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Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

I have officially survived my first year of having a teenager in the house! We are now onto year two…yup that’s right Nathaniel, as of 3:47 am this morning, is 14 years old!!!!

One HUGE pat on the back for this momma! I have kept my oldest alive and well and happy(well most of the time) for the last 14 years!

Party over here….Party over there…BIG OL PAT ON MY BACK!

He will still be the only teenager in the house for another year and then I will have 3 teenagers in the house….so I think I’m just gonna sit back and savor this next year.

Seeing as he is just as stubborn as his momma,and opinionated I’m not quite sure how we’ve made it but we have.

I am still amazed at the young man he has grown to be.

While most of his younger siblings will put him in his place when he gets out of line and mouthy…they still love and adore him. He is usually one of the first ones to step up and help with something as well. Whether it is moving something or carrying his sister. Of course he’s usually more helpful about it when it’s his idea and he’s not asked.

Although sometimes it obviously KILLS him to be nice!


And other times it comes very naturally!



And as you can see he is always down for goofing off!


And most of the time even when he REALLY does not want to do something he will do it. He never has a problem holding his sister but getting her dressed makes him nervous.


Happy 14th Birthday my little Turkey Butt! You’ve done your momma proud!