for me to believe I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 2 months. This from a girl that if a baby even once looked at my boobs I shuddered in pain.



I can’t even imagine anything more beautiful right now.

Happy Two Months Squishy we love you!