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Meet my kiddos…Kenna

My second eldest child is probably my most complex. There’s not  a day that does not go by that she does not astound me with something she has to say or her compassion for others. Sadly she is entering the girl world of hormones and emotions and it’s already taking her for quite the roller coaster ride. Meet Kenna


When she’s not busy planning her trips around the world or how she’ll survive in the wilderness of Alaska where she can live with the wolves…


You can usually find her somewhere out in nature


or curled up somewhere with a book

She reminds me so much of myself at this age. Ready to take on the world and rid it of all the injustice. She loves all living things well except spiders. She says she feels the same way about spiders as I do with snakes. So we’ve made an agreement. She handles the snakes, and I handle the spiders. It works out pretty well.

We share a birthday. True Story! I joke with her that all I wanted for my birthday was a turkey sandwich,instead I got a 10 day late baby girl. I won’t lie. I was terrified of the thought of having a girl. Somehow I had always imagined having only boys. I told my mom once “Do you REMEMBER me as a girl?” (like she could forget)

Now I can’t imagine my life without Kenna. She’s not your typical girl,then again neither am I.

I cannot wait to watch and see the kind of woman she grows up to be. I truley believe she’ll be one of the people to change the world.


Kenna of The Wolves

It all started with a simple suggestion ” Hey Kenna I loved this book when I was your age.” I told her as I handed her Julie of the Wolves. Little did I know that small suggestion would end up becoming almost a two year fascination and basically her driving force to get up each day.She read the book faster then any other book she had ever read,quickly becoming a wolf activist. One day she declared that when she grew up she was going to go live up in Alaska and study wolves. This was followed by us going to the library and her on her own, finding book after book about wolves.Alaska, and yes even the Army Survival Guide(all 980 pgs). If she was going to go live in Alaska she was going to need to know how to survive right?

She has moved onto other animals. Right now it is owls, yet wolves always remain in the forefront. Everytime she reads a book about an animal she now follows it by reading up more on the animal and the region they live in. The other day I found her copy of My Side of The Mountain and she had little yellow pieces of paper marking pages that read things like…shelters,acorn soup recipe, and so on. Pretty much that girl is awesome!

Now that we’re back in WA state we have a lot more oppurtunity to study the wildlife that she loves. My little nature girl got a big surprise this last weekend when we took her to a wolf education, sanctuary place! Not only did we get to see and learn about wolves, we got to hold the pups and pet some of the older ones.

It was a beautiful experience for all of us but meant the most to Kenna. The next morning the girl who doesn’t giggle leaned over to me and whispered.”Hey mom guess what?” when i said what she squeeled(oh she doesn’t squeel either she is NOT girly) ” I got to hold a WOLF PUP!!!!!!” I couldn’t help but smile back at her and say ” Hey Kenna guess what?” when she said what I squeeled back

“SO DID I!!!!” It was a memorable experience for all of us. We will def be going back before summer is over to see how big the pups have gotten.

If you live in Eastern WA or Northern Idaho this place is definatly worth going to check out!

and of course I took pics…LOTS of pics.


The happiest girl on earth. When we pulled up to the place and saw the sign that she could actually see live wolves she just kept saying…”really?”

This is Maia. Kenna got to keep some of her fur.

 This is Mike the wolf handler. He used to be a real estate broker. How’s that for chasing your dreams?